Wrestling Championship Federation
Debut Date Early 2000
Headquarters  ??
Owner Seth Lerch
Operated By WCF

The WCF (Wrestling Championship Federation) is an e-fed owned and operated by Seth Lerch. The WCF has a history dating back to 2000.{{Stub}


The WCF runs two weekly shows: Sunday Night Slam and Wendesday Night. Pay-Per-Views are run every month as shown below for 2013:

The War

The War has always been WCF's way of determining its first World Champion. There have been eleven Wars thus far, and here are the winners:

  • War I: Mace
  • War II: Hellz Angel
  • War III: Logan
  • War IV: Gravedigger
  • War V: Epic
  • War VI: Logan
  • War VII: Skyler Striker
  • War VIII: Slickie T
  • War IX: Logan
  • War X: Johnny Reb
  • War XI: Jeff Purse

Notable Wrestlers


The first man to spring to mind when talking about WCF is Logan. There are a million things you could say about him. He's a four time World Champion, former United States Champion, International Champion, Television Champion, and Tag Team Champion. He's been described as the biggest heel in WCF, and has indeed been fired many times for many things. He was also the founder and leader of the Team of Treachery. What he'll do next is anyone's guess.

PC Cradle

PC Cradle is another man that comes to mind instantly. A two time World Champion, former Hardcore Champion, Tag Champion, and Television Champion. He had an incredibly memorable feud with Defman with some of the most amazing matches in WCF history, and later a great feud with Madd Dogg. He was one of the fastest rising men WCF had ever seen.

Creeping Death

Creeping Death is another. Mysterious and one of WCF's innovators of hardcore. He's a two time World Champion, former Television Champion, and Tag Team Champion. He's been in a tag team with Rick Mad and also fought against him, and had some insane matches with Reckless Jack. Recently Creeping Death captured the Hardcore Title, making him the second WCF Grand Slam Champion. The other being PC Cradle. He lost the title soon after to Jack of Blades.

Current Champions

Promotion Championship
or accomplishment
Current champion(s) Held since
Wrestling Championship Federation WCF World Champion Jonny Fly
WCF Hardcore Champion Logan
WCF Television Champion Chelsea Black Armstrong
WCF Tag Team Champions The Thickness
WCF People's Champion

Denise D'Evil

WCF United States Champion Ryan Rhodes
WCF Internet Champion Zombie McMorris

External Links

WCF Homepage

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