World Net Wrestling Alliance
Federation Name World Net Wrestling Alliance
Abbreviation WNWA
Shows WNWA Wrestling on OIL TV
Time open 1997-2007
Owner J.R. Ewing
Based in Braddock, TX
Federation type Parody federation Angle Based-Private
Pay-per-views Bi-Monthly
Merchandise JRE Enterprises

The World Net Wrestling Alliance (WNWA) was a private, internet angle-based Parody federation that was started in early 1997. The WNWA promoted shows in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and North Central Texas. The WNWA is outrageous in its use of offensive material and comedy.



The WNWA was formed in 1997 in the hopes of restoring the feel of 1970s style regional, "redneck rasslin'." What the early WNWA lacked in creativity it made up for in utter over the top violence, intrigue, and comedy. The one constant in the WNWA has been the trials and tribulations of its main star, Captain Redneck.

The WNWA began life in March 1997 with a television show from the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem, NC. The association's headquarters being in that same city. The first president of the WNWA was Earl Nixon. The first run of the WNWA had the following storylines:

Captain Redneck engaged in a long running fued with WNWA World Television Champion Malibu Mike Donovan. These two constantly interfered in each other's matches and Donovan continually defeated Redneck because Redneck always drew a DQ in their matches. Finally, Redneck ended the feud and Donovan's Television title reign during the first ever Dixie Pool Hall Brawl, a match so brutal and gory that it shelved Donovan for weeks.

Redneck and his partner in crime at the time, The Last Rebel, engaged in a feud with Claude Earl Murdoch, the popular Kentucky pig farmer. The dastardly heels stole Murdoch's pig Daisy and murdered it, showing up on TV surrounded by hundreds of pounds of pork products.

Another major storyline at this time was The Thoroughbreds, a group composed of the inaugural WNWA World Heavyweight Champion Rick Flare, Dusty Rose, Arn Sanders and John Blanchard. Eventually the group broke up when Sanders jabbed Rose in the forehead with a fork at a restaurant and the remaining members broke Rose's leg.

The first run of the WNWA ended when J.R. Ewing framed Earl Nixon and completed a hostile takeover of the federation. Ewing later sold the WNWA for a considerable profit to Pennsylvania innkeeper John Larson.

In the second incarnation of the WNWA, Captain Redneck was a part of a group known as The Triangle of Hate (comprised of himself, "The Southern Dream" Dale Taylor, and Eustus Fraley-they later recruited an overweight simpleton known only as Private Byooba). On the first episode of WNWA Bruisers & Brawlers Redneck and Fraley ended the career of the popular Mark "The Man" Moultrie. The Triangle of Hate engaged in a bitter, personal feud with The Brothers (Tyrone Jefferson and Eugene Washington) and their managers Curtis Lowe and Ms. Shitifa. The Brothers cost Redneck the world title during the tournament finals so the Triangle of Hate devised a dastardly plan in which Dale Taylor wreslted as a mystery opponent known as the Black Panther and won the National Title. That same night Private Byooba kidnapped Ms. Shitifa (who later accused Taylor of rape, though she later told a confidante that it was a false accusatio) who became pregnant. Several brutal matches between Jefferson and Taylor ensued with Taylor finally coming out on top in an "I Quit" cage match that saw Jefferson suffer a broken leg. During his recuperation Jefferson began an illicit affair with Lu Ann Simpson, the wife of Captain Redneck-an affair which WNWA interim president Bob Osborne (President Larson had suffered a heart attack only a week before) made a TV spectacle. Redneck severely beat and divorced Simpson in a nasty split, many of the proceedings being shown on TV. Osborne went so far as to claim that Redneck's real name is Reginald Simpson IV and is the son of a wealthy northern restauranteur, and a child of privilege trained at Juliard. Redneck went through a descent into madness during this time, defeating World Champion Lord Shaftsbury in the most brutal Dixie Pool Hall Brawl ever. Redneck could not enjoy his championship as he was constantly hounded by Osborne. Redneck eventually snapped and during the last PPV, "BBQ & Barbed Wire," he Fraley, Taylor, Pvt. Byooba and special guest referee Bobby Knight "blew up" the arena leaving fans wondering what really happened. Of course, it was later revealed to be a work.

In the Spring of 2006 a Nigerian attorney named Daniel O. Agbor defended Ass Butte and J.R. Ewing in some legal matters in that country. The man later befriended both but due to the language barrier he offended Ewing in May of 2006. Ewing had earlier that month purchased the WNWA and Agbor had signed an appearance contract with the federation. Ewing ordered Agbor to face Captain Redneck in a Dixie Pool Hall Brawl in June. This match (with run-ins by Sam Bash, Dusty Rhodes, Ben Roethlisberger, Butte, Dale Taylor, Agbor's cousin Didier Kabore, and Ewing) garnered enough attention for Ewing to put more money into the struggling federation and host a one time Legends Reunion PPV. The response was so great that he was able to obtain a television contract on RFD-TV. After some questionable statements and actions by Captain Redneck, RFD-TV bought out the contract and Ewing purchased his own network called OIL TV. The TV show, WNWA Wrestling, is broadcast live every other Tuesday from the OIL TV Studio in Braddock, TX. During this same period Ewing left the country to secure oil fields in Nigeria. In his absence he left control of the WNWA to vice president Bob Osborne. Osborne quickly let the power overtake him and brought in a rogue group of legendary but older wrestlers with a significant amount of political power. This group was called the bsWo. The group ran roughshod over the WNWA with the aid of Osborne and their own referee, Gary Galapagos, capturing virtually every title in the federation at some point.

