Abbreviation WRM
Weekly shows Collision
Time opened June 2004
Owner(s) Big Sexy & Hitscum
Based in Romania
Federation type Hybrid
Pay-per-views 1 PPV a Month
Website OLS forum

WrestleRoMania (WRM for short) is an e-federation formed by Hitscum and Big Sexy in June 2004.


WRM was brought on by Hitscum and Big Sexy as the first romanian E-Fed. The debut match between the two was an ultra-violent hardcore match that saw Hitscum picking up his first win. Later on Scum and Sexy would turn into Heath Scumm and Decron, the two leading characters in the WRM storylines. After this match the WRM ArenA was introduced as the only place where matches take place.


In the following year the storyline followed the hardcore heel Heath Scumm fighting the Billion Dollar Real Deal Decron with other major characters developing such as IceMan who eventually became the first WRM World Champion, winning the 2004 King Of The Ring Tournament. WRM brought in the WRM CruiserWeight Title in September, focused around GraveDigger and King Lion. Two month later GraveDigger and Juggernaut won a Fatal Four-Way to become the first-ever Tag Team Champions. During this time WRM attracted a lot of attention with several interesting characters including that of a romanian peasant named Gheorghe and the fast-rising star Reaper.


WRM suffered several losses during 2005 when key role-players left the federation, including former champions Ice Man and King Lion, replaced however by a new wave of characters such as Lethal, Runaway and Jason Killbourne. The shocking moment of the year was nevertheless the major heel turn of baby-face Decron who formed The Corporation with long-time rival Heath Scumm. Lethal and Reaper assumed the main-babyface role with Reaper winning the WRM Title at the November PPV Red November. Reaper would hold the title for only two month, losing it to Lethal at WRM Sweet Revenge. In this time Lethal became a Franchise Player for the company, defending the title until the last Pay-Per-View event of the year, Ultimate Showdown. By this time the company fell apart and the need of a break lead to a final PPV where the owners tried to reunite several departed stars. Ultimate Showdown failed however even though the main-event ended in a shock when GraveDigger pulled out a victory against Lethal, Runaway and Decron.

2007 Rebirth

The growing popularity of wrestling in Romania, mostly due to the success local sports network Sport.Ro saw with it's WWE and TNA programs, lead to a rebirth of WRM. A new wave of characters took over with a new rookie champ being crowned : 24XS. A total of 19 characters filled up the WRM locker room including the first-ever non-romanian Role Player Alex Vita and a new diva Alexa "La Viuda Negra" Aristizábal. The old RPers would eventually form the oWo (Originals World Order) to fight back the Rookie wave. This response saw Lethal becoming the first-ever two time WRM Champion after pinning 24XS in a tag match.

WRM vs W365

Currently WrestleRoMania is involved in an ongoing feud with it's rival romanian E-Fed W365. So far no major title changes occurred between the two E-Feds

WRM Championships


January Sweet Revenge
February Assault
March Alive
April Ultimate Showdown
May Unfinished Business
June It Ain't Family Guy
July Last Soul Standing
August King Of The Ring
September Uprising
October Retaliation
November Red November
December X-Mas Overdose

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