The History of the WWA

The Beginning

The WWA E-fed has been around ever since late October, 2005. It first started out as an idea as a small add-on for a media site called Wrestling Media Zone, by a member that went by the name of The Effekt.
After only one week, the owner had to leave and decided to hand down the ownership of WWA to one of the very few members, Monsterman75. The reason he gave in his PM was that Monsterman75 had shown the 'best' roleplaying skills so far and was seen as most capable of taking WWA to new heights. Monsterman75 did not dissapoint, as he soon turned the tiny e-fed into something that could not be contained in the few forums that Wrestling Media Zone provided for the E-fed. In December 2005, WWA member Big Al decided to take matters into his own hands and created a whole new board for WWA to be on. He showed Monsterman75 and on December 21st every member of WWA was PMed with the news of the move and the link to the new site. Topics were posted on Wrestling Media Zone informing other members of the move, but these were deleted along with any other E-Fed topics by the Admin of Wrestling Media Zone soon after the E-fed moved. As Big Al had created the new board for WWA, (found at, he was admin by default. He made Monsterman75 admin and Monsterman75 decided to keep Big Al as a co-admin because of his efforts and his will to make WWA bigger and better.

The Beginning of the real WWA

After WWA moved to the new board it got many more members and noticed more. Within months it reached 50+ members with a shocking 4000+ posts. Many members roleplayed hard and were determined to win and throughout the course of the site there were over 20+ title changes (with the exception of the hardcore title). Unfortunately there weren't any GrandSlam Champions. On April 27, 2006 WWA did the unthinkable. They switched servers and went to a bigger domain by changing their name to

From the new site WWA had many changes, a welcoming page with news and info on upcoming WWA events and more things like rosters, title history and PPV recaps. The forum however has reached nearly 700 members with over 24,000 posts. There have been lots of great actions which were summed up by WWA greatest moments of 2006. Many other big things happened in WWA such as a few Grandslam Champions. One member won all titles in WWA history. A huge WWA name left the site. Many members improved their roleplaying skills and many have been successful in winning the WWA or World title. WWA fought with 7 other big name sports boards in a battle of the boards competition with most of the matches winning by a blowout and a hard fought finals but in the end WWA was victorious again. WWA is continuing to grow and is one of the best e-feds you will find on the internet.

The Shows


Meltdown is the "Premium" show in WWA,

Meltdown Champions

Meltdown's World Wrestling Alliance Championship

- "Stone cold" Steve Austin  30/12/12 --- Current. Def Justin Luna

World Television Champion

- Daniel Bryan 14/8/12 --- Current

WWA Intercontinental Champion
-Daniel Bryan 14/8/12 --- Current

WWA 24/7 Championship -"The Nightmare" Joseph Taylor 28/9/11 --- Current


The Far North Training Camp (FNTC), set up originally 3 months into WWA's existence on its own site. It was made up by Big Al and ran by Mick Foley (The RC). Eventually it was shut down for a period of time. Way back in early 2006, The RC chose to step down from the job and recently CG Soldier™ has also decided that Jonathan Coachman should step down from the job too. The next GM, Ron Killings also decided to step down from this position. Eric Bischoff was the General Manager of FNTC Until it was shut down. Now a proud part of WWA History it is known for creating some of the greatest stars known in professional wrestling today.

FNTC Champions

FNTC Heavyweight Champion

- Judas Mesias

FNTC X Champion

- Jermaine Gamble III

FNTC Tag Team Champions

- John Danes & MVP

The Pay-Per-Views

Month Event Brand(s)
January WWA Royal Rumble Rampage & Meltdown
February Night Of Violence Rampage & Meltdown
March WrestleRoad (I, II) Rampage & Meltdown
April Fearless Rampage & Meltdown
May WWA Revenge Rampage
June Dark Disaster Meltdown
July WWA King of the Ring Rampage & Meltdown
August SummerSlash/Homecoming Rampage & Meltdown/FNTC
September Carnage Rampage & Meltdown
October Halloween Hash Rampage & Meltdown
November Detour of Destruction Rampage & Meltdown
December Christmas Chaos Rampage & Meltdown

Note: FNTC will occasionally be included in some Pay-Per-Views, as well as it's own Pay-Per-View, Homecoming.

Interpromotional Achievements

Congratulations to the following superstars for winning all titles in their respective WWA brand...

Batista - Meltdown (September 2006)
Shawn Michaels - Carnage (September 2006)
Kurt Angle - Halloween Hash (October 2006)
Shelton Benjamin - Detour of Destruction (November 2006)
John Cena - Meltdown (February/May 2007)

Rey Mysterio - King of the Ring (August 2006)
Rob Morgan - Rampage (April 2007)
Edge - (November 2007)

Note: The Grandslam Champions who were crowned before May 2007 have not won the WWA World Television Championship (Meltdown) or the WWA 24/7 Championship (Rampage).

Congratulations to the following superstars for winning the following WWA events...

WWA Royal Rumble:
Shawn Michaels (2006)
Rob Morgan (2007)
Philip Lewingston (2008)

WWA King of the Ring:
Kurt Angle (2006)
Triple H (2007)

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