Warrior Wrath
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Warrior Wrath]]
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Ring Names The Warthog
The Impact
The Perfect Package
The Silver Spring
The Extreme Franchise
Height 6 ft. 3 in.
Weight 275 lbs
Date of birth December 18
Place of birth Unknown
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Warzone
Billed from World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW)
Trainer Warrior Wise
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Debut 2004

The Warrior

Cocky, selfish, and lazy. These three things describe one man: The Warrior Wrath. Born December 18, the world was introduced to the future of Wrestling. He grew up training only for himself to get stronger and with the state of mind that he was the best there would ever be. His mom died when she gave birth to him, and his dad died in a war when he was 4. He lived with his grandfather, who taught him how to fight and wrestle. He left his grandpa at the age of 15 to pursue a career in Wrestling. He has two cousin Warrior Weep and Warrior Warp. All three were identical cousin from different tribes who grew up together but disbanded to go their separate ways. The Warrior was the best out of his village and left the village to do the one thing he loves to do: WRESTLE. He is a man that is willing to take on anyone because the Warrior is always ready to compete.


SOS (Spin out stunner aka Firemans carry to stunner)

Finishing Cannon(Firemans carry to cutter)

Warlock(Indian Deathlock)

The Rodeo(Spinning Jumping Brainbuster)

Guerrero Splash(Frog Splash)

Signature moves

The Sidewinder(Lift-up DDT)

The Impact(Swinging Rock Bottom)

The Perfect Package(Three Amigos w/ the last Suplex being a Fisherman Suplex Pin)

Warzone Drop(Jackknife Powerbomb)

T.T.B.(Arrm Trap Crossface)

Big Moves


Running Wrath(A suicide dive)


Running Rage(Running Shu-icide)

German Suplex Pin

Northern Lights Suplex Pin


Standing Armbar

Single leg Boston crab

Boston Crab

Butterfly lock

Sleeper Hold

Bear Hug

Body Scissors




Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex

Vertical Suplex

Headlock Takeover

European Uppercut


Scoop Slam

Double Leg Takedown

Half Nelson Slam

Arm Drag

Running Shoulder Block

Running Forearm Smash

Shoulder Thrust

Double Arm Suplex


Theme Songs

"Superstar" By Styles of Beyond

"You Wouldn't Know" By Hellyeah

"Superstar" By Lupe Fiasco


Black skin

Orangish-Reddish Cornrows

Blue shirt w/ White NWO(New Warrior Order) Logo

Green Cargo Pants

Blue Wrestling Shoes


You will obey the Warriors Way

Get it, Got it, Good


World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW)

Extreme Fantasy Wrestling (EFW)

World Wrestling Domination (WWD)

Ultimate Xtreme Wrestling (UXW)

Ring Of Demolition (ROD)

Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW)

Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling (SCW)

Extreme Juggalo Wrestling (EJW)


World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW)

Russell Championship Wrestling (RCW)

World Wrestling eFederation (WWEF)

Full Throttle Wrestling (FTW)

Chaotic Wrestling on Myspace(CW)

Cyber Extreme Wrestling (CEW)

Extreme Fantasy Wrestling (EFENW)

Best Damn Championship Wrestling (BDCW)

World Revolution Wrestling (WRW)

United Wrestling Association (UWA)

Controversial Wrestling Alliance (CWA)

Dynasty Championship Wrestling(DCW)

Myspace Wrestling Federation(MWF)

Adrenaline Wrestling: X

UnderGround Professional Wrestling(UPW)



  • EFW World Heavyweight Championship(1-time)
  • EFW Championship(1-time)
  • WWD World Heavyweight Championship(1-time)
  • RCW World Heavyweight Championship(3-time)
  • ICW Undistputed Championship(1-time)
  • WWEF TNT World Heavyweight Championship(1-time)
  • WWEF World Heavyweight Championship(1-time)
  • FTW World Heavyweight Championships(3-time)
  • WRW World Heavyweight Championship(1-time)
  • UPW World Heavyweight Championship(1-time)


  • EFW Hardcore Championship(1-time)
  • WFW Extreme Championship(1-time)
  • EJW Blood Championship(1-time)
  • WAR X-treme Championship(1-time)
  • WXW Xtreme Hardkore Championship(1-time)
  • MWF Hardcore Championship(1-time)
  • ROD King of the Streets Championship(1-time)
  • CW Rated R Championship(1-time)
  • UXW Hardcore Championship(1-time)
  • EFW Xtreme Championship(1-time)
  • EFENW Extreme Championship(1-time)
  • CEW Gimmick Championship(1-time)
  • WWEF Hardcore Championship(1-time)


  • EFW U.S. Championship(1-time)
  • EFW Intercontinental Championship(1-time)
  • EFNW Rated-R Championship(1-time)

Tag Team

  • DCW Tag Team Championship(1st time with Mike Outlaw, 2nd time with The Deviants)(2-time)
  • BEW Tag Team Championship with Darren Spencer(1-time)
  • GRW Tag Team Championship with The Deviants(1-time)
  • GRW World Tag Team Championship with the Deviants(1-time)


  • WFW Wrestler of Extreme Award

Biggest Rivals

  • Manic(WFW)
  • King Landric(WFW)
  • Mike Outlaw(WFW)
  • Supercrazy(WWEF)
  • Crazy Chris(WWEF)
  • Spear(EFW)

Warrior's Weapon

The Warrior only uses spikes in his most deadly matches

Warriors Rules Match

The Warrior is also the creator of one of the most deadly matches ever made a Warrior's Rules match.

16 tons of unforgiving steel made out of BARBED WIRE

16 tons of unforgiving barbed wire steel set on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are no doors in this match only 1 Ladder and that is the only way to escape without climbing the cage(unless the Warrior throws out the ladder hahahahahahaha)


Warriors of Death 1(Angel Of Death, Warrior Wrath, and BigD)

Warriors of Death 2(Angel Of Death, Warrior Wrath, and Death Assailant)

Warriors of Death 3(Warrior Wrath, Deadman Steve, and Deadman Edward)

The Warriors a.k.a. NWO(Warrior Wrath, Warrior Weep, and Warrior Warp)

Hell's Warriors(Devil and Warrior Wrath)

The Deviants(Warrior Wrath, Mike Outlaw, Michael Riser)

External Links

WFOW's Site of Action

WFOW on Wikipedia

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