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Christiano " Willard " Sawyer(born Decmeber 17th, 1982) a.k.a Chris Sawyer or Willard is an American professional wrestler currently signed to TWOStars. Willard began his wrestling life at age 12 as a backyard wrestler, up until 20th September 2007 did he became a professional wrestler for TWOStars

Willard the Immortal
Josh holloway
Real name Christiano Willard Sawyer
Ring Names The Immortal, Death Valley Resident
High Risk Mortal
Height 6'9"
Weight 290 lbs.
Date of birth December 17, 1989
Place of birth Death Valley
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Resides Knoxville, Tennesse
Billed from Death Valley ( 2007 - Present )
Trainer Unknown
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Debut Semptember 20th, 2007
Retired {{{retired}}}

Early Life

Willard was born in Death Valley on December 17 1982. He knew nothing about this parents other than his father was a wrestler. His father left him while he was only 2 years old, and he lived with his uncle thereafter in Knoxville, Tennessee. He went to Knoxville Christian School and managed to get the best grade during his graduating year.When he was 10, his uncle abandoned him like his father. After his uncle left, Willard showed no form of discipline and respect to anyone at anywhere as such, he was often caught fighting with other kids whether younger or older than him.

After getting caught several times outside for fighting outside, his high school decided to expel him when he was only 16. Because of all the free time he has now, Willard started doing push-ups and sit-ups at home to train his body...

Backyard Wrestler

Due to his strict and vigourous training and beautiful face, Willard was approached by a kid who claimed to be a promoter for Backyard Wrestling promotion. He invited Willard to join the fed by promising him food and lodging. Desperate for company, Willard accepted the offer.

For 2 monts, Willard was taught the basics of fighting properly. Martial Arts, Submission moves and Muay Thai are a few things that Willard learned during his stay in the fed. Slowly, Willard became more disciplined and he was finally allowed to perform. The federation packaged Willard as The Angel, describing him as having a body that's so heavenly that it could only be an Angel's. However, due to boos from the crowd, Willard remained as a heel for quite some time.

Overtime the fans started to like Willard as Willard could perform a wide array of moves. Because of this, Willard was turned to a face and renamed as Willard the Immortal. However, this time, the fans started booing him for the fact that he won too many matches and as such he decided to leave the team and start anew. He soon saw an ad on the newspaper that advertised on TWOStars, and he packed his bags and went straight to TWOStars headquarters. During his job interview with TWOStars, a few wrestlers overheard about Willard's backyard wrestling past, and decided that he was a threat, they attacked him while Willard was walking to the carpark.


The Meaning of Cold Blooded

After training with TWOStars for a short while, Willard was moved to the main roster and debuted as a heel. In his first match, Willard had to fight with Draven Cage. Cage brutalised the newcomer in an after match assualt and Willard, thinking that Cage thought he was too cocky, decided to change.

Living Double Lives

Not long after the assualt from Cage, Willard started having split personality issues. It was discovered that a blood clot in the head caused the problem and Willard had to undergo a major surgery that put him out for almost a month. During this period of time, Willard ran away from the doctors just to brutalised the superstars on the rosters. In the end, Willard went for the surgery and was put out of action (in reality, Willard needed time off for his lawsuit, see below ) for a month.Unexpectedly, the doctors said that Willard was recovering faster that a normal person would.

The Good Guy

After the surgery, Willard competed in many matches and won most of them, despite previous fan reaction, the fans were touched by this new guy. His promos were touching and he was sweet to ladies. Recently, Willard was put into the Wrestlenova IV money in the Bank ladder match. At Wrestlenova IV, Willard lost the Money in the Bank match despite having advantage through it.

Immortal Highlanders

During one of the shows, Randy Roko and Angus Mcdonald enlisted the help of Willard, this in turn leads to an amazing team chemistry between then and led to them forming a stable, dubbed Immortal Highlanders. As of 2009 the stable is not disbanded.

