Nrwl bio warhead
Name WarHead
Ringname The Hottest Item in the NRWL
Height 6'4"
Finisher 1 The Fallout
Finisher 2 The Peacekeeper
Past Finisher The ICBM
Current Fed NRWL

Early Wrestling Days

WarHead started his wrestling career in a small federation called SDNW. It only spanned a few cities and most of it's "shows" were held inside of gyms or at high schools setting up the ring on the basketball courts.

WarHead was brash and arrogant and had somewhat of a mean streak to him. Though he gave it his all, he never achieved any noteworthy status. The small size of the federation also seemed to hold WarHead back, as he thought there was no way to get discovered or turn heads wrestling for such a localized federation.

Soon, the SDNW predictably closed it's doors. WarHead took this opportunity to try to move on to bigger and grander venues.

Time in the WFW

By word of mouth, WarHead came to learn that the WFW was scouting for new wrestling talent. WarHead inquired and was soon signed. WarHead was now faced with the challenge of making himself stand out among a slew of new talent in the WFW, which included the then unknowns Cujo and (John) Fraust!

WarHead went to work, but one of the first things he did was align himself with Cujo. This move started the legacy of what is now known as the Bad Seeds. The Seeds went on to win the WFW Tag Team Titles, but lost them in a controversial handicap match.

While in the WFW, WarHead also won the Intercontinental and Hardcore titles. He also proclaimed himself the first (and only) "Junk Yard Champion". The Junk Yard Title belt was actually just a hubcap glued to an engine belt with various car hood ornaments and parts adorned on the belt. Junk Yard matches were basically hardcore matches that took place in a junk yard, where you were allowed to use anything you can shake or pull free as a weapon.

At the end of WarHead's WFW run, he ran into a string of controversial and questionable defeats, both in single and tag team matches. WarHead was convinced matches were fixed against him and decided to quit the WFW and move onto greener pasteurs. In the last promo WarHead ever shot for the WFW, WarHead and Cujo set fire to and burned down the WFW Arena, and drove away in WarHead's black Dodge Viper.

The IRW Run

When WarHead joined the IRW, he found himself starting all over yet again. But this time, he had a little more patience. WarHead started on the bottom rung of the ladder, and slowly worked his way up. WarHead eventually got on quite a roll, during which he won the IRW's United States Champion Title. But WarHead didn't stop there. He continued pressing, and slowly found himself being in matches that were eclipsing main events in excitement and overall entertainment.

WarHead went on a 6 month unbeaten streak in the IRW, which had never been done in that federation before. During that 6 month period, WarHead was in some of the most taxing matches of his life. One noteworthy one was the Flaming Castle of Doom match against a wrestler called Inferno. The match can be descibed as a Hell In a Cell match, except there are 3 cells stacked on top of each other, and the cells were all on fire. It was in this match where WarHead received his now infamous "IRW" branding mark on his back, courtesy of Inferno. The match was hard-fought and and ended climatically with WarHead delivering The ICBM on the roof of the top flaming cage. The roof gave way and WarHead drove Inferno through 3 levels of flaming cage down to the canvas nearly 100 feet below! WarHead rolled over and got the pin on Inferno. This match can be debated as the match that really elevated WarHead's career from mid-carder to main-eventer. This also opened the door for WarHead to challenge for the IRW United States title. WarHead was shortly given a title shot, and he made the most of it, earning his first IRW title.

After several months of impressive victories, WarHead finally challenged for and won the big prize: the IRW Heavyweight Championship. But it did not come easy. WarHead had to defeat an IRW legend - a wrestler called Skywalker. The match was a 60 minute Iron Man match. WarHead emerged victorious 2 pins to 1 by pinning Skywalker a second time within the closing seconds of the match. However, almost immediatly after, another IRW legend, Tempest, walked down to the ring and challenged the weakened WarHead. With all his guts and soul, WarHead defeated Tempest, thereby winning and defending the IRW Heavyweight Championship in 2 consecutive matches that night.

