War Machine
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Real name James Casey
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Height 6 ft 3 in.
Weight 270 lbs.
Date of birth August 16, 1979
Place of birth Camden, NJ
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Billed from Hollywood, CA
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Full Metal Wrestling
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Debut Full Metal 1.1
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War Machine (nee James Casey) grew up in Camden, NJ. He was always small for his age, and in 7th grade decided to start lifting weights. He started bulking up, and in 8th grade got a growth spurt to add to his already bulked up frame.

Once he started high school, he fell in with the wrong crowd and got into trouble on a daily basis. After getting into trouble one too many times, Casey decided to head up to Canada, where he made a living by taking part in underground fights. One night while watching TV, he caught a bit of wrestling and decided to start training. He made his way back to the US and enrolled in Brawler's House Of Pain in Philadelphia. Brawler took a shine to Casey and took him under his wing, ultimately competing together as the tag team Evil Inc. (with Casey taking the ring name of Sarkkahn) in the IEA, where they became 2-time Tag Team Champions.

After some time, Casey again fell in with the wrong people. They got into his ear about how Brawler was always hogging the spotlight, getting all the glory while Casey was doing all the work. He followed Brawler to his own company, the XWF, but everything was still eating at him. Casey decided once and for all to take out his mentor, and put him out of wrestling by breaking his neck and back by using Brawler's own move against him.

Casey took a few years off, but remerged on the indy scenes, re-christening himself as War Machine. After some time, he made his way to Full Metal Wrestling where he joined forces with Ethan Black.

In the early going of the company, War Machine became the first ever Ultraviolent Champion by winning a 15-minute Massacre Match. He successfully defended the title against Syanide before losing the title to Drew Michaels in an Inferno match. He took some time away to heal, ultimately coming back at FMW Lethal Injection, the company's first PPV, to help Ethan win an Elimination Chamber match. He wasn't at 100%, but his sense of commitment and loyalty outweighed his own needs for once.

Because of this, and due to the addition of more injuries suffered at Anarchy 3.1, FMW Circus Maximus, and Anarchy 3.2, War Machine was forced to the sidelines in order to come back at full capacity. While away from the ring, he was approached by a Hollywood agent about getting into movies. He had a small but popular roles in "Transformers", "Shoot 'Em Up", and "American Gangster". He was supposed to replace Topher Grace as Venom/Eddie Brock in "Spider-Man 4", but after accidentally breaking a Tobey Maguire's arm in a fight sequence, he was fired. Similar things occurred during principal filming of "Robocop", "The First Avenger: Captain America", and "Gears Of War". Sickened by what happened to him, as well as being fearful of getting typecast, War Machine has opted to leave Hollywood and return to his roots, determined to take his place as the most dominant wrestler in FMW.


Primary Finisher

  • "Flames Of Hell" - War Machine powerbombs his opponent, lifts him back up for another, but turns it into a sit-out facebuster

Secondary Finishers

  • "Angel Of Death" - Shooting Star Press
  • "Brain Damage" - Emerald Fusion
  • "Attitude Adjustment" - Vertebreaker




  • Once a two-time tag team champion with NEW commissioner Mike "Brawler" Nunes.
  • Theme song is "Let's Go To War" by Murderdolls.


Championship History

  • First ever FMW Ultraviolent Champion

Win/Loss Record

  • Wins - 4
  • Losses - 6(a)
  • Draws - 0

a - War Machine was part of a tag-team match at Anarchy 7.4, where he was teamed up with Creative Control(the team of Slegnadamus and Steve-E Taylor). At one point in the match, War Machine laid out all 3 opponents, then walked out of the match. Even though he wasn't in the ring or at ringside at the time, his "team" lost.

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