Weird Ryan (born Ryan Cravonoff 6th Augast 1989) is an Rusian/American wrestler currently touring the independant circuit.

Early life

Ryan's family is Ruisian but they came to America in the 1940s. The family has an extensive history fighting in wars and it's even rumoured that a descendant of Ryan's fought in the battle of 1066. Ryuan's father ordered him to sign up for the Army in order to continue his family's legacy, however Ryan refused saying he didn't want any part of a famuly who's history is laden with blood, enraged, his father disowned him and kicked him out of the house calling him a disgrace to the family. He lived on the streets for a few weeks before being found by his cousin Ray, who shared an apartment with his sister Marie. He offered the 18 year old a place to stay and he soon moved in.

Wrestling career

Ryan soon signed up for a wrestling school in the area and graduated at the top off his class almost a year later. Ray payed for Ryan to travel to Japan to home his skills with the Zero One promotion. It was there that he devolopped the Weird Ryan charicter which is basically a wrestling version of the parody artist Weird Al. After that he returned to the states and toured the Florida independant scene untill an incident at a show where he parodied DX with annother wrestler and an old man. A WWE talent scout was in attendance and contacted Vince Mcmahon, as Ryan had taken shots at the Mcmahon family, enraged Vince had the scout get a court order baring Ryan from working the Florida indy scene.


Soon afterwhoulds Ryan found himself in USWA. However the promotion went bankrupt before his secound match and Ryan returned to the indy scene.


However after that he got an offer from brittish promotion NWW (New Way Wrestling) which he accepted. Here he took his charicter to new levals and enjoyed moderate success. However after a match with Scotty Mac he completely changed his gimmick and name know going by his real name. The higher ups where the ones that suggested it as the charicter prevented him from reaching his full potential and showing his wrestling skills. Unfortuenetely NWW went bankrupt before the charicter could take off.

Back on the indy scene

Ryan has been touring the indy scene since and has gone by both Weird Ryan and Ryan Cravonoff, he has appeared for RoH and CZW among others, recently the court order was overturned and Ryan made his return to FIP wrestling as both Ryan Cravonoff and Weird Ryan in the same night.


  • He hates when people accuse him off ripping of Weird Al saying that "only our charicters are simualar".
  • He suffers from Autism and, though his condition isn't that severe, has gained respect from his fellow wrestlers for being abble to juggle a wrestling career and Autism.
  • Ryan still lives with Marie and Ray, it is Ray that drives him to shows as he doesn't have a driver's license.
  • As Weird Ryan he uses varios Weird Al songs as his themes depending on the gimick he's parodieing, as Ryan Cravonoff he uses "Welcome To Wherever You Are" by Bon Jovi.
  • He was a runner up for the PWI's "Most Inspirational Wrestler" award this year,


  • The Used (Swanton Bomb)
  • The Orrigenal (Top Rope version of Mr. Kennedy's finisher)
  • The Ripped Off (F-5)

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