Faction Name X-Degeneration
Abbreviation XD
Status Active
Time open July 31 - October 2006;
December 31, 2006 - Present
Current members Dark Yoshi (July 31 - August 24, 2006; September 3 - October 2006; February 6, 2007 - Present)

Captain Jeff Silvers (August 6 - October 2006; December 31, 2006 - Present)
Suigi (August 6 - August 23, 2006; December 31, 2006 - Present)
SuperZero (March 8, 2007 - Present)
The Magical Gamer (March 8 - April 10, 2007; April 15, 2007 - Present)
Dracon (March 26, 2007 - Present)
Julio Cesar F (April 2, 2007 - Present)

Former members Press Start (July 31 - October 2006; December 31, 2006 - February 5, 2007)

Zasshou (August 6 - October 2006)
Icefire (September 15 - October 2006)
Mariorocks (January 12 - March 7, 2007)

X-Degeneration is a rogue separatist faction in MFGG Wrestling. Throughout its life, it has existed as a tag team (its original form), a splinter faction, then a regular stable. It was active from July 31 to October 2006. It was revived on December 31, 2006. In March 2007, it began a "separatist campaign" to establish itself as an entity distinct from MFGG; to this end, it has employed its own referee and color commentator, and so far has promoted one supershow, XD Addiction. The group also has their own weekly show, XD Wednesday Night Sin.



In late July 2006, MFGG booker Captain Jeff Silvers announced that a round-robin tournament would be held to determine the first ever MFGG Tag Team Champions. Immediately teams began forming, and one of those teams consisted of Dark Yoshi and Press Start. Calling themselves X-Degeneration (after the famous World Wrestling Entertainment faction D-Generation X), the two were disappointed in the tournament, receiving a 5-0 score. Unlike other teams that lost in the tournament, Dark Yoshi and Press Start did not break up. In fact, theLOy would become even more powerful a week after the tournament

Early on August 5, 2006, Zasshou was invited to join the group, an offer he accepted the next day. Later that night, at MFGG Deathrow, Zasshou's mystery partner in his match against Milkbone and Wayne Deranez for the MFGG Tag Team Championship turned out to be MFGG booker Jeff Silvers. The duo defeated the champions and won the titles. Later in the same night, Press Start defeated Suigi to retain the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship. After the event, Suigi was also made an offer to join X-Degeneration, which he accepted. Overnight, XD had gone from being a tag team failure to a sizable force within MFGG Wrestling.

War against MFGG

With Silvers' booking power on their side, X-Degeneration declared war on the main MFGG Wrestling roster, and set themselves apart as not just a stable within the e-fed, but as a separate entity. The war culminated at MFGG vs XD Civil War, the only event for which XD would receive billing along with MFGG. The event featured four matches pitting XD members against MFGGers, plus a five-on-five elimination tag team main event. XD won three of the matches and declared victory, though Press Start lost his MFGG World Heavyweight Championship to MFGGer Milkbone.

The next night, at Daily Damage #24, Jeff Silvers announced that X-Degeneration had created its own world title, the XD Championship, and that Press Start would be crowned the first champion as a result of his previous MFGG World Heavyweight Championship reign. Press Start would lose this title two days later to MFGGer SuperZero.

Suigi leaves and Dark Yoshi "dies"

The war between XD and MFGG went back and forth, with each side claiming wins and titles over the other. After Suigi lost his MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship to Kamin Prime Ukiki on August 20, he went into a backstage rage. Two days later, he defeated Ukiki to win the title back in a bloody Extreme Rules Match. His fellow XD members became concerned about his mental state, especially after he changed his name to Blood Suigi and began displaying psychotic tendencies.

Things boiled over on August 23 when Blood Suigi was eliminated in an XD Battle Royal by Dark Yoshi. He furiously left the group and challenged Dark Yoshi to an I Quit Match for the MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship. During the match, Suigi locked Dark Yoshi in a car and drove a semi-truck into it, causing a massive explosion that was, at the time, believed to have killed Dark Yoshi. Silvers, Press Start, and Zasshou--the remaining members of XD--declared Suigi an enemy of the group.

War against the SVH League

It was around this time that XD's war on MFGG began to wane, and they seemed to put less emphasis on being separate from the e-fed. It was also around this time that MFGGer Über n00ber formed a faction called the SVH League (also known as the Anti-XD League) to fight the group. The faction consisted of n00ber, Milkbone, and Littlink. The group scouted Blood Suigi, but he refused to join.

