Wrestling Alliance Revenge
Acronym WAR
Established August 2007
Style Sports Entertainment
Headquarters Dallas, Texas
Operated By Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment

Wrestling Alliance Revenge (WAR) was an entertainment-based wrestling organization, with its headquarters in Los Angeles. WAR operated world-wide as a sub-divison of MWE. The organization traveled bi-weekly and tours globally, visiting America, England,Italy, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Late in 2007, then WAR owner George Prax was running the parent company of the brand, Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment. After butting heads with several MWE superstars who mis-understood the former wrestler's intentions in running the brands, George Prax resigned from his position as head of both brands and the WAR roster was absorbed into the MWE roster, after which both companies went on to operate as one.

MWE went on for several more months with no mention of WAR other than in passing by some of the superstars, before shutting down its operations itself early in 2008. Superstars from both brands can now be found under the brand of Enigmar Wrestling.

Major Moments in WAR History

The Wrestling Alliance Revenge superstars invaded the MWE Independence Day Pay-Per-View (August 20, 2007) They attacked after a four man MWE Championship Main-event where Mason Resoan defeated D.C., Pala and Former MWE Champion Aidane Copane During the attack James Young hit a devastating GTS ((Corkscrew Neckbreaker))on a steel chair that broke the former champions neck. Later in the night Aidane was rolled out to an ambulance that exploded, killing the MWE star and injuring the paramedics.

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