" Stairway to Hell "

During the End of Days 2008 PPV, Willard, who was fighting Famous for the US title, botched a move that was supposed to see Willard flying over the turnbuckle after he attempted to spear Famous ( who was on at the turnbuckle ). The botched move ( now named by viewers " stairway to Hell ) saw Willard flying over the turnbuckle, but instead of landing on ringside, Willard miscalculated his " flight " and landed head first onto the steel steps which caused the back of his head to tear apart. However Willard opted to continue the match and requested Famous to work on his injury despite Famous' plea to stop the match.

Tag Team

As of 10th of January 2008, Willard has teamed up with stable mate Randy Roko for a run at the Tag Team Championships. Their first match was to be against the Blood Alliance but lost as a result of the BA cheating causing them to get DQed.

Possible Comeback

In a recent interview with TWOstars Illustrated, Willard stated a possible return to wrestling. He said that if he were to return, The Immortal Highlanders would most likely reformed, albeit without Angus Mcdonald. On January 5th 2010, Willard stated that TWOstars has signed him to a 2 year contract for an undislosed amount of money. Willard made his first on screen return on the 5.38 edition of TWOstars XTV. During a segment which saw Willard receiving a call from the GM, we were told that Willard would be debuting back in ring on XTV 5.39.

In Wrestling


  • The Vertigo (Elevated Sit-down powerbomb)
  • The Cruxifiction (Inverted Fireman's Carry Takeover)
  • Death Valley Plunge (Jumping One Handed Neckbreaker)

Signature Moves

  • Spear
  • Spinebuster
  • Chokeslam
  • Knee to the face (Muay Thai knee to the face)
  • Kitchen Sink
  • The Judge (running powerslam)
  • The Jury (multiple stomps to limbs and head)
  • The Executioner (Figure four head lock)


The arena darkens as the intro of the song plays.

" time to play the game... "

The lights changes to a bluish color.


Water starts spraying from the walls of the entrance.


Willard appears just as the song's first verse comes into play.

" It's all about the game and if you can play it. "

Willard walks towards the ramp and flexes his muscles there. All this while, Willard has been looking on the floor.

" I am the game you don't want to play me! "

At this point Willard looks straight up and into the eyes of his opponent ( if there isn't he just looks straight ) and water spouts out from the side of the ramp.

Willard then continues to walk down the ramp and climbs onto ring skirt, turns 180, and faces the crowd ( like triple h ), looks left and right before crossing his arms ( like triple h again ) and exploding them outwards again ( you guessed it, like triple h ). The water that was spouting from the entrance and ramp suddenly spouts fire now as the lights change into red.



Willard is an avid fan of basketball team, the Boston Celtics. Expectedly, Willard is also a member of his hometown basketball team ( though he does not play for them anymore ). Despite playing as a Powerfoward, Willard is an exceptionally good at playing point guard. As shown in the Adidas game in the summer of 2008. Willard is also an active participant in Slam Dunk Contests.

Willard is also know for his high threshold for pain as noted in End of Days 2008 ( see above ).


During the month between November to December 2008, 3 lawsuits were filed against Willard, claiming that they were assualted. 2 out of those 3 lawsuits were filed by opposing basketball team, and the other one was filed by an unknown person, who claimed that he was out for a walk when Willard suddenly attacked him. To these charges, Willard plead not guilty. The cases are currently still under review and Willard will be called back to court on the 13th of June.

As of November 4th 2008, Willard has been suspended in every matches until indefinately due to him violating the TWO DAA ( Drugs and Alchohol ) policy.

Willard is back officially as of December 19th 2008.

Faking Of Age

On December 17th 2009, Willard's real Date of Birth was found out to be 1989. The date and month is still the same. Willard said that he didn't change the date and month because if he did, it would be easier to find out. He has not release any reason for faking his age.

Weight Loss

Ever since his retirement, Willard has been shedding off pounds from his overall weight. He currently weighs 290 pounds.

Outside of Wrestling

Outside of the ring, Willard is close friends with his stable partners, Randy Roko and Angus Mcdonald. Willard was dating his hometown sweetheart June. During an interview, Willard said that he and June has plans to get married soon. On 13th March 2009, Willard was spotted with another girl. 6 months later Willard revealed that he was going to marry the girl. Her name is Sherlyn. Willard and Sherlyn are now married with a baby soon to be on it's way,

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