With Blood Suigi removed from the group and Dark Yoshi seemingly dead, the XD trio sought out MFGG rookie Icefire as a potential member. Icefire was initially reluctant to join the group, though he did receive assistance from them in his feud with SVH League member Littlink.

Though Dark Yoshi was believed to be dead, eerie events began occuring, beginning on August 26, when the lights in the arena turned off and the DamageTron displayed the phrase, "The End comes in eight days"--the "End" being a referrence to the upcoming MFGG End of Days supershow. Similar events began to occur, sometimes accomponied by flocks of crows and fire, in the days leading up to the show. It was heavily speculated that Dark Yoshi would somehow make his return at the show. He did so after the main event. Littlink had just defeated his SVH League partner Über n00ber for the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship. Dark Yoshi immediately arrived to cash in the Money in the Bank title shot he had earned weeks prior. He won the title, and officially returned to action as a member of X-Degeneration. Shortly thereafter, Icefire also officially joined the group.

After End of Days

The SVH League proved to be short-lived. This left X-Degeneration with no major enemies (though the individual members did have feuds). On October 1, 2006, former XD member Suigi returned to the e-fed (his "good" personality, Hero Suigi, had defeated his "bad personality," Blood Suigi, at End of Days, and Suigi left MFGG Wrestling the next day). He passed on an offer to rejoin XD, but remained on good terms with the faction.

Also on October 1 was the MFGG supershow Critical Condition. At this time, Captain Jeff Silvers was embroiled in a feud with The Blue Griffin. Press Start and The Blue Griffin defeated MFGG Tag Team Champions Silvers and Zasshou to win the titles at Critical Condition. This was a unique situation, as Press Start was still a member of X-Degeneration and therefore a partner of Silvers'. Silvers remained friendly with Start and harbored no ill feelings toward him, but continued his feud with The Blue Griffin. After Critical Condition, Griffin suggested to Start that he leave XD and form his own faction with him. Press Start declined.


X-Degeneration eventually became less and less active as a group. On October 15, 2006, MFGG World Heavyweight Champion Zasshou defeated XD Champion The Blue Griffin to unify the titles and become the first Undisputed World Champion. With X-Degeneration's world title essentially retired and its members pursuing individual opportunities, the group quietly disbanded.

Two former XD members, Dark Yoshi and Suigi, would go on to form a short-lived faction with Julio Cesar F called WiiVolution.

Reformation and war against The Ultimate Legion

On December 31, 2006, at MFGG New Year's Eve Brawl, Press Start, Captain Jeff Silvers, and Suigi reformed X-Degeneration during Doc Wario's King of MFGG coronation ceremony, largely as a response to the recently-formed faction The Ultimate Legion (comprised of Dark Yoshi, Julio Cesar F, and Doc Wario).

A faction war between X-Degeneration and The Ultimate Legion soon broke out, and Silvers announced that the January 7, 2007 supershow would be MFGG Civil War 3: XD vs Ultimate Legion (the second Civil War had been held the previous November and featured WiiVolution). This would be the first Civil War event to pit two factions against each other rather than pitting one faction against the main MFGG roster.

Civil War 3 saw The Ultimate Legion defeat X-Degeneration four-to-one (though XD was able to hold onto the Undisputed World Championship held by Silvers). Due to a pre-event stipulation which stated that the winning team would be allowed to book a special supershow for the following Wednesday, The Ultimate Legion booked MFGG Revenge of the Legion, which was headlined by Silvers losing the Undisputed World Championship in a Fatal Four-Way Chaos in the Cages Match featuring the other three members of The Ultimate Legion (the title went to Julio Cesar F).

After the supershow, MFGG rookie Mariorocks was approached by The Ultimate Legion and given an offer to join their group. XD soon revealed that they, too, were interested in the newcomer, and similarly offered him a spot in the faction. On January 12, Mariorocks announced his decision to join X-Degeneration. This made him the first member to join the newly reformed XD who had not been a member of the group prior to its resurrection in December.

The Ultimate Legion's "outsider"

On January 13, 2007, a mysterious masked stranger interrupted two matches during Daily Damage in favor of The Ultimate Legion. After the main event, Silvers stormed to the ring and, angered by this outsider who crashed his show, challenged the masked stranger to a match. During the match, he was attacked by Dark Yoshi and Julio Cesar F before being pinned by the stranger. After the bout, it was revealed that the unknown outsider was the newest member of The Ultimate Legion.

