Wayne Edward Don (born August 24th, 1982), is a Canadian professional wrestler better known by his ring name, "The Element of Excellence" Wayne Don. He currently wrestles for three promotions as a regular and constantly takes various indy bookings. The three promotions he works for is the International Society of Grappling Arts (ISGA- formerly UWC, based out of Canada) and the Athletic Wrestling Alliance, a close partner of the 3WA wrestling promotion based out of the United States.

On Wednesday January 10th, 2007, on his FIW debut at the weekly taped ReVolt show, Wayne Don had his tenth Five-Star match. His opponents were Zesboca Devani and Shaun Wilson, out of which Devani was half responsible for the Five Star rating. During the match, Zesboca suffered a minor injury during the match and has been sidelined for an undetermined amount of weeks. Wayne Don left FIW shortly after his first Pay-Per-View appearance, where he contended for the FIW Fighting Spirit Championship. Wayne is now a full-time member of the ISGA and AWA only. In ISGA, Wayne Don is gearing up to head into his second challenge for the ISGA World Title against current champion MDK, and also David Cyclone and Duff Coté D'Ivoire. In the AWA, Wayne Don will be facing former AWA Champion Connor MacManus and AWA Legend Il Cognito for #1 Contenderships to the AWA World Heavyweight Championship on the February 24th edition of AWA Adrenaline.

Wayne Don has worked for many promotions around the work, but his most memorable work has been done in Xtreme Fighting Championship (XFC Island, unknown location), New Way Wrestling (England), Black Dawn Wrestling (Europe), Kritical Wrestling Alliance (America), and the Internet Wrestling Federation (America).

Early Life

Wayne Don was born August 24th, 1982 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was the oldest son of three in his family. His family history remains unknown, but it is assumed that his mother died at an early age and he severed links to his father during his teen years. Although asked many times about his family, Wayne Don has yet to do an interview where he discusses his life.

Despite the fact that he does not enjoy indulging on his early life, he has cut promos in various promotions around the world describing a childhood created by the creative team of wrestling companies. For example, in Black Dawn Wrestling he debuted with the gimmick of having a troublesome childhood which has caused him to turn into a social outcast and half mad.

Wayne began wrestling backyard with his friends in Toronto. Though Don at the time never recieved any training, he was said to be the best out of his friends at wrestling, and was appraised by his peers. At the age of sixteen, Wayne Don earned some money doing odd jobs and began to go to indy wrestling shows where he oftend spoke with the wrestlers and trainers after the show to get information about wrestling.

He continued this for several years, never truly bothering to learn the art of wrestling from proper instructors. He worked many oddjobs from the time of his graduation until he finally joined a wrestling academy. He was never content with the odd jobs though, and aspired to go to the University of Waterloo in Ontario to study Computer Sciences and Software Engineering.

Early Career

Wayne started out by going to independant shows that took place around Toronto, and he'd usually stick around after the show to talk to some promotion officials and occasionally a wrestler as well. Wayne eventually applied for and became a stage hand in an unknown indy promotion, and through time picked up the trade and made enough money to ask a few wrestlers and figureheads to point him in the right direction to becoming a wrestler.

Don had kept his savings from the day he started working at age fifteen, and amassed more than enough to get him through wrestling school. Wayne eventually joined one only to have the training centre go bankrupt and close down - with all of his three years' savings. This broke Wayne's spirit, but he continued to explore his passion. He made his way to a promotion called the Canadian Innovative Wrestling Federation, where the owner allowed him to become a stage hand and eventually work curtain twitching matches - despite him having little to no experience. Wayne eventually rose through the ranks (while picking up more and more techniques from the wrestlers with whom he was surrounded by) and finally won his first title, the CIWF Hardcore Championship. This would influence much of Wayne's career, in being a hardcore-oriented wrestler.

Entrance Themes

"Soldier" by Eminem (1st)

"Liberate" by Disturbed (2nd)

"Here We Go Again" by The Game (3rd)

"I Stand Alone" by Godsmack (4th)

"Strong" by Trust Company (4th Alternate - Limited Use)

"Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Prong (5th)

"Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck Custom" by Prong/AddictIX (Current)

"Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine (Current Alternate)

Championship Accomplishments

Bruiserweight Wrestling Federation

Tag Team Championship w/ Daemon, Extreme Championship

Combat Federation Wrestling

Money in the Bank Holder, Combat Championship, United States Championship

Internet Wrestling Federation

Hardkore Championship

Kritical Wrestling Alliance

Kritical Ka$h Holder

New Way Wrestling

Hardcore Championship, North American Championship (Current), Shoot Championship

Xtreme Fighting Championship

Uncensored Championship x2

World Legacy Wrestling

Intercontinental CHampionship

Xtreme Wrestling Incorporated

Intercontinental Championship, Hardcore Championship

World Wrestling Alliance

Hardcore Championship

Other Promotions

EFW Submission Championship, EPW Tag Team Championship w/ Daemon, FWF Tag Team Championship w/ Daemon, ROW Shoot Championship, SCW Tag Team Championship w/ Daemon, XWLA Extreme Championship, XWF Xtreme Championship

Five Star Matches

The following lists every single Five Star match which Wayne Don has participated in. 5* matches are determined based on level of roleplays submitted by ALL roleplayers in the match, and the amount of effort given to each roleplay by the handler of Wayne Don.

Wayne Don VS Scotty Mac - NWW ShootOut PPV: 12.27.04 (Shoot Championship)

Wayne Don VS Apocalypse VS Spicy Mike - BDW IronMan PPV: 12.10.05 (Public Television Championship)

Wayne Don & Apocalypse VS Spicy Mike & Hells Guardian - BDW Friday Night Payback: 12.16.05

Wayne Don VS XS3 VS Bullet - KWA Holiday Horrors PPV: 12.25.05 (#1 Contenderships to ANY Championship)

Wayne Don & Apocalypse VS David Cyclone & Insomnia (c) VS Mark Cram (Kram) & Epic-X (Wrecko Insano) - BDW Friday Night Payback: 01.06.06 (Tag Team Championships)

Wayne Don VS Lobo Kerrang - KWA Friday Night Rebellion: 03.17.06

Wayne Don VS Syd Floyd VS Mishuna - KWA Mind Games PPV: 04.01.06 (Kritical Kash)

Wayne Don VS Daemon - NWW Monday Night L!VE: 08.07.06

Team Canada VS Team US West Coast - XFC Blood Bowl: 08.23.06

Karma & Fate (Wayne Don & Daemon) VS Ground Zero (Mad Mike Payne & ???) VS The Alliance (Scotty Mac & Danny Richards) - NWW Monday Night L!VE: 10.02.06 (Tag Team Title #1 Contenders)

Wayne Don VS Zesboca Devani VS Shaun Wilson - FIW ReVolt: 01.10.07

Wayne Don VS Monolith VS Crackerjack VS AZ - FIW ReVolt: 01.17.07