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World Wrestling E-Federation

Founded in early 2002, Raw ( Which is known to be WWe ) was a one of a kind efed that was brought about by several wrestling fans, mainly of the WWE/F promotion. Particular altercations between adminastration seen the first fall of Raw in the peak of Summer 04. A particular efedder, known to be Ace1 was determined to keep the efed alive that he had recently joined, by investigating on how to host an efed, develop a efed website and with this the second coming of the Raw efed was upon us.

In the Spring of 2005, Ace1 contacted a handful of past efedders of Raw in a pitch to get a possible reunion of the once powerful efed. With a successful ' One Night Stand ' PPV return, Ace1 brought back Raw full-time under a whole new concept being WWe; World Wrestling E-Federation. Totally unexperienced of how to run, deal, copy and find time for the efed, it was a risk that eventually payed off. WWe members thrived themselves of the much popular return of this PPV and ever since then did not intend on looking back

In the fall of 2009, Ace1 decided that he had, had enough of running the WWe, and since, a new era had begun, One ran by long-time roleplayer, Brad, and his cousin, co-owner, Dame. Brad owns the majority of the decisions in the WWe, however Dame is always there to help when needed, WWe had a bad period during January, but was officially reopened on the 24th of January, 2010, with a few house shows before the renamed, 'Gauntlet Of The Gold' would happen. Bulding to its next Pay Per View, saw some controversy, with Brad and Ace1 having a disagreement, Ace1 eventually being asked to leave by Brad, used his powers on the WWe client and website to ban Brad, However after much talk, it was in the best interest of the WWe if Brad returned. Ace1 attempted to re-run, but was unsuccessful, and the reigns were picked up, once agan, by Brad, the WWe now has a new website, .

About This Efed

Game Efed

As mentioned above, It is not an efed where you type in roleplays on a forum, nor is it an efed where you have someone dictate who wins matches etc. WWe is described as a Game efed but with a twist. It is a text, program based, online computer game that has developed over time with the advance of online computers. The efed has a program that co-exists with the efed which you must have on your computer to play. The 'guts' of the efedding takes place on this particular game and from previous feedback proves to by highly popular.

How The WWe Client Works

WWe Client Details

The WWe client is not a hard piece of computer programming, nor is it hard to get a grasp on. Once you are operating your WWe client you will be brought into what you will recognize to be a chatroom. With a standard userlist on the side, all the users in the client at that time some can connect with WWe from previous experiences with other programs online. Ace1 continues to make adjustments to this client that plays sounds straight from your speakers on que should you wish to play them, by simply typing in a trigger. The WWe client can be downloaded from the head website of WWe.

How To Play


As mentioned above you will need to be running the WWe client in order to efed. Once in there you will undertake in matches. Matches happen live, right there and then, no delays unlike forum feds where you must wait days. Once you have been scheduled to be in a match with someone you will begin to exchange moves by simply typing them into your WWe client. However, moves can be avoided should you type a reversal. Eg: moves,counter,blocks,reverses. An unspoken rule within the WWe is that you must sell your moves by typing words that indicate this. Eg: holds face from enziguri. This being said there is 3 main ways of winning a singles match excluding the obvious dq, countout etc.

1. Pinfall

Whilst efedding and you'd like to end the match, you type in a pinning predicament. Another user within the WWe client named 'Referee' will count your pinfall attempt by saying 1,2,3 in 1 second intervals. Once this has been said and the referee is counting your opponent will have 3 seconds to type the word kickout, or something to signal he's breaking the pinfall attempt. In on air shows, WWe has created a 1 minute time limit beginning from the start of the match. Once this 1 minute expires, then pinfalls are allowed. This is used in a pitch to stop sly efedders from getting a quick school boy in as soon as the bell is rung.

2. Submission

Likewise with pinfalls, submissions are almost counted in the same manner as pinfalls. Should you apply a submission on your opponent the referee within the room, will signal that your submission has been applied by saying. T1, T2, T3. In Consecutive one second intervals, should your opponent not respond with ropes, or a word that signals that their breaking the submission then you are dubbed victor.

3. Finisher

It is considered that when you hit your finisher within the ring, the move does excatly that and finishes your opponent. Should you hit your desired finisher within the WWe client, you will be given a free pass of pinning your opponent and voiding your opponents kickout attempt. However you simply cannot just say Tombstone Piledriver for example and claim that you have hit your finisher. To create a bit of spice within this final faze of winning matches you will need to define your finisher over 3 lines, like so. Line 1 - Goes for Tombstone Piledriver Line 2 - Falls to knees Line 3 - Tombstone Piledriver. Within this period if your opponent was to type a reversal, counter or another word that defines that he is reversing this move, then the finisher is void and the match continues.



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