The WcE International Heavyweight Title is a now retired belt, that was the premiere title on the short-lived WildSide brand, before becoming a secondary belt after the brand split ended. Despite its' stature, it was held by very few people though those that did hold it are highly-regarded within the company. It was debuted on February 2nd, 2005.

The physical belt has since returned, though under a different names as the WcE European Heavyweight Title, a decision that drew criticism from the past holders of the belt, especially Rocky Stevens who had to relinquish possession of the belt and was given a replica as a replacement.

The Title was deactivated and renamed the European Heavyweight Championship at the Fighting Spirit PPV on Sunday, July 15th, 2006 at the American Airlines Center in Miami, Florida when 'The Real Deal' Ryan Teal won an 8 man tournament defeating James Whitman.

Title History

Wrestler: Times Held: Date Won: Date Lost: Venue & Location: Notes:
Antonio DeMarco 1 February 2, 2005 March 23, 2005 National Car Rental Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Defeated Lennox Armstrong on Wednesday Night WildSide to be named first holder of the belt.
Title Vacated 0 March 23, 2005 September 10, 2005 None None
Antonio DeMarco 2 September 10, 2005 September 24, 2005 Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York Defeated and crippled Dave Stevens at Night Of Champions II to claim the vacant belt.
Rocky Stevens 1 September 24, 2005 July 15th, 2006 Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland Defeated Antonio DeMarco to avenge his sons' defeat and crippling just a couple of weeks previously.

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