Warren Peace
[[Image:|px|Image of Warren Peace]]
Real name Jerome Brown
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Height 6'3"
Weight 215 lbs
Date of birth January 9, 1983
Place of birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , USA
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , USA
Billed from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , USA
Trainer Asian Mixed Arts Alliance
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Debut January 2007
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Warren Peace is an American Professional Wrestler who works for Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment .

Promotions Wrestled for



Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment



Warren Peace debuted in the federation known as World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He started his career off with a very impressive match with long time friend Aman. After a string of wins Warren was given a Lighthevyweight title shot at his first ppv. Warren did not let down as he won his match in impressive fashion by making the former champion Triple H tap out. Warren would stay champion for two months after his win, but would eventually leave WCW for NFWF saying " He needed a bigger challenge". One week after he was realesed from his WCW contract he made his NFWF debut. Warren would suffer his first "real" loss at the then NFWF superstar Loki which would spark a feud betwwen the two. After his loss Warren would go on another win streak until finally he fought his way to a rematch against Loki who was now the NFWF Champion, but before Warren and Loki could fight for the belt NFWF would fold from lack of income.


Warren Peace would sign a long-term deal with Ultiamte Wrestling Entertainment in early January. Warren would make several hype- packages to spark intrest in his debut match. After several weeks of hype and the formation of the RingWraiths Warren would make his debut at uWe's Afterhours against real life cousin StoneRoc. Roc would pin Warren two straight weeks which started a feud between the two cousins that would finally come to an end when they were forced to tag with each other by After hours GM Dirty Drew. After gaining a win as a tag team Warren and Roc would form the team of Ghetto Gospel. Ghetto Gospel or "G.G" would go on to string up victories over the then tag team champs, Project Mayhem. Ghetto Gospel was then granted a Title shot at Genesis which Ghetto Gospel would dominate the champs and claim there first taste of uWe gold. With news of a roster split Ghetto Gospel was one of the top ten picks by Destiny making them exclusivly Rapture with the partnership of Hermanni ans L-X Tim Ghetto Gospel has proven to be one of the biggest groups in sports entertainment and a crowd fave. After a heartbreaking loss at the hands of Bad Attitude StoneRoc was injured and Tim and Hermanni was sent on personal leave which meant Warren was the last standing Ghetto Gospel member. Warren never the one to get down fought his way into the IN tile picture with a win over currnet champion Brandon Sorrow. With news that LX-Tim is back and StoneRoc is on hsi way Ghetto Gospel is looking to take back the glory they once had.

Wrestling facts

  • Warren Peace and StoneRoc are blood cousins and grew up together their whole life
  • Waren Peace got his ring-name from the kids movie "Sky High"
  • Warren's real life girlfriend and uWe Manager CJ De Luca is a trained MMA fighter
  • Warren is Trained in over 10 different styles of fighting including: Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Sambo, Judo, Boxing, Karate and Submission Wrestling
  • Warren is a student of Yoga and Pilates
  • Warren runs a MMA training gym in Philadelphia

Finishing moves

  • Confession (Alex Shelley's Border City Stretch)
  • Damnation Spear

Signature moves

  • Crucifix Bomb (razor's edge)
  • Torture Rack
  • Sin Stealer (Full Nelson hold into a face first leg sweep)


  • CJ De Luca


  • God's Favorite
  • King Of Slams
  • K.o.S
  • Dub P
  • Peace
  • Mr. Everything

Theme Music

  • Bleed it out by Linkin Park (current theme)
  • Store bought Bones by the Raconteurs
  • Hot Damn by the Clipse (Ghetto Gospel theme)

Championships and accomplishments

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment

  • UWE Tag Team Championship(1 time)
UWE International Championship(1 time)


  • Number 1 Contender for Heavyweight Championship


  • LightHeavyweight Champion

Personal life

Coming Soon

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