This is the current listing of the Champions of the WcE.

Current Champions

Championship: Current Champion: Date Won: Whom Defeated:
WcE World Heavyweight Title Ken Forte [ September 16th, 2007 ]James Whitman
WcE Intercontinental Title Toms [ November 11th, 2007 ]Mark Marvin
WcE Xtreme Heavyweight Title Zack Evermore [ December 3rd, 2007 ]Nate Jeffries
WcE World Television Title Casey Kendrik [ November 25th, 2007 ] WM Bonny
WcE World Tag Team Titles The Bar-Room BrawlersJack N. Coke & Jake Smirnoff [ November 25th, 2007 ]The Shaw BrothersJericho Shaw & Maverick Shaw

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