Windy Bridges is a Western Canadian Professional Wrestler and professional bull rider. He is currently under contract with Revolution Pro.

"The Canadian Redneck" Windy Bridges
Real name Winston Montgomery Bridges
Ring Names
Height 5'11"
Weight 225lbs
Date of birth May 3, 1976
Place of birth Red Deer, Alberta
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Calgary, Alberta
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Trainer The Heart Family
Revolution Pro
WrestleZone Championship Wrestling, Wrestling Alliance Revenge, Enigmar Wrestling, Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment
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Debut May 2007

Early Life

Wrestlezone Championship Wrestling

After traveling the Western Canadian indy circuit on-and-off,and gaining some moderate success along with Koala Typhoon as Northern Lights, gaining local championships across the circuit, the team began garnering some attention from both National and International promotions. For the first time in his life, with Koala Typhoon by his side, Windy left his home country of Canada, with the clothes on his back, his wrestling gear, and a Ford F-150 full of Canadian beer and hockey sticks, and headed for California to compete for WrestleZone Championship Wrestling in June of 2007!

After much hype, and a chronicling of their adventurous trip down to California, Northern Lights made their debut on WZCW Meltdown's 3rd return episode, defeating 2Fly and Tristan Kist in what was considered a rout. However their debut wasn't as peachy as it sounds. Northern Lights soon attracted the attention of the tag team of Brian Michaels and Downward Spiral. A feud was brewing between these two and Downward Spiral was set to face Koala Typhoon in one on one action the next week on Meltdown.

But before the feud can really get off the ground, trouble arose in WZCW and a massive sweep of the roster occurred. An argument between owner Jonny B and executive and creative team member George Prax led to the division of the locker room, and led to George Prax walking out and taking Windy Bridges and Koala Typhoon with him, among others, only days before Koala's big singles debut vs. Spiral.

The people in charge of WZCW didn't take too kindly to two top talent in which they have invested a lot of money up and leaving before scheduled matches and storylines had been decided. Instead of rewriting the show to exclude one of their top tag teams, WZCW hired two scabs to play the roles of Koala Typhoon and Windy Bridges and proceeded to completely bury the impostor look-alikes. Fake-Koala lost in a squash against Downward Spiral and Brian Michaels and Spiral then proceeded to tie the Northern Lights look-alikes to the back of a car and drag them around the backstage area, thus marking the end of a short Northern Lights era.

Wrestling Alliance Revenge

After what WZCW did to the reputation of Windy Bridges and especially Koala Typhoon, tension arose between the two life-long friends. Windy wanted to follow George Prax to his new wrestling Promotion based out of Texas, Wrestling Alliance Revenge, but Koala didn't trust Prax. He wanted the team to return to Canada, where they knew for certain that another WZCW situation would not arise. The two decided to amicably part ways, although their relationship was strained, to say the least. Koala Typhoon returned to Canada, where, after the fiasco in WZCW, had trouble finding work, and succumbed to alcoholism.

Windy, on the other hand, decided to pursue his singles career in the United States and in George Prax's upstart promotion.

Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment


United States Championship

Sick Addiction

Apocalyptic Enigmar Wrestling


United States Championship... again

4th of July Disaster

Departure and Controversy Around the time AEW decided to take a one month hiatus from producing shows, Windy decided it was the proper time to ask for his release, in order to pursue a movie career that had been knocking on his door for a while, as well as to help out his former boss George Prax, who was putting together a new promotion, Revolution Pro.

Although the release was amicable, a dispute between himself and the higher-ups at AEW put those relations on questionable terms. Windy was scheduled on the return show for AEW in order to drop his championship. Windy wanted to vacate the title but the bosses would not allow him to, stating it would hurt the prestige of the championship. Windy could not compete at the event, which led to a dispute. It was quickly resolved when it was brought to the attention of AEW that the US championship did not belong to them anymore, but to the newly re-formed Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment.

Windy vacated the championship, which was returned to MWE, and the positive relationship between Windy, REV~Pro and AEW was put back on track.

Revolution Pro

Upon the formation of Revolution Pro by his former boss, recently out of exile businessman and former wrestler and MMAer George Prax, Windy was invited to participate at REV~Pro's first show, Threshold to Glory, on August 8th, 2008, and defeated former friend and WAR cohort Arch Angel in an No Disqualification match, pinning him after a Canadian Stampede.

Shortly before his debut match, Windy signed a part-time, per-appearance contract with REV~Pro, that will bring him in on occasion to wrestle, between his movie-shooting schedule.

Windy was last seen at REVelations on August 20th in a backstage segment with Ace Cannon. Windy was rumored to be Cannon's mystery opponent and attacker, and Ace was questioning him on the topic. The attacker later on turned out to be former disgrace Joey Dallas. At REV~Pro's next show, Brawl at the Mall, Windy made an appearance with Joey Dallas, and the two made amends for any tension that may have carried over from their runs in MWE, with Joey's sister (and Windy's girlfriend) Debbie Dallas acting as a moderator.