On January 14, MFGG booker and XD member Captain Jeff Silvers suffered an injury during a "rough night with the ladies." Due to a contract Silvers made with Dark Yoshi while the latter was still in X-Degeneration, Dark Yoshi assumed the role of MFGG's booker (essentially shifting the "corporate advantage" from X-Degeneration to The Ultimate Legion). Silvers returned on January 17 and resumed control of the e-fed.

In Silvers' absence, The Ultimate Legion's mysterious stranger had been booked in a number of matches. Upon his return, however, Silvers refused to allow the stranger to wrestle in his shows, citing that the man was an outsider without an MFGG Wrestling contract. He did allow him to wrestle in one tag match with Dark Yoshi against Silvers and Press Start, but that was largely to allow Silvers a measure of revenge against him. Despite Silvers' placing the MFGG Arena security on high alert, the outsider managed somehow to make his way into the building, destroying the DamageTron and severely injuring XD member Suigi. He then demanded Suigi release his murderous alter-ego Blood Suigi. The plan apparently worked, as Blood Suigi was spotted backstage at Daily Damage the next night while Suigi was in a Toronto hospital recovering from his injuries. As an alternate personality of Suigi, Blood Suigi was recognized as MFGG SoVeryHardcore Champion.

Silvers eventually realized that simply ignoring the stranger's presence was futile, so he gave him what he was after: a match with Blood Suigi. The bout went down at MFGG Winter Storm on January 21; the match was so heavily anticipated that it was actually booked as the main event over the night's Undisputed World Championship match. After one of the most grueling fights in MFGG history, Blood Suigi pinned the stranger and removed his mask--revealing him to be MFGG Wrestling veteran (and founder of the SVH League, also known as the Anti-XD League) Über n00ber.

Alliance with Dark Yoshi?

On January 30, 2007, Captain Jeff Silvers won the King of MFGG VII Tournament to become the number one contender to his partner Press Start's Undisputed World Championship. The following day, Julio Cesar F made some comments toward his Ultimate Legion partner Dark Yoshi insinuating that he, not Dark Yoshi, deserved to hold the MFGG Internet Championship (held by DY at that time). Dark Yoshi became frustrated and left the group. When The Ultimate Legion interrupted Silvers' King of MFGG coronation ceremony the next night by attacking X-Degeneration, Dark Yoshi ran them off and chased Julio Cesar F backstage. The next day, Silvers attempted to assist DY in an Extreme Rules Match against Cesar F (though Cesar F ultimately gained the pinfall). Speculation began swirling as to what his motives for helping Dark Yoshi were--was it just to get back at The Ultimate Legion, or did XD consider Dark Yoshi a new ally due to their shared enemy?

The controversy continued the next night. Dark Yoshi was booked in a Triple Threat Match against XD's Mariorocks and UL's Über n00ber. Silvers interfered in the match by attacking n00ber and Dark Yoshi. Silvers later explained that his attack on DY in the match was merely business--he was helping his XD teammate. He further explained, however, that he still did not trust Dark Yoshi.

At February Fallout on February 4, Julio Cesar F defeated Dark Yoshi for the Internet Championship in an Elemental Cage Deathmatch. After the cage was raised back to the rafters, Über n00ber run to the ring and attacked Cesar F and Dark Yoshi (Cesar F had earlier attacked n00ber and disbanded The Ultimate Legion). Silvers then ran to the ring, chased off n00ber, continued the beatdown on Julio, and raised Dark Yoshi's hand to applause from the crowd, further suggesting he was considering an alliance with the co-founder of X-Degeneration.

Press Start leaves and Dark Yoshi returns

Later at February Fallout, Press Start defeated Captain Jeff Silvers to retain the Undisputed World Championship. Though it was largely a friendly match between the two, it saw interference on behalf of both sides: MFGG Wrestling newcomer Nightwing attacked Silvers to aid his brother Start, while another MFGG newcomer, The Magical Gamer, attacked Press Start. Start and Silvers remained friends after the match, but early on the morning of February 5, Start officially announced his departure from the faction he had formed with Dark Yoshi more than six months prior. He formed a tag team with his brother Nightwing called the Brothers of Destruction.

February Fallout also saw the dissolution of The Ultimate Legion by Julio Cesar F, who attacked his then-partner Uber n00ber during a SoVeryHardcore Championship match. The next night at Daily Damage #172, Silvers declared victory for XD in the war between the two factions. The same night, Silvers officially issued an open invitation to Dark Yoshi to join X-Degeneration. The next night, February 6, Dark Yoshi officially accepted the offer and returned to X-Degeneration.

