World Revolutionary Wrestling

WRW Logo

Federation Name World Revolutionary Wrestling
Abbreviation WRW
Shows Explosion & Exile
Time open August 2005 - Present
Owner(s) Ryan Hart
Based in United States
Federation type Role-play based
Pay-per-views Monthly
Boards Message Board


Ryan Hart

The brains behind the succesful e-fed WRW, WRW was founded in 2005, known for creating original and captivating storylines aswell as pushing talent and getting to know everyone on his roster. An expert in building up to events and also a great match writer.

Staff Position


1. Web Master. 2. Match Decider. 3. GM of Explosion. 4. Match Writer


1. GM of Exile. 2. In charge of P15, RPOTW, ratings. (P15 needs to be done after every exile asap. RPOTW and ratings done every week, and pmed to me asap.) 3. Match decider. 4. Season Points.


1. Match Writer Leader. 2. Road Agent 3. Match Decider. 4. Help with whatever else.

Current Roster

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