Early Years- Born Edward Burden on April, 8th, 1986. Son of Rebecca and John Burden. He was not a only child, he had an older brother named Brian. The family resided in beautiful Venice Beach CA, but... Despite where they lived they were a poverty stricken family. Their father John was a alcoholic, drug addict, and all their earnings went to his next fix. Not only was their father a drug abuser, but he was a child abuser. Brian recieved less abuse than younger brother Edward who was somewhat of a beating toy. The abuse lasted for almost 16 years,the physical and mental torment had taken its toll on Edward. Despite his horrid home life, he had a dream. Something he wanted to be when he grew up. He had always seen himself as a professional wrestler. He would go to the beach and watch the body builders show off their power, but yet again his father would ruin it. If his father caught him watching the lifting competetions he would abuse Edward much worse. John believed that his son was homo-sexual due to how he wanted to watch the competetions.

Teenager- The day he turned 16 was more than just a regular day. Edward seen this as a early start on a new life, but instead of the family celebrating his birthday. Edward was given the chance to watch his father slautered before his very eyes. His loving and caring mother Rebecca had saved Edwards life. Edward had been caught by his fathers friends watching the competetions. His father had arrived home in a drunken stupor but was intent on killing his alleged "gay" son. As his father made an attempt to smother him in his sleep... He awoke with blood all over his sheets and floor and a man that used to be his father battered on the floor with a knife threw his throat. The days that followed this incident were far from rejoicing times. Edward and his brother Brian were seperated and sent to different foster homes. Their mother was labeled mentally unstable due to all the abuse she had seen and taken, but the truth was... She just snapped. After his time in the foster home much of Edwards life was unknown and he went missing from his foster home on his 17th birthday, and it is rumored that he earned his moniker Wild in his missing years.

Wrestling Career-

NCW Years- the man formerly known as Edward Burden barged into National Championship Wrestling Headquarters with the intent on making a name for himself in the summer of 2005. He made his debut against an already established superstar in: Wild-Dog. The match proved to be an example of things to come in Wilds career as he dominated the match in short time. He then showed the most devastating move in his arsonal... The Suicide Drop(Steiner Screw Driver). It was from then on that Wild was out to make a name for himself. He proved he belonged but still people in the locker room looked at this brash, cocky, unstable rookie as nothing to worry about. He tore through the competetion without hesitation... And still he was showed no signs of being given respect. He then realized that respect isn't earned... ITS TAKEN! He challenged NCW Hardcore Champion Masanty so a match at their SummerBash PPV. He went into a match known as: Barbed Wire Heaven and walked out The NCW Hardcore Champion for his first reign. The reign was also short lived as he was defeated by top NCW superstars Rugged. He swore revenge and promised to regain his title... And he lived up to his promise only 2 months later as he defeated 5 others in a 6 man ladder match and his 2nd Hardcore Title reign was set in the books. He defended the title like no other until rising star Tabu took his title, but he only let it leave his grasp for 2 weeks. His title shot was in his contract and he cashed in at their Next PPV Britzerkrig. The match that he called for has become some what of his specialty: The Inferno Match! The match was one for the books as Wild walked out a 3 time NCW Hardcore Champion and the beating Tabu recieved was so intense and brutal that he never returned to professional wrestling. His title reign was also short lived as National Championship Wrestling ran out of profeits and had to close their doors in the summer of 06. Wild had made a name for himself in this company, and it seemed that he would retire and never wrestle again after a company he helped make had closed. 