Windy then went on to team up with D.C. to re-form Sick Addiction, against Team Enigmar (Maxxamillion Mustafa and long-time rival The Grand Mystique). After a back-and-forth match, D.C. left ringside at a crucial point to confront and fight Ace Cannon, who was watching from ringside, and the two wrestled to the backstage area. Windy put up a fight, but the numbers came came back to haunt him, finally ending with The Grand Mystique pinning him clean for the first time in his career.

After the match, D.C. returned to the ring and proceeded to turn on Windy, admitting his sins against Brian Michaels and pummeling windy, first with a Chemi-Kill, then with a Flat-Out conchair-to, and then proceeding to toss him, along with Paige (who was tossed by Lindsey), off the second floor of the mall, through tables and electrical equipment.

At New York Fever, Windy appeared on the talk show of fellow wrestlers, the Shiz and The Biz (the (S)aintz of Los Angelez), called the Dotted Line, only to be attacked by the two superstars. Joey Dallas rushed to the ring to save the day, thus forging a partnership with Windy, and a team called Redneck Express. The two proceeded to defeat Shiz and Biz the next week at Extreme Consequences.

After a few weeks of comedy segments on REV~Pro shows, Joey Dallas and Windy Bridges abruptly ended their friendship and partnership when Dallas left REV~Pro for MWE under controversy after an argument with George Prax. Windy decided to stick with REV~Pro, moving back to his per-appearance part-time basis, however REV~Pro closed its doors only a week after the controversy.

Return to MWE

Windy returned to MWE in January of 2009 to announce his retirement from professional wrestling, but after a sneak attack from his old partner and ex-friend Koala Typhoon, which led to an attack by old foe The Grand Mystique, Windy's hand was forced and he entered a match with the Grand Mystique, for one final time, at Friday Night Overdrive. After a long, hard fought battle, Windy lost the match, but decided to sign a long-term contract with MWE, where he currently wrestles.

After somewhat of a losing streak, Windy started to exhibit a change in character. Developing an attitude, caring less and less about the fans and more about himself, Windy slowly stopped being a fan favorite. Even aligning himself with the likes of Dick Malibu and George Prax. This put Windy (now calling himself Winston) back on the winning track and back in the spotlight.

However after a feud with Sinc Mercier over the US title in which he went 0-1-1 and a low-key television feud with D.C. in which they split their matches 1-1, Windy's relationship with MWE soured. And when his associate George Prax left MWE in protest of Ace Cannon's firing, Windy Bridges was quick to follow them out the door.

Return to REV~Pro

After having left MWE, Windy has decided to follow George Prax in his unprecedented move to re-open the doors to Revolution Pro Wrestling. Not many know what will come of this, however Windy is sure to play a vital role in this federation. The question is, will he do it as a fan favorite or as a hated bad guy?

Championships And Accomplishments

MWE United States Championship (2 Time, undefeated. The Championship was vacated when MWE closed. After winning the championship once agian from The Grand Mystique in AEW, the title was vacated once again when AEW went on Hiatus and Windy was released from his contract to join the newly formed Revolution Pro Wrestling federation part time and pursue a career in movies. The title was then returned to the newly re-formed MWE.)

MWE Tag Team Championship (1 Time, with D.C.)

Canadian bareback bull riding champion (2005, 2006)

Other accomplishments and claims to fame:

  • Received the Key to Canada at a lavish ceremony at the Penngrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Undefeated as MWE United States Champion, both times.
  • Shortest reign in MWE as a considered champion. After winning the tag team belts with then partner D.C(known as Sick Addiction), D.C. and Windy had little time to celebrate as the owner's son, Brian Michaels, ruled that as per rules of Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment, Windy was not allowed to carry more then one title at a time. This included his newly won Tag Team Title which he shared with D.C.. Brian Michaels then restarted the match declaring D.C. as the sole owner of the Tag Titles. D.C. would have to defend them once again against Damien "The Painbringer" Rose and Jose DeJesus. After a first match, D.C. would quickly lose to Damien and Jose in just a matter of seconds. Thus earning them the shortest reign in MWE History.
  • Carried an impressive undefeated 8-0 record in MWE.
  • Undefeated in AEW (5-0).

Wrestling Facts

  • Entrance Music
  • "Call Me the Breeze" - Lynyrd Skynyrd (REV~Pro,EW,current)
  • "Rebel Yell" - Billy Idol(MWE)
  • "Animals" - Nickelback (WZCW, with Koala Typhoon in Northern Lights)

  • Allegiances and Partners
  • Joey Dallas (REV~Pro - Redneck Express)
  • D.C. (MWE, EW, REV~Pro - Sick Addiction)
  • Koala Typhoon (WZCW - Northern Lights)
  • George Prax (REV~Pro, WAR)

  • Signature moves and Finishers
  • The Oh-Canada-Lock (OCL) -(STFU)
  • Calgary Stampede -(Alabama Slamma)
  • Northern Lights Suplex
  • Running Sleeper Takedown
  • Running knee strike
  • Running neckbreaker
  • Moonsault
  • Thesz press and mounted punches
  • Missile dropkick
  • Overhead belly suplex
  • spinning heel kick
  • diving elbow drop
  • running crossbody (or plancha)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf (single leg crab)
  • sunset flip
  • Enzuigiri
  • Springboard back elbow.

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