Wrestling's Innovative Genesis (W*I*G) is an E-Federation. It officially opened operations in May of 2008, and began running a regular show the next month titled Vindication. It is booked and owned by James E. Colvin, and runs regular shows out of the W*I*G Sphere. It has an official partnership agreement with relatively new Japanese promotion TigerPath.


Pro Wrestling W*I*G was officially announced in May by owner James E. Colvin as an alternative to the other wrestling companies out there. His aim is to bring fans a completely new and exclusive wrestling company. Much of the roster has never wrestled in on a large scale before. With this unique roster, Colvin thinks fans will find W*I*G to be a breath of fresh air. Their weekly TV show, Vindication, premiered on June 17, 2008. Their inaugural Pay-Per-View, The Stuff of Legends took place on July 27, 2008. On October 8, 2008, W*I*G inked a deal with Japanese promotion TigerPath for an official partnership agreement.


July 27, 2008: The Stuff of Legends

August 31, 2008: Date With Destiny

September 28, 2008: Parade of Champions

October 31, 2008: Halloween Hell

November 23, 2008: Gives Thanks

January 25, 2009: New Genesis

February 28, 2009: 28 Days Later


W*I*G Champion: Coltrane (beat Jason Hereford, Exner, and Joshua in an Elimination Match at Parade of Champions on September 28, 2008)

W*I*G Tag Team Champions: The White Boys (beat Shuga.//.\\.//.\\ Koshinryo, James Bon Jovi and The Maxx, and The Latin Lovers in an Ultimate Endurance Match at Parade of Champions on September 28, 2008)

W*I*G Women's Championship: Rosie (beat Synthy Eris, Alexa King, Chick Aura, Nicole Michaels, Danny Taylor, Lexi Dyionysi, Fannie Package, Tracy Jones, Talia Bell, and Cheyenne in an Over the Top Battle Royal at Parade of Champions on September 28, 2008)


Owner: James E. Colvin

Backstage Interviewer: John Cena

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel

Color Commentator: Jeannie Lawless

Play-By-Play Man: Tom Bailey

Aidan Donnelly

Alexa King

Andy Duke

Aqil Ghassan

BR Juri Sadamoto

Casimiro Melendez

Charles "Chaz" W. Stone


Chick Aura


The Creep From The Deep

Damien McKnight

Danny Taylor

Dimitri Konstantinos


Elixir Estamos Jr.


Fannie Package

Gretchen Hex

Guillermo Miramontes

Hardcore Hensley



James Bon Jovi

James "Magnum" Constance

Jason Hereford

Jason White

Justin White

Jonathan Doe


Kensuke Miyamoto


L. Rey

Lexi Dyionysi


Maeve O'Hare

Miles Parker

Mister E

Nicole Michaels

Pat O'Hare


Ryan Bergman

Sean McCann

Shane Malone


Sky Monix

Synthy Eris

Talia Bell

The Maxx

Theresa Mannix

Tracy Jones

Tristan Hades

Toby Nicholas Tucker

Vin Beverly

Tag Teams/Stables

Him and Her

James Bon Jovi and The Maxx

Shuga.//.\\.//.\\ Koshinryo (Shuga and Koshinryo)

Smooth Jazz (Miles Parker and Mister E)

Team Ireland (Pat O'Hare, Adian Donnelly, Shane Malone, Sean McCann, and Maeve O'Hare)

The Hallowitches (Gretchen Hex and Theresa Mannix)

The Innocent (Joshua, Earnest, and Rosie)

The King's Court (Alexa King, Andy Duke, and Vin Beverly)

The Latin Lovers (Guillermo Miramontes and Casimiro Melendez)

The Olympus Siblings (Lexi Dyionysi and Tristan Hades)

The Pantheon of The New Revolution (Jonathan Doe, Exner, and Cheyenne)

The White Boys (Jason and Justin White)

TNT (Toby Nicholas Tucker, Tracy Jones, Nicole Michaels, and Talia Bell)


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