Also noteworthy is that this is the first time WarHead and Fraust tagged up together, forming the team Nuclear Winter. Though they never won the IRW Tag Team titles, they did go undefeated as a tag team.

IRW Commentator Career

Nrwl warhead commentary

WarHead doing the commentary thing

Shortly after WarHead lost the IRW Heavyweight Title (to Unkind), the IRW closed temporarily. When it reopened, WarHead found himself in a new seat at ringside, with his then stable-partner, Fraust.

WarHead (and Fraust) took commentating in a whole different direction. They would rename moves and wrestlers, verbally assault and criticize the wrestlers in the ring, and make fun of the regular commentator, Dan Glitzer.

Thier antics distracted many wrestlers, but then there were other that warmed up to them and even got in on the fun, including Skywalker. WarHead and Fraust also frequently had other visitor to the table (much to the dismay of Dan Glitzer) including Steven Hawking and Mr. T.

NRWL Season 1

Nrwl warhead season1

WarHead in Season 1

After the IRW finally closed it's doors for good, WarHead was out of wrestling for a few years. When the NRWL was formed by Mr. Charles and Mr. Sunderland, talent scouts immediatly looked to WarHead. WarHead was the 4th wrestler signed to the NRWL, and the first signed to Division 1.

WarHead no longer had to start at the bottom. This time, he was the veteran. And he showed his skill by becoming the NRWL's first Champion. He won the title by defeating Max Destruction, Joe Bash, and longtime friend, Cujo, in a Fatal 4-Way match. At the climax of the match, Cujo lifted WarHead into the Wolf Slam. But WarHead, knowing Cujo so well, managed to reverse the move by punching Cujo in the head before Cujo could slam him down. WarHead quickly managed to drop Max Destruction in the Fallout and got the pin before Cujo could run over and break it up. A deserving victory and belt for a man who has done so much.

WarHead again tagged with Cujo to reform the Bad Seeds, who went on to win the Tag Team titles after they became vacant when one of the holders, Mike Blood, retired. WarHead and Cujo won the belts in a Ladder match against the Titans (Titanic Tim & Atlas) and the New SlamMasters (LaZor and Biff Slamkovich).

NRWL Season 2

WarHead was mysteriously absent from Season 2. However, there are rumors that people say they have seen his black Dodge Viper in the arena parking lots where shows were held, but none of these rumors have been confirmed.

NRWL Season 3

Nrwl warhead season3

WarHead, in Season 3, about to blast Mack "The Knife" with The Peacekeeper

In Season 3, WarHead was back with a new image, that seemed to reflect his new attitude. He didn't appear to act with arrogance and immaturity as he did through his career. He came into Season 3 with a more serious, focused, and darker persona.

Though he did not win the NRWL Championship this time around, WarHead was the first in Season 3 to hold the Warrior Title. It should also be noted that this is the first time in his history that he and Cujo were on the same roster, and didn't tag up together. They weren't seen together and apparantly never spoke. Rumors flew that the Bad Seeds had split up for good. Any questioning to either member resulted in no answers. Currently, no one knows if WarHead and Cujo are mad at each other or if the Bad Seeds will ever reform again.

WarHead's most noteworthy event in Season 3 was his feud with Mack "The Knife". It started out as a normal challenge, with WarHead described Mack as reminding WarHead of himself "...except he doesn't have an attitude like I did". What started off as a standard match quickly exploded out of control with WarHead and Mack viciously assaulting each other backstage for weeks to come, and faced each other continuously. The WarHead and Mack "The Knife" feud lasted 6 weeks and through 2 Pay-Per-Views. It is argueably the greatest, yet somehow, most unknown feud in the history of the NRWL. The matches wrestled were:

