World Extreme Championship Wrestling
Federation Name World Extreme Championship Wrestling
Abbreviation WXCW
Television Shows Extreme, Genesis
Time Open January 1, 2008 - March 2009
Owner(s) Aaron Scott
Bought By Texas Championship Wrestling


World Extreme Championship Wrestling is a proboards E-Wrestling promotion that allows the handlers to be any wrestler they want or to create their own. WXCW as it is called has a rookie development brand called Genesis for rookies only although title matches may be fought their since the matches on Genesis occur in different rp time spans than the main brand.

WXCW has recently folded for the final time. All assets were purchased by fledgling promotion Texas Championship Wrestling


  • Vacant (Chairman)
  • Michael Ryan (Extreme GM)
  • Vacant (Genesis GM)
  • Vacant (Commentator)
  • Vacant (Commentator)
  • Vacant (Referee)


Here are the last superstars on Extreme and Genesis

Final Champions

Championship Current champion(s) Date won Date aired
WXCW Champion A-Ron January 23 2008 January 23 2008
WXCW TV Champion Vacant
WXCW Intercontinental Champion Vacant
WXCW Tag Team Champions Vacant


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