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About the WWX:

The WWX, unlike other e-feds, is an unorthodox efed. It is anything but dull and boring. There are superstar pics, realistic looking titlebelts, brand logos and a play style that is emulative of actually handling the career of a real-life professional wrestler...without the injuries and constant airline flights. The feds' administration is a lot different from normal e-feds, you have to play it to experience it. The WWX does not use message boards. It is primarily operated utilizing the email/group-list powered by Yahoo Groups. The WWX is a roleplay based e-fed, but not 100%. Deciding the outcome of matches is determined by the quality of Roleplays, but is also based upon strategies sent in by the competitiors, storylines, angles and even ambushes plotted out by other handlers. This e-fed truly challenges your planning and tactics. How many titles you hold, and for how long, will depend on your abilty to adapt, have fun and outwit those who stand in your way of obtaining the gold and glory.


Josh Tamugaia


Duncan McIver, WWX CEO

History of the WWX:

The World Wrestling Xistence is probably the longest run efed (electronic federation) alive. It is still running presently (2007) and started way back in the '90s as a mail based federation.

The oldest recorded history of the WWX was when it was called WWW (World Wide Wrestling). Up to now, the year of origin is still unknown. WWW was overhauled by Justin Santana in 2000 and renamed IWA (International Wrestling Association). Josh Tamugaia took over in 2003 and renamed it WWX (World Wrestling Xistence).

The WWX is an efed based on roleplays, strategies and commitment. It is played via email, through Yahoo Groups.

Key members are: - Josh Tam (WWX Owner, handled by Josh Tam) - Duncan McIver (WWX CEO and Fury Commissioner, handled by Mark Wilcox) - Rick Dreamie (legendary champion) - Raider Mask (most popular superstar of the IWA era) - Brad Barnett (handled by Brad Barneet, Ravage Commissioner) - Mr. Z (long-time managerial character and writer) - Da Boss (handled by Jon Komar, long-time managerial character and writer) - Steve Cuthbert (commissioner and writer) - Johnny Knesko (handled by Paul Mason, founder of the Sunday Night Shock show)


Clan McIver Center in NYC




Pay-Per-View Events:

January - Holiday Hell

February - Aftershock

March - Armada

April - Deadlock

May - Bloodshed

June - Outrage

July - World Series

August - Coliseum

September - Two Front War

October - Hall of Pain (Greatest Stage)

November - Phase Out

December - Final Countdown

The Superstars, Hall of Fame and Legends:


Rick Dreamie







Lost Soul


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