This file has been released into the Defunct Company by the company administration, the company owner, or the eWrestling administration, due to the company downfall, to inactivity of the federation, or other circumstances beyond their expectations.

WrestleView Wrestling Federation
Debut Date February 28, 2006
Headquarters Rolla, Missouri
General Manager Shane Franklin
Operated By WVWF

The WrestleView Wrestling Federation (WVWF) is an American professional wrestling federation. It is known because of its descension from the original WVW and then the WVF.

Television Shows

The WVWF shows have had a number of names that were changed due to reorganistation of the company. WVF's main show was named Rage but was changed when the WVWF became the name. Rage split into two shows, both with the same roster. The two shows were Saturday Night Prime Time and Tuesday Night Fury, the latter of the two having the main eventers placed in the spotlight. SNPT was cancelled due to a lack of writers and so Fury became the WVWF's sole show.

Recently Saturday Night Prime Time has returned as a specialist event. Held after certain Pay Per View events SNPT provides an ideal platform for celebrations, frustrations and fall outs from climatic PPVs.


Unfortunately as April/May 2007 WVWF has been forced to close for the time being. WVWF management has mentioned that it would entertain the option of re-opening the federation at some point the future.

Championships and accomplishments

Promotion Championship
or accomplishment
Current champion(s) Held since
WrestleView Wrestling Federation WVWF World Heavyweight Champion Dark Prophet January 9, 2007
WVWF Unified Extreme Champion J.W. McCammon January 9, 2007
WVWF Tag Team Champions The Hembree Boyz January 9, 2007


Tag Roster

Notable Non-Active Roster


List of Pay Per View Events For 2006

WVWF Vendetta April

WVWF Hotter Than Hell June

WVWF Adrenaline Rush August

WVWF Hallowicked October

WVWF Reborn December

WVWF Wrath February

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