World Revolutionary Wrestling Federation
Acronym WRWF
Industry Sports Entertainment
Headquarters Manchester, England
Theme music Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Show(s) Sunday Savage
CEO Robert Vallant (2003)
Key people
President Kevin Rouser (2001 to 2003)
John Warren (2000 to 2001)
Folded 2003
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The World Revolutionary Wrestling Federation was a federation than ran from 2000 to 2003.

The first president of the WRWF was John Warren who ran the federation for the first year. This era spawned superstars such as Gaf, The Stone and Sweet and Tender Hooligan. It was also the second most active period of the federation although the quality of performances are generally considered to be much less. The main feuds that developed through this period were generally between The Stone and Gaf who battled each other numerous times with The Stone becoming the first champion and Gaf defeating him to become the second. Other feuds spawned from this feud as a tag team feud between Gaf’s The Hooligans and The Stone’s Hard Stones. Other notable characters included Mr. Hard Cardboard and Crazy Chinese Man who both got up to mischievous and provided the humorous side. However, these characters slowly drifted away. Matty White also spawned in the period but it was not until later that he began to develop into a major player.

The WRWF then merged with another federation going by the name of the RWF; this was owned by President Jones. A staged match would then decide which of the two presidents took over with the majority of the federation surprisingly hoping that John Warren would keep control as despite his unpopularity he was more popular than President Jones. John Warren’s team won the match and he was in control of the federation. The merger saw the likes of Drugged Up David join the federation. For the next few months, John Warren completely rebuilt the federation. However, despite Warren’s improvements the feds popularity dwindled and it temporally closed for a month. Many believe that it closed as Warren was on holiday.

The federation then reopened but in a bizarre twist it had a new president in charge, Kevin Rouser. After a short while and a few hirings and firings Kevin Rouser steered the federation to new heights. This period is often seen as the federation’s most successful with the likes of Joe Leonard, The Sure Shot, Sam Malone and many others vastly improving the quality of the federation. Kevin Rouser also hired a vice president, Robert Vallant, to ease the workload and together they helped to develop some great feuds. However, after 6 months Kevin Rouser had to close the federation due to personal reasons despite his attempts to keep it open.


The WRWF was the centre of controversy many times.

In 2001, Steve "The Stone”" Stoner caused outrage when made remark "don't go all Kamikaze on me" to Japanese wrestler Mr. Hard Cardboard. Although Mr. Hard Cardboard stated he wasn't offended by The Stone's comments “only be his face”, 50,000 viewers were believed complained to Ofcom asking for the WRWF to be taken off air although 32,000 of them were found to be by the same person. They would later be investigated the Ofcom after they hosted an Electric Cage match. Ofcom deemed it as "highly dangerous and violent". President John Warren responded by saying "The existence of Ofcom deeply offends me".

In 2002, Sweet and Tender Hooligan was at the centre of several controversies. He began spraying aerosol in the faces of opponents. Environmentalists said this was damaging the O-Zone layer. He would cause further outrage when he opened a strip club which was located next to a church. Drugged Up David would also controversy when he took drugs live on air in the middle of a match.

In 2003 the WRWF was to be at the centre of controversy again when under the new ownership of Rouser the WRWF produced the advertising slogan "no woman here, men only". Woman's rights groups were outraged and protested outside the WRWF's weekly show Sunday Savage. However, the protest was to disburse when Kevin Rouser ordered WRWF officials to spray them with a hose. Kevin Rouser upset them even more when he said, "I liked it when the water made their tops see through, I hope they protest next week". As a token voucher Rouser offered them the chance to appear on Sunday Savage and do a strip tease, they rejected his offer.

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