Feud with the Brothers of Destruction

Press Start's tag team with Nightwing, the Brothers of Destruction, quickly became a large faction, with Doc Wario, Über n00ber, and newcomer CloakBass XIII joining. The group quickly began feuding with X-Degeneration. However, the two stables formed a temporary truce for the duration of the King of MFGG VIII Tournament, agreeing not to interfere in any tournament matches.

Both factions performed fairly well in the tournament. XD's Dark Yoshi, Suigi, and Mariorocks all made it to the second round, as did BoD's Doc Wario and Über n00ber. Dark Yoshi, Suigi, and Mariorocks all managed to advance to the semi-finals (where Suigi was scheduled to face Mariorocks). Doc Wario and n00ber, however, were both eliminated in the second round.

Suigi defeated his teammate Mariorocks in the semi-final, then beat his teammate Dark Yoshi in the final to become the eighth King of MFGG. More importantly, however, winning the tournament meant he would be placed in the main event of MFGG Epoch Rising, the most important MFGG Wrestling supershow to date.

At Epoch Rising, Suigi defeated former ally Press Start to win the Undisputed World Championship. Earlier, Dark Yoshi lost an IPW Heavyweight Championship match against Brother of Destruction member Nightwing. After the bout, Nightwing helped a bruised and battered Dark Yoshi out of the ring and up the entrance ramp before throwing him off the stage, causing further injury. Also at the event, Silvers and Mariorocks were one of the three losing teams in the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the MFGG Tag Team Championship that went to Sovereign Happy (Doc Wario and Über n00ber, also members of The Brothers of Destruction).

Two days later, X-Degeneration would win another tag title, when Dark Yoshi and Suigi won a round robin tournament at Daily Damage #197: Tag Team Supreme to become the first MFGG United States Tag Team Champions. Captain Jeff Silvers and SuperZero became the number one contenders by placing second in the tournament.

It was announced after Epoch Rising that MFGG had signed an interpromotional deal with Julio Cesar F's AWN Wrestling. The "deal" quickly degenerated into an all-out war between the two e-feds. At their first joint supershow, MFGG/AWN Inaugural Brawl, The Brothers of Destruction cost MFGGer The Magical Gamer a match against AWN Superstar Miles Edgeworth. Silvers condemned them for this, saying that they were risking the welfare of the entire promotion just to aid their petty agenda.

One member leaves, two join

On March 7, Silvers announced that due to inactivity, Mariorocks had been moved to the inactive roster and, by extension, was no longer a member of X-Degeneration. He also announced that a new member would be introduced the next day--"a hot young star who's guaranteed to bring XD to new heights."

The next night, Silvers helped MFGG Internet Champion The Magical Gamer win a Fatal Four-Way to become the number one contender to the SoVeryHardcore Championship. He then celebrated with him and handed him an XD shirt as the XD theme music played. They were interrupted by SuperZero, the current SoVeryHardcore Champion (and tag team partner of Silvers). SuperZero stared TMG down before the two finally smiled and raised their hands together. Silvers handed SuperZero a second XD shirt as the X-Degeneration theme music played again.

Verses AWN Wrestling

Meanwhile, the war against AWN Wrestling was intensifying. At Daily Damage #200: Bicentennial Bash, Press Start defeated Lord Mortimer Harold Fitzgerald Langley III to win the AWN Hardcore Championship--but his win was not without controversy. As Press Start attempted a pinfall on Langley, AWN's Canadian Crusaders (Neother, Marauder, and Smans Smansy Rodriguez) pulled the referee out of the ring and prepared to triple team Start. Silvers ran to the ring and chased the trio off with a steel chair. When Langley stood up, it was initially unclear who Silvers would hit with the chair. He finally hit Langley, and a pleasantly surprised Start extended his hand to Silvers... only to be met with his own chair shot. Silvers then dragged Start on top of Langley and counted the pinfall himself in absence of a referee, giving MFGG Wrestling control of an AWN title.

During this time, Dark Yoshi's feud with Nightwing over the IPW Heavyweight Championship grow hotter. It culminated at MFGG Aftermath when Dark Yoshi defeated Nightwing in an Inferno Match to win the title. After the main event, which saw Suigi retain his Undisputed World Championship against Doc Wario, AWN General Manager Julio Cesar F called Silvers to the ring. When he got there, AWN wrestlers immediately emerged from the crowd and surrounded the ring. X-Degeneration ran to his aid, as did, unexpectedly, the Brothers of Destruction. After the area had been cleared, only Nightwing and Silvers remained in the ring. Nightwing suggested the two groups temporarily put aside their differences in order to more effectively fight their common enemy, AWN. Silvers reluctantly shook his hand to make the truce official, and fans were left with a truly surreal sight.

