WrestleCrazy Entertainment
Acronym WcE
Established August 2004
Style Sports Entertainment
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Operated By WrestleCrazy

WrestleCrazy Entertainment (WcE) is a entertainment-based wrestling organization, with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The WcE operated mainly in the United States, particularly out of its home-base, the Syndicate Hall, for its first few moths of existence, but the organization has since toured globally, visiting England, Italy, Canada, Thailand and Australia.


WrestleCrazy Entertainment originally opened back in July of 2003. It was a short-lived (WWF E-fed) which changed into an all original E-Fed. WcE V1 as it has come to be known lasted 1 month. Shortly after the fall of WcE V1, it came back as the (WWA) World Wrestling Association.

The WWA was owned and operated by 'Juggernaut' Logan Masters. The fed boasted such names as Rocky Stevens, Joey Rage, Thrilla, JC Stevens, Jamie Hart and Shane Morley. The federation ran for 4 months when they finally closed their doors after 4 PPV's.

Joey Rage went on to create and own the (eWa) Elite Wrestling Alliance. Not much is known about this time in Joey's life other than he held all 3 titles the eWa had to offer. Joey closed the fed and alliened himself with Paul Timmons and merged with the fledging Indy fed... (SWA) Syndicate Wrestling Alliance. However, that fed lasted 2 months and only ran 3 shows due to bad booking.

Finally tired of useless employees, Timmons had a mass Indy fed meeting with Fed-heads Cain Masters of the (MLF) Major League Federation, Cain's uncle Logan Masters of the (WWA) and Joey Rage (Now going by his real name Antonio DeMarco). All the men pulled their resources and bought the older more famous LA based (WcE) Wrestlecrazy Entertainment. Now called WcE V2 by Net Nerds and Smarks, the WcE started making waves in the industry in late 2004 with their first PPV in August with the Forsaken PPV. Starting off in a small venue, the Syndicate Hall in downtown LA. Later named the Wrestlecrazy Hall in mid 2006, where the Developmental camp held it's shows called 'Frenzy'. Hosting a few different TV programs over the years, WcE WildSide, WcE Titans and Live from the Wrestlecrazy Hall WcE Frenzy.

WcE V2 has made alot of big names of such stars as Jamie Noxx, Antonio DeMarco, Xtreme, Adam Belmont, Edward Freeze, Rocky Stevens, Crak Cokain, Ken Forte, Samson & James Whitman to name a few. Currently still running house shows and traveling world wide, WcE V2 boast 12 PPV's a year and random TV Specials called Unleashed on NBC. Recently letting go of their FSN network deal, Just before selling the WcE to Rocky Stevens, Timmons made a million dollar deal to get the WcE's weekly TV program WcE PrimeTime on the TNT network.

The WcE is known for great matches, Fast action and innovative booking. With the creation of such matches as the Ice-Box Casket Match, Terror-Dome Match and the Titles Up For Grabs Matches. Now in their 5th year, The WcE still is a strong force in the emerging scene of the e-wrestling world.


  • -WcE originally broadcast weekly pay-per-views, until a deal was negotiated to air WcE WildSide, which was a weekly show, a huge step up for the company. This too, though was gradually phased out as a brand split came into place and it found itself as a B-show to the far superior WcE Titans. Following the re-unification, a new deal was negotiated and WcE went PrimeTime, with the aptly-named WcE PrimeTime weekly shows. However, the deal ended on that and the company has since returned to its' roots with the revival of WcE WildSide.
  • -After much dealing, WcE got a new 9/8c time slot with the Network TNT for a Saturday Night airing of WcE PrimeTime starting November 3rd, 2007. Since the new time slot the ratings for WcE PrimeTime have gone from a small 3.6 to a 4.3 in just under a month. Signs of good things to come in the future for this young UPSTART Wrestling Company.

Pay Per View

  • -WcE has a 12 month PPV Schedule. Along with the 3 weekly WcE PrimeTime Television programs nationally aired on TNT. The Yearly PPV schedule is world wide and the main event show each year is the annual Night of Champions PPV.

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