NCW Years(continued)- The company he helped build from the ground up had returned and was under same management. He was part of their starting line-ups and he was placed in the NCW heavyweighty title tournament where he made it to the finals to only be beaten for the 2nd time by Death. He didn't let the loss go to his head and he bounced back and went after a title he had put on the map: The NCW Hardcore Title. The owner of NCW Victor Santos Torres was all about bringing in money for the company and at their PPV he made a special match: Survival of the Sickest. It would pit the insane, hardcore talent that the NCW was famous for in a 6 man match. The match was a sick, sick, sadistic match, which Wild prefered. The match was intense and lasted for a good amount of time... But in the very end... Wild prevailed once more and became a 4 time NCW Hardcore Champion. Wild intent on never letting the title go did just that. He held onto the Hardcore Title for the entire run of the NCW which was 7 months. In his 7 month reign he defeated names such as: Don Doren, Acid, Ben Stevens, Devon Poole, Wolf, Max Green, and the list goes on. Also in his reign he fought in the sickest of matches: Inferno, Scaffold, Survival of the sickest, street fights, ect. He then began self proclaiming himself "The Hardcore King". In the 7 month reign of the NCW Wild had alligned himself with the worst superstars in the NCW and they formed: The Legion (Chris Stern, Ben Stevens, Danny, and Donny Brown. The group had taken the NCW by storm as the group at one point held the: NCW Heavyweight Title, The National Title, and the Hardcore Title. The group looked unstoppable until things took a turn for the worse and the Legions leader Chris Stern lost his NCW title and vanished without a trace. The group became stagnant and Wild knew it was a sinking ship along with the company itself. At the NCWs last show, Wild forced himself into the NCW title match and used his Legion friends for the last time and became the Last NCW Heavyweight Champion. After he held the title into the air he turned around and took out Legion members Ben Stevens and Danny. He trashed the NCW title as he spat on it and threw it to the ground. He had turned his back on the company that made him on its last night.

PWX(Current)- The NCW wasn't fully dead as many had thought as they began invading the company known as Pro Wrestling X. The Legion had gained new members: Devon Poole, and Wild-dog, but they were still helpless without their Leader Chris Stern who was still nowhere to be seen. Wild witnessed The Legion looking to take over yet another company and he being the heel that he is joined PWX and began berating all the NCW talent there looking for jobs. In his attempt of destroying all that remained of the NCW he gained a title shot at PWX's Hybrid Championship in only his second match. He was up against some firece people: Xtreme Dream, Brian HollyWood, and the list goes on. He once more proved that he was a "King" and became the PWX Hybrid Champion, which he still holds to this date. He has held the title for 2 months. In his first title defense he was pitted against Terrell Odom a superstar who is at the top of his game. The match looked like it could go in either superstars favor.. Until a masked superstar enters the ring and beats T.O into a pulp and Wild keeps his title despite the Disqualification... The masked superstar revealed himself only 3 weeks later and it was Sah Ta Thor. He heeded a warning to the PWX roster that his group: The Empire Of Blood was going to take over. He offered a spot to Wild but Wild had to show his loyalty the next week... And that he did. Wild became part of the growing force known as The Empire Of Blood.

TAWA(Current)- Wild joined TAWA with hopes of finding more competetion, he had dominated in two companies: PWX, and NCW, so he wanted to see if he could be the "King" of yet another. He debuted as he took down TAWA Superstar Scott Buster in his first televised TAWA match. He was offered a spot to join T-bone the TAWAs biggest heel but he denied... T-bone didn't take this betral very easily. He vowed to make Wilds life in TAWA hell and that he did. He interfered with Wilds X-core Title match and won the belt. Then Wild was followed to TAWA by Legion Leader Chris Stern who had returned from his hiatus. Chris became the X-core champion as he defeated Brett West, but Wild oncemore proved his dominance over Chris as he defeated Chris the next week and became the TAWA X-core champion for the very first time.

RKW- Info coming soon...

Highlights of Wilds career.

  • PWX Hybrid Champion (Current)
  • TAWA X-core Champion (Current)
  • NCW Hardcore Champion (4x)
  • NCW Heavyweight Champion (1x)
  • Last NCW Heavyweight Champion
  • Last NCW Hardcore Champion


  • Suicide Drop (Steiner Screwdriver)
  • Depressor (Unprettier)
  • Royal Mutilation (Master Lock)


  • Belly to Belly Suplex
  • Power Bomb
  • Power Slam
  • Andaconda Vise

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