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Wendy Lynn grew up on a ranch in Kalispell, Montana, riding horses, playing with dolls, doing general girl things. When she was 13 years old, she hit a growth spurt, growing six inches in just a month, and filling out with muscle. Her father recognized that she might just be a big help on the ranch, so he put her to work alongside the other ranchers. Wendy took to the work like a duck to water, and soon showed all the other ranchers that she could out-work most all of them...from roping to breaking horses to lifting large bales of hay that the other men struggled with. Wendy learned to fight from an old rancher named Fred, who taught her some pretty underhanded ways to win at fights. She soon became a foe to be reckoned with, especially at night when she was older and would go to local bars with her fellow who did not know her would hit on her and usually end up with a broken arm for their trouble.

As she grew older, Wendy, although she loved her dad, realized that ranching was not going to keep her interested forever. She was watching TV one day and saw her first televised SWA event. Something sparked within her and she immediately put her application into and was accepted at Shootcamp. She's here for one win gold.

Wendy spent quite a long time in Puerto Rico, fighting hardcore style with anyone and everyone...She captured the CHW Cruiserweight title in short order...and captured the heart of a wrestler named Jake Zombie...

After CHW closed, Wendy traveled to Canada to compete in Edmonton's Canadian Wrestling Federation, where she came into contact with Chloe Barnes. The two women immediately HATED each other, each representing the absolute worst thing that they hated...An epic feud ensued, until Wendy disappeared off radar for a while to return to Montana to deal with her dying father.

After Wendy's father died, she had a rough time managing the family ranch, the Triple Bar D. After a few years of struggling, she eventually sold the ranch to a family friend. Working a few odd jobs, she eventually grew tired of the grind and opened her own gym/wrestling training center. She continues to work at the gym as much as time allows.

Missing the thrill of competition, Wendy has returned to the SWA to make one more run of things. Gone is the arrogance, in its' place is the sweet Southern belle...just don't p!ss her off.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE/WRESTLING STYLE: Wendy Lynn stands almost 6'2 inches tall, and weighs in at 182 pounds. She is very muscular, after years of hard work on the ranch. She has long red hair and deep blue eyes. Wendy usually wears just grey sweats, a T-shirt, her favorite cowboy hat, and black boots to the ring, having little interest in showing off her "goods"...even though her goods are impressive, especially up top. Wendy will wrestle with the best of them, but absolutely LOVES to knock-down, drag-out FIGHT....with ANYTHING she can get her hands on...


"Flying Head Scissors": Typical move, accentuated by the muscular power of Wendy's legs.

"Clothesline From Kalispell": Running wide open Stan Hansen/JBL-style lariat.

"Jawbreaker": Wendy grabs the opponent's head and sits out hard, driving the top of her head into the opponent's throat.

"Spinebuster": Self-explanatory, although un-typical for a girl.


"Triple Bar D Arm Breaker": Wendy locks in a armbar/jointlock and cranks upward. When her opponent falls, Wendy combines the jointlock with a cross arm breaker.

"Cowpie Stomp": A la Ron Garvin, Wendy will start at the prone opponent's shoulder and begin stomping, moving down one side of the opponent, stomping every body part along that side, continuing along the entire length of their body, culminating in a vicious knockout stomp to the side of the opponent's head.


1x CHW Cruiserweight champion !x CWF Cruiserweight champion

taken from INSIDEWAM.COM---Wrestlers Real Names and Profiles

Real Name: Cynthia LaDassor Years Competing: 4 Resides In: Kalispell, Montana during summer; Bradenton, Florida during winter Marital Status: Widowed(husband Jack LaDassor died from aneurysm)

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