The WcE World Heavyweight Title is the Main Championship Title of the WcE. First won by Jamie Noxx, this championship has been sought after by many men in the WcE.

The Title is currently being held by Ken Forte who won the title at the last Night of Champions IV PPV from James Whitman.

Championship Reign by Time

Wrestler: Date Won: Won From: Event:
Ken Forte September 16th 2007 [ James Whitman ]WcE Night of Champions IV 2007
James Whitman February 3rd, 2007 [ Antonio DeMarco ]WCE Unleashed #3 PPV 2007
Antonio DeMarco (2) November 29th, 2006 [ Edward Freeze ]WcE Out of Control PPV 2006
Edward Freeze October 1st, 2006 [ Samson ] *1WcE Night of Champions III 2006
Samson July 15th, 2006 [ Adam Belmont ]WcE Wildside 2006
Adam Belmont December 25th, 2005 [ Edward Freeze ]WcE Christmas Carnage PPV 2005
Title Vacated October 30th, 2005 [ Xtreme ] *2WcE Halloween Bash PPV 2005
Xtreme July 3rd, 2005 [ Won a Battle Royal. ] *3WcE Out of Control PPV 2005
Title Vacated June 25th, 2005 [ Ace Johnson was Stripped after defeating Xtreme & Adam Belmont. ]WcE PrimeTime 2005
Ace Johnson April 27th, 2005 [ Won a 3-Way Dance ] *4WcE UnSanctioned PPV 2005
Chris Edgeton March 8th, 2005 [ Ken Forte ]WcE Monday Night Titans 2005
Title Vacated January 26th, 2005 [ Jamie Noxx Vacated due to leg injury. ] *5WcE Wildside 2005
Jamie Noxx (2) January 26th, 2005 [ Lennox Armstrong & Antonio DeMarco ]WcE Against All Odds PPV 2005
Lennox Armstrong January 12th, 2005 [ Antonio DeMarco ]WcE Wildside 2005
Antonio DeMarco November 17th, 2004 [ Jamie Noxx ]WcE Wildside 2004
Jamie Noxx October 22nd, 2004 [ Won a Hell in the Cell Match ]WcE Night of Champions I 2004

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