World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW)
Company Profile
Acronym WFOW
Company Slogan The Movement.
Founder Joker
Owners Joker, King Tater
Founded February 26, 2007
Dissolved 2011
Formerly {{{formerly}}}
HeadQuarters North Carolina
Area Served USA
Industry {{{industry}}}
Genre Efed
Style Roleplay based
Key People Joker, King Tater
Parent {{{parent}}}
Brands Showtime
Sister Companies Wrestling Revolution

WFOW stands for World Federation of Wrestling. We are a work in progress, but we are doing good so far. We are a myspace based group.  You can work your way up the rankings and maybe even fight for a title when you get there.

We have 5 titles altogether in WFOW. Each wrestler has to give a short description of his character, including name, height, weight, finishers, entrance, etc

We have a total of three shows. The main show, PPV Preview and the PPV's. There is a PPV every month on a Sunday.

The way to win matches is to give promos, which is simply talking crap about your upcoming opponent by either calling your opponent out or even by attacking them backstage.  You can request title matches, or you can request specitialty match.  You can chose tlc, no dq, untimate submition, or you can even create a match of your own!! You can also join factions for support on matches or even just when you need a little help in fighting your matches. So if you have a myspace page and wanna join to stary your journey to becoming a real wrestler, or if you just want to join to make some new friends, click here to join!

The Roster

Mike Outlaw
Chronic Kid
Crazy Chris
Hayden Gillespie
Jet Adkins
Sage "Supercrazy" Smith
Warrior Wrath
Andrew Cage
Chris Kinning
Alex Falcon
Keri Cruz
Aaron Hatred
Christian Allen
Death Assailant
King Landric
Leo Dashon
Mike Carter
Scott Charlotte
Greg Ramirez
Aaron Hatred
Kris Smoot

WFW Inactive Originals

Christian Allen
RB Crunk
The Russeliser

WFOW Divas

Bleed Nee
Rachael Lilly
Chanel Rodriguez
Krazy Ky
Amber Lopez

WFOW Title Holders

Championship Champion Date won
WFW Heavyweight Championship Mike Outlaw Unknown
WFW US Championship JM Rock$tar Unknown
WFW EXtreme Champion Iason Unknown
WFW Tag Team Championship INked Unknown
WFW Cruiserweight Championship Leo Dashon Unknown
WFW Mr Money In The Bank Mantrate Unknown
WFW Womens Championship Bleed Nee Unknown

External Links

WFOW Current Website

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