Cracks began to develop in the foundation of the bsWo however, and by the time J.R. Ewing returned to manage the WNWA the bsWo was in free fall. Paranoia and jealousy on the part of Thunderlips caused the group to crumble from within as The Liberal Librarian and The Lummox were fired. Then, J.R. Ewing fired Bob Osborne from his position with the WNWA and all of the bsWo's political clout was gone. At that point Gary Galapagos ceased helping the bsWo in matches that he refereed. When Cyrius Suk defeated Broadway Brad for the WNWA World Heavyweight Championship it appeared the bsWo was back, however, Thunderlips convinced Suk to lay down for him and give him the title belt back. This caused deep seeded hatred and jealousy and when The Insiders were unable to defeat Captain Redneck & Dale Taylor, Thunderlips fired them. The bsWo's reign of terror ended with the death of Thunderlips at February Free For All at the hands of Redneck, The Supremacists, fATAS, The Liberal Librarian, The Turd, and The Insiders.

After the February Free for All PPV, Judge William J. Jennings controversially vacated the World Heavyweight Championship held by Captain Redneck. A tournament was set-up to crown a new champion at the Memorial Day Massacre PPV in May 2007 with Ass Butte defeating The Liberal Librarian in the finals. After much litigation and several rematches, the Liberal Librarian won the World Heavyweight Championship with the help of all his members of Frustrated Inc., including his man-servant Tony Fanuci at Ill Gotten Gains in the 3 Stages of Hell match. Since winning the title the Lib has yet to defend the title and spends most of his time drugged out muttering his support for Hillary, dude.

In May 2007, J.R. Ewing decided to close the regional development leagues of the WNWA and simply promote shows in the North Central Texas area. House shows and Pay Per Views were held at the Braddock County Coliseum and some other smaller venues in the area, while WNWA Wrestling was taped at the OIL TV Studio.

The federation folded in early 2008.

Show Schedules

The WNWA followed a bi-weekly schedule for shows and a bi-monthly schedule for pay per views. WNWA Wrestling, the WNWA TV show was held on Tuesdays live from the OIL TV Studio and PPVs were held on Sundays.

Pay Per Views

Current Roster


Tag Teams & Stables


Developmental Leagues

  • At one time the WNWA had three developmental leagues: WNWA Mid-Atlantic, WNWA Mid-West and WNWA Southland. These leagues promoted shows in each of the regions. In May 2007, J.R. Ewing decided to centralize the WNWA into one regional promotion located in Braddock, TX and closed the regional promotions.


The following venues frequently host WNWA events or are featured in WNWA programming.


The WNWA had ten championships. On November 14, 2006 the WNWA announced that the two regional titles (Northern and Southern) and the Light Heavyweight championship would be changed to represent the three regions the WNWA stages shows. The new titles are the Southern Heavyweight Championship, the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship and the Midwestern Heavyweight Championship. On May 15, 2007, J.R. Ewing announced that the WNWA was centralizing its operations to the North Central Texas area and the regional promotions would close immediately. On May 16, 2007, he announced that the two tag team belts and the three regional titles would be unified into the WNWA Texas Tag Team Championship and the WNWA Texas Heavyweight Championship at the UnCivil War PPV on July 22, 2007.

Current Title Holders

Championship Current champions Won from Date Place
WNWA World Heavyweight Championship The Liberal Librarian Ass Butte September 16, 2007 Braddock, TX
WNWA Texas Tag Team Championship The Confederate Cripplers: Kevin Coleman and Del Rey Preddy Crummox The Lummox and Da Crunk October 2, 2007
United Nations/American Civil Liberties Union Human Rights and World Peace Heavyweight Wrestling Championship (Six Man Tard Tag Team Title) Mud Monkey, David Downs and Letravis Gorman The Liberal Librarian September 19, 2007- The Liberal Librarian discarded the title and awarded it to The Legion of Dum, rechristening it the Six Man Tard Tag Team Title. Fanuci lost his share of the title to Mud Monkey. Braddock, TX
WNWA National Heavyweight Championship The Lummox Amos Beiler February, 24 2008 Braddock, TX
WNWA World Television Championship Amos Beiler Samuel Yoder May, 26 2008 Braddock, TX
WNWA Texas Heavyweight Championship Da Crunk Rabbi Rage February, 24 2008 Braddock, TX.
WNWA Women's Championship Amelia Tony Fanuci February 2, 2008 - Amelia destroyed Tony Fanuci in a squash match at Libapalooza. Braddock, TX