The World Wrestling Role Playing Game(WWRPG) has been in operation since Jan. 2007 and still is in operation. The site is owned and run by a wrestling fan and all fans are invited.

PPV list(these are only the four interbranded PPVs other single brand PPVs names will be det. upon ther happening)

WWRPG Blowout(WWRPG's wrestlemania)-April Beating Heat and People(summerslam)-August Can You Survive?(survivor series)-November Royal Battle(royal rumble)-January


There are four brands(companies within WWRPG) to choose in which to control your wrestler. -WWE -ECW -TNA -WCW

promotions involved

note:at this time,though it is being worked on we only have one promotion associated with us


War with ENCW

At one time,WWRPG had declared war on the ENCW in order to grow away from it. This objective mainly failed as it had brought the two even closer than before. The war started with WWRPG firing first,setting fire to the ENCW HQ in Little Rock,AR. This event set the two companies to continue invading eachother's show until,recently the chairman of ENCW stopped and WWRPG declared victory.



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