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Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth May 20th 1979
Place of birth San Diego, California
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Resides San Diego, California
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Trainer Unknown
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Debut 12th May 2006 (xWo)
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'Alex ? [ May 20th 1979 ]is a american pro wrestler born in California wrestling under the name of "Falcon",He is currently married to Leo Ames, although the marriage is not recognized in any of the 50 states.'

Wrestling Career

Early Career

Making his debut in October 1999, Falcon competed in a unnamed promotion, he only wrestled one match there before being signed to a Mixed Martial Arts/Wrestling, despite the promotion being very small they got TV coverage, there Falcon being world wide famous going 10-0...picking up the company's Light Heavyweight Title and United States Title, after just over a year in the promotion (matches were not fought on a weekly basis, so his 10-0 record took place over a year) he was booked against the promotion's World Champion, the match was held in the famous arena that is known as Wembley, which is located in London, England in Europe, after around 3 minutes of fighting, Falcon who was clearly winning began to showboat, he turned his back on the champ and when he turned back around...he was met with a thunderous right hand...

A year later...Madison Square Garden, the rematch took place, not in a Mixed Martial Arts/Wrestling Match...a normal wrestling match...Falcon won the match with ease...

Internationally Known

Falcon went on to wrestle for a big amercian promotion, he had many small companies under it's wing and Falcon went from promotion to promotion winning titles there...except one title...The World Heavyweight Title, this annoyed Falcon very much and in turn, he quit the company but on his way out...he was assaulted by members of the company...he made the headlines as he got over $500,000 in compensation...

Falcon then decided to work back on the indy circuit...he debuted in ROH in 2002 and won the ROH Tag Team Titles and the ROH Pure Title, he enjoyed ROH very much despite not winning there World Title, he ended up (along with some ROH and TNA stars)working part time for british promotion 1PW in late 2005...Falcon was contratced for 10 shows with the company but a botch in his third match with the promotion seemingley ended his hope of a World Title in the company...his contract with the promotion was terminated but in later interviews, he said '1PW was a great company...great superstars and fans, i never regret working for them', after returning from injury, ROH promised him a World Title...but another injury stopped him from winning the World Title...both him and ROH cut ties some weeks after recovery.


In May 2006, Falcon signed a contract with xWo...a up and coming company, he made his debut on May 12th 2006 under a different name, he was originally a jobber but in June 2006 he was signed to xWo's new 3rd brand, which was taglined 'Xtreme', after making a few disspointing performances, Falcon finally got recognized and won the brands Tag Team Titles (on his own.

After the brand disbanded, Falcon was sent to Revenge, where he wrestled 2 matches, winning a few matches (losing none) before he went over to Meltdown, after some bad results he finally got back on track and won at xWo Summer Clash 2006, in one of xWo's most barbaric matches to date...

After a few more wins, he engaged in a storyline with the a xWo Co-Owner, eventually beating him in a 'I Quit' match at xWo Last Rights, after that PPV he went back over to Revenge.

On Revenge he is back on track and is officially one of the xWo Elite 6, (the top 6 best superstars in xWo...

At xWo Redemption in February 2007, he was in the 8 Man Money In The Bank Ladder Match, which he lost, over the next few weeks he was seen on Meltdown, causing mayhem by interfering in matches, so a Berlin Wall Match was made for xWo Night Of Infamy II in March 2007, with both the xWo Meltdown Championship and the xWo North American Championship on the line, Falcon prevailed in the match winning the xWo Meltdown Title, he was soon traded back to Meltdown in the draft...

He recently made it to the Semi Final's of the March Madness Tournament, he is due to defend his title in a double title match against John James and Mors at the xWo Supershow on April 20th 2007


As revealed in his Conspiracy promos Falcon was picked up by a mysterious man by in 1984 and was forced into a lab by him, experiments were done on him but workers rebelled and stopped the experiment.

The Boss got them back into his grasp but Falcon had got away.

Fast forward 22 years and Falcon's in the same predictament, the Boss has got him cornered again but remarkabley his workers rebelled again and killed the Boss......sending shockwaves through Falcon's spine watching the Boss's lifeless body hit the ground.

He managed to escape one last time but when friend Ben was killed by the assistant Falcon took the fight to him only to be captured once more, he was then told about the Countdown to destruction......was does this mean.

Months later, the Assistant returned...this time with a trick up his sleeve...A New Boss...who is Falcon's brother.


Falcon's Liar [ Canadian Destroyer ]

Fury Of The Falcon [ 720 DDT ]

Flying High [ Shooting Star Press ]





Double Powerbomb


"The Hero" "Everybody's favourite superstar" " xWo's Xtreme SOB"


Was signed by xWo on May 7th 2006 Made xWo Debut on May 12th 2006 Falcon retired both 3rd brand Tag Titles Joined Law And Order and won the tag team titles. Won the xWo International Championship.

Theme Music

'Get Your Body Beat' by Combichrist


xWo Tag Team Titles X2 xWo International Champion (current)

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