LAW sign
Federation Name World Federation of Wrestling
Abbreviation WFOW
Theme Song “I Ain’t Your Savior” by Bullets & Octane
Time Open February 26, 2007 - Present
Owner & General Manager Mike Outlaw
Commentators Warrior & King Tater
Based In North Carolina
Federation Type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Monthly
Website Click here

WFOW stands for World Federation of Wrestling. We are a work in progress, but we are doing good so far. We are a myspace based group.  You can work your way up the rankings and maybe even fight for a title when you get there. We have 5 titles altogether in WFOW. Each wrestler has to give a short description of his character, including name, height, weight, finishers, entrance, etc We have a total of three shows. The main show, PPV Preview and the PPV's. There is a PPV every month on a Sunday. The way to win matches is to give promos, which is simply talking shit about your upcoming opponent.  You can request title matches, or you can request specitialty match.  You can chose tlc, no dq, untimate submition, or you can even create a match of your own!! You can also join factions for support on matches or even just when you need a little help in fighting your matches. so if you have a myspace page and wanna join to open cans of whoop ass, or if you just want to join to make some new friends, click here to join!

The Roster

WFOW Owner: Main Event
Warrior "The Warthog" Wrath

Christian Allen
RB Crunk
Jeffery Rage
"Showtime" Daniel Moore
The Russeliser
Death Assailant
The Hitman
The ShowStopper
The Uncensored Phenom
Dogface Monkeyface
Angel Of Death
MF From Hell
Crazy Chris
Justin Hale
King Tater

WFOW Divas

Bleed Nee Rachael Lilly Tiana Allen Krazy Ky Mini Kitty

WFOW Title Holders

WFW Heavyweight Champion- King Tater
U.S. Title-Mr. Untouchable
Extreme Champion-The Russeliser
WFW Tag Team Champions- Crazy Chris and Supercrazy The N.O.D.
WFW Womens Champion- *Mini*kitty

WFOW Factions

Kings Court
King Tater

Brothers Of Destruction
Justin Hale

Nation Of Domination
Sage "Supercrazy" Smith
Crazy Chris
Tha Hitman
The Uncensored Phenom

John Cena
Bobby Lashley

Upcoming Pay - Per - View

Our Upcoming PPV is WFOW Revenge. It will take place on March 25 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA.  Here is a brief summary of the upcoming PPV Matches This Sunday at REVENGE we will see:

Sammi the Showstopper Vs. John Cena-
Will The new comer be able to beat the Mega Star. Or will John C. make his mark in WFOW. Its will be a 20 mins ultimate submission match.

Tha Hitman And The Uncensored Phenom Vs. Christopher Suicide And J-Money-
This is more than a match, this will decide who gets the final spots in one of the most best Faction the NOD

*Mini*Kitty Vs. Rachael Lilly* WFW Womens Title*-
Two Beautiful Creatures get ugly. Who will be the first women's, Will the Queen follow in the Kings footsteps to gold or will Rachael win be a vision of things to come?

KC Vs the Russelier *Extreme Title*-
The premere of the house of fun match takes place and what better way than the extreme title on the line. Will KC walk out champ, or will there be a new extreme icon?

Battle Royal for US title-
Talented Superstars will compete to decide who will be the first US champion.

Kings Knights Vs. N.O.D Vs. Brothers Of Destruction*TLC*Tag Title*
It is the first for alot of things at REVENGE, and we will see the first ever TLC match in WFOW history and also who will be walking away the first ever Tag Team Champions?

Manic VS Warrior *Warrior rules match*
It is Boss vs Possibly the best wrestler alive to day Warrior in a Warrior Rules match, a cage set on fire 2 superstars in the ring. Its the Warrior Rules match where there is no winner.

King Tater VS Christian Allen *WFW World Champion*
When you talk about Revenge this comes to mind. Six years in the making we will finally see King Tater Vs. CA. Not only is Gold on the line, but a rivalry will finally be laid to rest, and who will be standing over their opponent as WFW Champion?

You can only find out by Watching Revenge March 25.

Its more than personal.......................... ITS REVENGE! Click Here For WFOW's Revenge Results

External Links

WFOW Current Website The GM Office The Heavyweight Champ's Locker Room The Extreme Champ's Locker Room The U.S Champ's Locker Room The Tag Team Champ 1's Locker Room The Tag Team Champ #2's Locker Room The Women's Champ's Locker Room

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