The moniker "World Wrestling Alliance", is one used both by a single wrestling federation, and by a multi-federation Alliance, working as an umbrella company, much like the NWA of old.

World Wrestling Alliance (Alliance)

The World Wrestling Alliance (Alliance) is a multi-federational cooperative group, consisting of multiple regional federations, that does not allow for the usage of real-world wrestlers, and in fact, maintains its own unique history kayfabe. A splinter group of the National E-Wrestling Alliance, the WWA currently houses the Florida-based Allstar Wrestling Association, Minnesota-based American Wrestling Federation, Rome, Italy based Gladiators of the Eternal City, Manhattan, New York-based Hudson River Wrestling, Maryland-based Old Line Wrestling, California-based West Coast Wrestling Association, and the Ireland-based Wrestling Republic.


As part of joining the WWA, each federation has to proclaim its top championship as NOT a World title, but instead a Regional Heavyweight Championship. Such titles include the now-defunct White Mountain Wrestling Summit Championship, the Old Line Wrestling Heavyweight Title, and the Hudson River Wrestling Hudson Valley Championship.

The WWA World Champions are touring champions, and must travel from company to company, defending their titles. Title defenses are determined by each title's respective divisional head, based on a calendar that the divisional head creates.


The WWA hosts a number of pay-per-views on a yearly basis.

  • Shockwave
  • International Wars
  • Summer Games
  • The Summit Tournament

As well as a yearly "tradition" of a federation holding a WWA-wide King of the Deathmatch tournament.

Internal Hierarchy

The World Wrestling Alliance is run by an Executive Board consisting of five individuals. These individuals are Dave Benn, Brian Paolercio, Corey Harding, James Nourse, and Matt Shearer. The Board is presided over by Shearer, who oversees all operations. Decisions in the alliance are usually made with a consensus from the Board and from each regional fedhead, though Shearer does have the final say.

All titles in the alliance have a divisional head attached to them that oversees how, when, where, and against whom the title is defended. The current divisional heads are as follows:

  • World Heavyweight Championship: Justin
  • World Tag Team Championship:
  • Double Crown Championship: Brian Paolercio

World Wrestling Alliance(company)

The World Wrestling Alliance(Company) is the "Pinnacle of the Professional E-fedding circuit". This federation is a combination fed, allowing the usage of custom and real professional wrestlers in a person's handling.

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