As the war against AWN raged on, the alliance between XD and The Brothers of Destruction became increasingly strained. Following Sarahsuke's return to MFGG Wrestling, both XD and the Brothers of Destruction offered her a contract. The next day, she publicly burned XD's contract and signed with the Brothers (who subsequently changed their name to the Siblings of Slaughter on March 25).

XD's ranks increased on March 26, when Dracon accepted an offer by Jeff Silvers to join the group. Silvers and Dark Yoshi were impressed by Dracon's performance the night before in a WSX Rumble at MFGG Explicit Content.

The war against AWN finally drew to a close on March 30, when the two e-feds presented MFGG/AWN At the World's End. The event was not only the final interpromotional show, but the final AWN show period, as the e-fed had earlier announced it would close following the event. The show featured all AWN titles being unified into their MFGG counterparts.

New war against MFGG

The night after At the World's End, the Siblings of Slaughter officially ended their alliance with XD when they attacked Captain Jeff Silvers in the ring while Silvers was hosting a ceremony welcoming three former AWN Wrestlers to the MFGG roster.

The alliance between the two had been shaky, anyway; the Tuesday before At the World's End, Silvers had announced the fourth Civil War event, which would pit MFGG against SoS (at the time still operating as the Brothers of Destruction). The same day, Silvers announced that the format had to changed so that this would be the first three-way Civil War, as it would pit members of the main MFGG Wrestling roster against X-Degeneration and the Siblings of Destruction.

MFGG ended up winning the event with a score of 5-1. X-Degeneration took second place with 4-2, in addition to winning the Elimination Tag Team Match. The Siblings of Slaughter had the worst showing, with a third place score of 1-5 (in addition to being the first team to be totally eliminated from the main event).

Despite technically losing, X-Degeneration considered the event to be a success (having retained the IPW Heavyweight Championship, won the Undisputed World Championship, and won the main event). Later in the night, Captain Jeff Silvers officially announced that XD was renewing the separatist campaign they had started back in August 2006, with the intention of overtaking MFGG Wrestling. He also announced that XD would be holding their first supershow, XD Addiction, the following Sunday.

The next night, before Daily Damage, Silvers revealed that an MFGGer would betray the e-fed by joining XD. Throughout the night, accusations were lobbed between members of the MFGG roster, the most notable of which was when Julio Cesar F accused MFGG newcomer DarkRecon of being the traitor. The main event of the show featured Silvers, Dark Yoshi, and Suigi facing Cesar F, DarkRecon, and The Toadster. Silvers pinned Cesar F to win the bout, but the MFGGers quickly retook the ring and had an intense stare down with the XDites, who had retreated to ringside. Then, without warning, Cesar F performed Sweet Chin Music on The Toadster and DarkRecon, and ripped off his MFGG shirt to reveal the XD shirt underneath. The rest of the XD roster ran to the ring to celebrate the induction of their newest member. There was a brief moment of tension as Dark Yoshi and Suigi stood with Julio Cesar F. The tension arose from their time together in WiiVolution, a faction which dissolved as a result of Suigi's overconfidence at MFGG Civil War 2: WiiVolution. There had been bad blood between Suigi and Cesar F since that incident, but as the three embraced, it became clear that any negative feelings amongst the group had dissipated. His joining also served as a Dial-Up Connection reunion with The Magical Gamer.

One of the victims of the double cross, DarkRecon, began actively feuding with Julio Cesar F. The SoVeryHardcore Champion challenged Cesar F to a match, but was met instead with a challenge by Suigi to an Extreme Rules Match. DarkRecon beat him in what was considered a major upset (Suigi was an eight-time SoVeryHardcore Champion). After the bout, he was confronted backstage in the MFGG Arena's medical treatment facility by Dark Yoshi, who told him not to take the attack by Cesar F the previous night personally and warned him to drop his vendetta against XD or face the consequence. DarkRecon did not relent, challenging Julio Cesar F once again the next day before Daily Damage #220. Once again, his challenge was met by another member of XD, this time Dark Yoshi. The two decided on an I Quit Match. During the bout, neither man was prepared to give up. The battle waged on for so long that DarkRecon began losing so much bleed that he was barely able to stand, yet he refused to say "I quit." Concerned, referee Blaine the Train called for the bell and awarded the match to Dark Yoshi. DarkRecon was later hospitalized and deemed unfit to compete until that Sunday (Addiction).

