The War Tactics Match is a match created in the Fearless Championship Wrestling in 2007 for its March Pay Per View, Civil War.


The War Tactics Match takes place in a Junkyard. The match-up is between two FcW Superstars, the FcW World Champion and a pre-determined number one contender. The match-up begins as a game of "strategy" as the World Champion and the Number One Contender will pick a "team" in a draft setting. This "team" will be made up of five people from the roster, the World Champion will have the opportunity of choosing the first person to be on his team as a Champion's advantage.

When the match begins there are two designated walls, one wall which is designated as the challenger's wall, where the challenger's team will await their "team captain" and the other wall as the champion's wall, where the champion's team will await their "team captain". At the beginning of the match-up the champion and his team, as another champion's advantage, are allowed to hide the FcW World Heavyweight Championship anywhere they want in the Junkyard, the referee is not even aware of were the belt is hidden.

The objective to win this match-up is one must locate the FcW World Championship Belt and then proceeds to reach to their side of the junkyard and touch their wall, at this time their team may leave their wall, and reach the other side of the Junkyard and climb up and over the opponent's wall where the opponent's team is waiting.

Prior Matches

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Results of Matches

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  • The War Tactics Match is a spin off of a Junkyard Brawl
  • The War Tactics Match was an idea given to FcW President Paddy Coonan by Hayden Cain, although Coonan modified the idea.

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