Sparky is an American Professional Wrestler currently under contract with Supreme Federation Wrestling.

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As a young boy with ADHD, he had way to much energy for anyone to handle. He got his nickname from his teacher, when he moved around so fast he was like a "spark". His parents tried to find an outlet for Wes's energy but nothing held his interest, until finally they tried pro wrestling at the age of 12. It was a success and he quickly adapted his own energetic style to the sport. He was trained by a local school and has done many independent promotions. He never won a title but he electrified the fans with his energy and high flying moves. Finally after hoping around from one independent promotion to another, he decided to try out for SFW. He really admires The Dragon, as he played a factor in getting him into SFW. Sparky is in his element when ladders or tables are involved, but not so much hardcore matches. He's not a submission moves type of guy, and only does them as an absolute last resort.

After training, Sparky got his first TV match on SFW Underground, againsed one of the best in the buisness, Steel! After a great match, Dragon rushed the ring, and Sparky took a chairshot for Steel, winning his opener, but by DQ. His next major match was at the PPV of the year, City of Kings. Sparky faced Rise, Mr. Irish, Shroder, Truth, and Dustin Daniels, losing in a controvertial way when the Ref counted a punch to Rise as a tag, and Rise rushed in and used it to his advantage, winning the match on a technacality. Sparky then went the full month in a slump, not winning one match before he was to face Alcan at Exodus. At Exodus, Sparky faced Alcan, and in a bloody and fast paced match, got his first real victory, pinning Alcan after hitting his high flying move, "Adrenaline Rush"!

Champion's Hell Incident

Recently, he was a part of the Champion's Hell match at Vendetta, facing fellow high-flyer Harlequin, Mr. Destruction & Desire Dimitri Passion and the defending SFW Heavyweight Champion Steel. He would not see the end of the match, as he was taken out in an absolutely barbaric fashion. He was attempting to re-enter the ring, where Steel had a barbed wire Kendo stick. He hopped up to the apron but was met with a kick to the midsection. Then what was described as one of the most vicious sights seen in an SFW ring, Steel took Sparky's head and brought it down over the top rope. Shortly after, he puled the middle rope over the head of Sparky, causing the two ropes to choke the Hyper Kid. He kicked him in the chest which sent him off the apron, and hanging for not just his career, but his life as well. His face turned a horrifying shade of purple before being released from the ropes by Fury and Cedar, as EMTs rushed to the scene. He was taken out of the arena and was checked into Hennepin County Medical Center, where he has fully recovered from his injuries. No one is sure when he will return, but people can not wait for Sparky to grace us with his presence in an SFW event.

Wrestling Facts

  • Finisher and Signature Moves
  • Adrenaline Rush (450 Splash)
  • The Flash (Fameasser used in any way possible)
  • The Unenergizer (Crippler Crossface)
  • Springboard Leg Drop
  • Springboard Clothsline
  • Springboard Hurricanrana
  • Samoan Drop (on small opponents)
  • Springboard Over Castle
  • Top Rope Corkscrew
  • Spinning 720 DDT
  • Shining Armbar (pretty much just like the Shining Wizard, but instead of hitting him with the knee, gets his arm between both legs and pulls, putting him in an armbar while he is still standing)
  • Common Moves
  • Cross Body
  • Moonsault
  • Suicide Dive (to outside)
  • Edgeomatic
  • DDT
  • Suplex
  • Armbar
  • Boston Crab
  • Dropkick
  • Over Castle (From top of ringpost)
  • Triangle Hold
  • Hurricanrana
  • Bicycle Kick
  • Spinning Kick
  • High Knee to face
  • Flipping Dropkick (Paul London style)
  • Snap Suplex
  • Enzeguri
  • Standing Moonsault
  • Schoolboy
  • Small Package
  • Backcracker (Carlito style)
  • Swanton Bomb (tables or really high places only)
  • Side Effect
  • Top Rope Double Foot Stomp
  • Title History
  • Theme Music
  • The Hell Song by Sum 41

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