WrestleZone Championship Wrestling
Acronym WZCW
Industry Professional eWrestling
Sports Entertainment
Headquarters Las Vegas, Nevada
Show(s) Meltdown
Established June 2007
Founder(s) Prax
Downward Spiral
Key people N/A
Owner Kermit
President N/A
Booker(s) Kermit
Writer(s) Same as above

WrestleZone Championship Wrestling (WZCW) is an e-federation created in 2007. WZCW features three fortnightly shows called Meltdown, Ascension and Aftershock, with Meltdown being its flagship program.. Pay-per-views are held several times a year, usually between three fortnightly periods. WZCW is based on the WrestleZone forums, and is managed by seven members of the creative team.


In 2000, the WrestleZone forums featured an e-federation known as the WrestleZone Wrestling Federation. However, due to a large influx of talent, a developmental territory was formed called WrestleZone Championship Wrestling. Due to strains in the relations between WZCW and WZFW, WZCW broke off into its own independent promotion. WZWF was moved to another site, and WZCW continued on the WrestleZone forums. Both federations eventually closed.

In 2007, a new federation also entitled WreslteZone Championship Wrestling was formed, run by forum members Prax and Downward Spiral, with the assistance of Iscariot. Since then, the creative staff has changed significantly. At one point, members were having trouble with family, internet, and other things. Therefore, creative member Ricky Maivia (now Steamboat Ricky) decided to set a deadline, where creative members had to reply to say that they would stay. When then members Murfish and Iscariot declined, he had no choice but to assign new creative spots. The three members left in creative decided to hire FLUK (now) Lee and Shock. Shock eventually dropped the position and left the federation. Eventually, Lee took over the federation and did a complete overhaul of the product before handing it over to Phoenix (and then Ty Burna, Numbers & FalKon respectively), all of whom kept WZCW's performance and upkeep at high levels as well as increasing the federation's respect and reputation for how well it is run.

Currently, the creative staff consists of WrestleZone members Kermit (the head of creative), Harthan (section moderator), Blade, Yaz, (both e-fed moderators) Shotaro, JGlass and Killjoy.


Match outcomes are determined largely by the strength of a member's role play for their particular match, although there are sometimes occurrences where matches are decided based on an overarching storyline (on rare ocassions only). Members of the federation are placed into matches by the members of creative, and these matches are then announced in the federation forums. Members are given time to create a role play regarding their match, and after the deadline has closed, these role plays are considered by the creative staff. The creative staff then votes on the outcome of the match after considering these role plays. The wrestler or team of wrestlers (in a tag team match) that receives the majority of votes is selected to win the match. Following this, the results are turned into matches, usually written by the creative staff (sometimes members opt to write matches as well, mostly for the third show known as Aftershock). When all the matches have been composed, they are posted as a new television show, pay-per-view, or special event.


The following is the list of currently active singles wrestlers and tag teams on the WZCW roster.


Injured/Recently Departed

  • Doctor Coberer
  • Garth Black
  • Haven
  • Joey Sexton
  • Wasabi Toyota

Tag Teams

Barbosa & S.H.I.T (alliance)

Demon Foreigners

  • Aleksandr Cuba
  • Atsushi Kiriyama

Los Magnificos Dragones

  • El Califa Dragon
  • Amber Warren


  • Celeste Crimson
  • Steven Holmes

The Sacrificial Altar (stable)

  • The Grand Mystique
  • (Brother) Mason Westhoff
  • (Brother) David Whitman
  • (Brother) D.C [Injured]


Pay-Per-View Events

Special Events

Discontinued PPV Events

Championships and accomplishments


Championship Current Champions Previous Champion Event Notes
WZCW World Heavyweight Championship Barbosa "Showtime" Cougar Redemption (2013)
  • N/a
WZCW Elite X Championship S.H.I.T Constantine Kingdom Come V (2013)
  • Also defeated Wasabi Toyota [Triple Threat]
  • 2nd Defense (Under 7 Defense Rule)
WZCW EurAsian Championship James Howard Chris K.O Redemption (2013)
  • Also defeated Mikey Stormrage [Triple Threat]
WZCW Mayhem Championship Vega Vacated WZCW Supershow II (2012)
  • Defeated Ricky Runn [Mayhem Rules]
  • Longest reigning Mayhem champion in history
  • Most amount of successful title defenses under a single reign in WZCW history (includes every title)
WZCW World Tag Team Championship Magnitudinis Saboteur (& Action Saxton) Redemption (2013)
  • Handicap match due to Action Saxton retiring during reign as champion

Other accomplishments

Accomplishment Latest Winner Event World Title Match Notes
King for a Day John Constantine Kingdom Come IV (2012) vs. "Showtime" Cougar [60 Minute Iron Man] @ All or Nothing (2013)
  • Failed to successfully cash-in
Lethal Lottery Winner Drake Callahan Lethal Lottery V (2013) vs. Steven Holmes (c) vs. "Showtime" Cougar @ Kingdom Come V (2013)
  • Failed to successfully win World championship

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