World Wildzone Wrestling/ American Independent Revolution


World Wildzone Wrestling, or 3W, is an e-fed that started independent of any website or existing forum. It opened during the summer of 2006 and ran for about 3 months. They ran a semi-weekly show dubbed "In Your Face", and put on a "Pay-Per-View" every 2-4 shows.

After a long hiatus due to staff leaving for bigger and better things, the staff formerly under 3W management is reopening the doors as American Independent Revolution (AIR)


3W was started as a development territory of a much more successful, and now defunct, e-fed known as the XWF. The federation operated for a few months before closing its doors, reopening them as the new federation "American Independent Revolution" (AIR). The fed currently operates running one large show a month featuring some of the best from all corners of the e-fed world.

AIR Titles

  • AIR Triple Crown Championship
  • AIR Rev-X Championship
  • AIR Duo Division Championship


Coming Soon!

External links

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  • [AIR Official Site]- Coming Soon

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