The When Worlds Collide Tournament (WWC) is a multi-federation, 128-man tournament that has been held 12 times over the past 10 years. The twelfth installment of this tournament is currently underway and can be found at the following website:

Rules for WWC XII

1. The 128 participants are divided into 4 brackets consisting of 32 wrestlers each, with one judge assigned to evaluate each bracket. (Subject to change.)

2. Within each bracket, wrestlers will be paired off with "opponents". This only serves the purpose of providing specific roleplay material and in reality, you are competing against everyone in your bracket.

3. There are four rounds, halving the 128 to 64, 64 to 32, 32 to 16, and culminating with a 16 man battle royale to crown WWC Champions.

4. This tournament does NOT follow a single-elimination format. During each of the first three rounds, the top 50% of each bracket's roleplayers advance to the next round. In essence, it is possible for you AND your "opponent" to advance.

5. The final 16 man battle royale, made up of the 4 finalists from each of the 4 divisions, will be scored by ALL judges and cumulative scores will be calculated to decide winners.

6. The top five finishers are awarded championship belts. The World Title goes to the 1st place finisher, the Intercontinental Title to the 2nd place finisher, Extreme Title for 3rd place, Television Title for 4th place, and Internet Title for 5th place.

7. Each round lasts for one week. In rounds 1, 2, and the semi-finals, the maximum number of roleplays allowed is 2. The finals, the maximum number of roleplays will be 3. And there will be more time in the finals as a result.

8. If for some reason the brackets become lopsided, with participants advancing on minimal effort or participants failing to advance despite huge efforts in comparison to other brackets, realignment of brackets or WILD CARD berths may be implemented based on the discretion of the judging committee.

9. The word of the judges is final. No crying, whining, or OOC tantrums. This requires maturity. No one is out to screw anybody, nor is there any favoritism in this tournament. All the justification that is required for any decision made will be found on the roleplay boards. If you have a question or concern, contact the judging committee and we will address it as quickly and effectively as possible.

10. For rounds 1 through 3, only the names of the participants who advanced will be posted. The results of the final 16 man battle royale will be written out in play by play format.

11. This is strictly for enjoyment, so have fun!

Title History

WWC World Heavyweight Championship

I. “Bad Ass” Brian Marcotte
II. Beld Painkiller
III. Heartbreak Myers
IV. Jackylfan
V. Sheep Mangler
VI. Jimmy
VII. Jack Bone
VIII. JD Lawson
IX. Jalen Fervi
X. Kevin Jones
XI. Joseph Mason
XII. Dave Dexter

WWC Intercontinental Championship

I. Spawn
II. Jimmy Jailbird
III. Ranma Saotome
IV. Frank "The Postman" Letters
V. Mike Haggar
VI. The Polish Frenchfry
VII. Dave Dexter (The Chameleon)
VIII. Ranma Saotome
IX. Samuel Emerson (JD Lawson)
X. Andrew Hurley
XI. Mercury
XII. Joseph Mason

WWC Extreme Championship

I. Punisher
II. Destructo
III. Sparrow
IV. Destructo
V. Special K
VI. Interrogator
VII. Justin Sane
VIII. Ashram Kenjin
IX. Damon Zombie
X. Dave Dexter
XI. William Morris (JD Lawson's Stalker)
XII. Chris Champion

WWC Television Championship

I. Destructo
II. Nightmare
III. Dan Sweeny
IV. “Tiger” Terrence McGregger
V. Ryan Johnson
VI. Devistator
VII. Trent Storm
VIII. Racky Wreenkle
XI. Dude JoB
XII. Skylar Thomas

WWC Internet Championship

I. "Too Sexy" Steven McKnight
II. The Punisher
III. Destructo
IV. Raymond Faith
V. Undertow
VI. Dutch Daon
VII. JD Lawson
IX. Crisis
XI. Simon Kalis
XII. Dell Hampton (JD Lawson)

Participating Federations

Supreme Championship Wrestling
Strike Towers
Sin Wrestling
New Era Wrestling
WorldWIDE Entertainment Wrestling

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