  • Feb 17, 2006 - Singles match (victor: Mack "The Knife)
  • Feb 26, 2006 - First Blood match (victor: WarHead)
  • Mar 03, 2006 - Hardcore match (victor: WarHead)
  • Mar 10, 2006 - Street Brawl match (victor: Mack "The Knife")
  • Mar 17, 2006 - No Holds Barred match (victor: WarHead)
  • Mar 26, 2006 - 3 Stages of Hell, each Last Man Standing (victor: WarHead 2-1)

Tag Teams/Stables

  • The Bad Seeds (w/ Cujo)
  • Nuclear Winter (w/ Fraust)
  • You Suck! (w/ Cujo and Fraust)

Entrance Music


  • "This Is Now" by Hatebreed


  • "Breathless" by Lifer
  • "Liberate" by Slipknot
  • "Bad Religion" by Godsmack
  • "In the Name of God" by Slayer


Promo Quotes

  • "AAAAAALLLLLL RIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTT!!!!!!!" (first words yelled for in-ring promos to fire up the crowd)
  • "You’re going down, and I don’t mean on your daddy!"
  • "Oh no! What's he gonna do? Lose to me again? Ha ha ha!"
  • "I’ve beaten stronger, smarter, faster, and better looking people than you in the worst kind of matches."
  • "Welcome, once again, to 'Being the Greatest 101'. I'm WarHead."
  • "Oh Yeah! That's right! The NRWL's #1 ass-kickers are back in town and on top of the mountain where we belong!"
  • "He now sits on his ass all damn day and watches re-runs of the Munsters!"
  • "MACK! You're lucky the NRWL is forcing security to keep me in check, or you'd be in the hospital right now!"
  • "I'm sorry! Were you talking? All I heard was, 'Blah blah blah I'm a faggot!'"

Commentating Quotes

  • "I feel obliged to warn Foxx about Morton, but at the same time, I really wanna see this chairshot!"
  • "Someone going through the Spanish announcers' table? That's unusual. (Yawn)"
  • (Chris Page runs and does a cross-body block onto ManDeep that sends both men spilling over the top rope and to the concrete.) WarHead: "Great job Jonny Cage! Execute a move that makes you smack off the concrete!"
  • "(laughing) I don't care! Anybody getting smashed in the nards--except me--is funny!"
  • (WarHead) "It's the French Head Vice!" (Dan Glitzer) "French Head Vice? He's holding his foot, not his head!" (WarHead) "French people were never very good wrestlers..."
  • "If I was Chris Page, that's what I would've done too. Then I'd get a facelift."
  • (Expigator climbs onto the announce booth and jumps off with an elbowdrop to NothingMore's back.) (WarHead) "Alligator nails Nut'n Honey with the Welfare Drop!" (Dan Glitzer) "Welfare Drop???" (WarHead) "Sorry Dan. Didn't mean to insult your family like that." (Dan Glitzer) "Hey!"
  • (Rave runs in and gets a big boot from Foxx.) WarHead: "Oh man. And I heard that Foxx stepped in a big pile of dog crap before this match."
  • (Dracan lifts Col. Pain off the turnbuckle and nails the Retribution through the announce table on Pain.) (Dan Glizter) "Good GOD!" (WarHead) "Hey, the Spanish commentators are pointing and laughing at us..."
  • "Listen up, old-timer. I'll beat your wrinkled ass into prune juice with your own walker if you don't shut up!"
  • (Purple Tongue grabs the pitcher and pours the water all over El Cabecilla then knocks him out with the empty pitcher.) WarHead: "Somebody! Quick! Throw him some soap!"
  • "Nothin' like a little bit of ass-beating after the bell!"
  • (Fraust) "Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird!" (WarHead) "It's a plane! It's--oh, nevermind, he hit the floor."

OOC Notes

SDNW is not an actual e-fed (to the best of this writer's knowledge) and was made up for the back story. The WFW (World Fantasy Wrestling) is the now defunct e-fed World Fantasy Wrestling. The IRW is the now defunct e-fed Internet Rampage Wrestling.

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