WikiProject: MFGG Wrestling (or WP:MFGG) is a project to create, improve, and (to an extent) standardize articles regarding MFGG Wrestling. It should be noted that WP:MFGG has no power in regards to making eWrestling Encyclopedia policy, even in regards to articles related to MFGG.

Discussions of current problems

To participate in discussions of current problems, see the talk page.


"WP:MFGG policy" is more of a suggestion than true policy, and you should not feel obligated to follow it.

Wrestler articles

  • We currently need wrestler articles. If you are an MFGGer, please feel free to create an article for yourself. It should look similar to Captain Jeff Silvers' article (brief introduction, a section called "Career" with subsections if necessary, a "wrestling facts" section, and championships and accomplishments section), though it obviously isn't mandatory. As with any wiki article, of course, your edits will be scrutinized and possibly altered for grammar, spelling, accuracy, et cetera.
  • Should you decide to follow WP:MFGG policy regarding article formatting, please keep the following in mind:
    • When listing championships and accomplishments, you should make separate lists based on titles in different federations. Federations should be listed in alphabetical order. Within a single federation's list, items should be listed as follows: currently active singles championship titles, currently active tag team championship titles, inactive singles championship titles, inactive tag team titles, any "grand slam" accomplishments, any special tournaments or such won, factions (not tag teams) founded or co-founded, backstage role in the e-fed. Of course, most wrestlers will not have ALL these, and in such an event, the excluded items should simply be ignored.
    • eWE policy is that wrestler articles should be written as if the character is actually a wrestler. MFGG Wrestling features a lot of breaking of the fourth wall, though, and our "characters" often acknowledge that this is, in fact, an e-fed, so interpret that as you may.
    • Of course, feel free to list information about your participation in e-feds other than MFGG Wrestling.
    • Please use Template:Wrestler in wrestler articles (remember that not all fields have to be filled).
  • Once you've created your article, link to it from other pages where appropriate, especially at MFGG Wrestling roster and alumni.
  • Remember that just because an article about you doesn't mean it's your's.


  • eWE's policy regarding usage of images and names owned by real wrestling federations is essentially zero tolerance. This is eWE policy, not WP:MFGG policy, and therefore must be followed. There shouldn't be too much of a problem with this since MFGG Wrestling doesn't allow participants to use real wrestler names, anyway.
  • Whenever possible, try to use the full name of a championship--for instance, MFGG World Heavyweight Championship instead of MFGG World Title. Exceptions can, of course, be made for effective article flow. References to title names should also be historically accurate--for instance, before 2007, the IPW Heavyweight Championship was actually called the IPW World Heavyweight Championship. This shouldn't be a problem yet because the IPW title is the only MFGG championship to have its name changed, but keep this in mind.

Current project members

If you would like to be a member of this WikiProject, please sign your name below with *~~~ and maybe a brief message (if you wish). If you don't have an eWE account, you can just sign with your MFGG name in plain text instead.

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