William Rodney Mercy

William Rodney Mercy is a 5-time Recognized World Champion. Former ICWA, GWC, SDE, BWA, MSN:WA and current FWA superstar. He was born in Los Angeles, California in january 21st, 1977. Son of Wrestling Legend Melz Mercy and Mexican citizen Dolores . Known for his adultery, Melz Mercy had many sons and daughters with different women. His mother, Dolores, was sent back to Mexico during a raid of illegals in East Los Angeles in 1978, in which would be the last ever heard of her. She had left her son, "Guillermo Vega", with his father Melz- who then legaly canged his name to William Rodney Mercy. (Guillermo is spanish for William).

William was one of three children who lived with Melz Mercy. He lived with his younger siblings Richard and Jocelyn, who belonged to mother Adriana Vega. Adriana Vega Married Melz Mercy in the fall of 1984 and they remained married until her lost battle with Breast Cancer in 2001. William believed she was his mother until the age of 15 when she renounced him and claimed to disown him. There are two sides to the stories but William's side claims she didnt treat him as one of her own. Neglected him as a child and abused him verbally and when he was younger physically.

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