Wrestling Revolution
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Company Slogan Time For The New Revolution
Founder Christopher Banks
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Founded November 2007
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HeadQuarters Roswell, Georgia
Area Served International
Genre Mixed Wrestling
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Wrestling Revolution is currently an e - federation coming from the popular site, Forumer. WRV is the sucessor of the famous CHAOTIC Wrestling.

Championships and Accomplishments

In the WXW, so far, We have only 2 titles, based on the short amount of people. We also have other major accomplishments, including the WRV Last Blood Gauntlet For The Gold.


How to Win Matches

The way to win matches is to give promos, which is simply talking crap about your upcoming opponent by either calling your opponent out or even by attacking them backstage. You can request number one contenders matches, and sometimes on occasions, people can automaticly request title matches. You can also join factions for support on matches or even just when you need a little help in fighting your matches.

If you wanna join to start your journey of becoming a real wrestler, or if you just want to join to make some new friends, join asap!

TV Show

The WRV TV show is entitled "WRW: Red Zone." There has been proposed a new show, once the federation expands in size.

Pay Per Views

November: Hardcore Homecoming
December: Ultimatum
January: Dead @ 17



WRV Arena, used for all WRV Events, excluding pay - per - views

All of WRV's shows are shown live at WRV Arena. Started in August 2006 and completed in July 2007, this arena is composed of two sections. One section, the Red Zone, is used for the live events, while the other section, the Mosh Pit, is used for entertainment venues. So far, it has only been rented out to rock bands (Hence, The Name). It has been confirmed, that when the second show starts, the Mosh Pit will serve as the homeplace for the show, with each building holding a specific theme. It is also confirmed that WRV's first Pay Per View, No Holds Barred, will take place at the arena, and the pay per view Hardcore Homecoming will always take place in the Mosh Pit.


AJ Orton
Death Assailant
Scott Charlotte
Chronic Kid
Jet Adkins
K - Krazy
Michael David
Alex Falcon

Non Wrestlers

John Cena & Joe Thomas: WRV Commentators
Christina Valez: WRV Interviewer
Todd Bennet: WRV Interviewer

Championship Holders

Championship Champion Date won
WRV Championship Vacant N/A
WRV InterContinental Championship Vacant N/A

External Links

Official WRV Site

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