XD Daily Damage

The night before Addiction, X-Degeneration interrupted the first bout of MFGG Daily Damage #223 by attacking both participants (Elite Luigi and Esteban). Silvers announced they were taking the show over for the night as a preview of what the XD-run Addiction would be like. The MFGG referee for the night, Bacteriophage, was replaced by XD referee Samuel Dreamer. MFGG's color commentary team of SVH and Duckboy was replaced by Silvers and former MFGG referee (and XD's new official color commentator) Hurricane. All MFGG logos and colors were removed from the ring and arena, replaced with the XD logo and XD's traditional black/purple scheme. They rechristened the show XD Daily Damage.

Two of the night's bouts ended in controversy. The first was the Triple Threat Tag Team Match between XD (Silvers, Suigi, and SuperZero), The Siblings of Slaughter (CloakBass XIII, Press Start, and Zekewars) and the newly-returning Teh Darkness (Mochant, The Toadster, and Total Ownage) (Silvers temporarily left the announcers' table to participate in this bout). XD ref Dreamer originally called the match a no-contest when The Toadster shoved him. CloakBass XIII argued with this decision, as The Siblings were (in his view) close to a victory; while he was arguing, Silvers performed a roll-up pin, which was counted by Dreamer, who awarded XD the match as a result.

The second match to end in controversy was the main event between The Magical Gamer and Uber n00ber, with Dark Yoshi as the special guest referee. When Dark Yoshi made an especially slow pinfall when n00ber attempted a pin, n00ber knocked Dark Yoshi out with a right punch. MFGG referee Bacteriophage, sent home earlier by Silvers, rushed to the ring and counted n00ber's pin on The Magical Gamer. An outraged Silvers jumped over the announcers' table and entered the ring, followed by the rest of XD. The seven beat n00ber down as the cameras went to the back to reveal that the rest of the Siblings had been padlocked into their dressing rooms by Samuel Dreamer.

The next morning, MFGG reporter Shifty was giving one of his "MFGG Wrestling updates" when Hurricane approached him and wrestled the microphone from him. He introduced himself as XD's "reported and color commentator" and proceeded to give an "X-Degeneration update" (in reality, it was merely a taunt to MFGG, proclaiming the supposed superiority of XD).

XD Addiction

April 8, 2007 proved to be a major night for X-Degeneration. The group promoted their first solo supershow, XD Addiction. The event featured Hurricane on commentary and Samuel Dreamer performing referee duties.

Many of the matches ended in controversy. When XDite Julio Cesar F and MFGGer Masked Mecha defended their MFGG United States Tag Team Championship against SoS's Press Start and Zekewars, things appeared to be going their way. Toward the end of the match, however, Cesar F suddenly seemed to stop supporting his partner. When Zekewars attempted a pinfall on Mecha, Cesar F approached them as if he was going to break the pin, but stopped short and instead watched Samuel Dreamer count the fall. He had intended for the match to serve as a message: he was aligned with XD and only with XD. In their final results tally, XD refused to count the match as a loss.

Later, MFGG's DarkRecon defended his SoVeryHardcore Championship in an Extreme Rules Fatal Four-Way against Uber n00ber, SuperZero, and The Magical Gamer. n00ber attempted a pinfall on a badly hurt Magical Gamer. Referee Dreamer initially appeared reluctant to count the fall until he realized how badly Gamer was hurt, at which point he counted the fall so the match would end.

Dreamer showed similar reluctance when Captain Jeff Silvers submitted in a match against Nightwing with his IPW Heavyweight Championship on the line. He initially pleaded with Silvers to change his mind, but Silvers screamed at him to end the match, at which point Dreamer called for the bell.

The main event featured perhaps the most controversy of all. Press Start had finally received his shot at the Undisputed World Championship against Dark Yoshi. At one point in the match, Press Start punched out referee Samuel Dreamer while Dreamer was performing a ring-out count. With the official unconscious, Nightwing ran to the ring to aid his partner Press Start. The two were double-teaming the champion when Captain Jeff Silvers ran to the ring to assist him. Dark Yoshi regained the advantage, and Silvers counted his pinfall over Start to retain the title.

In a special press conference held after the Addiction supershow, Silvers announced the creation of XD Wednesday Night Sin, a weekly show produced by X-Degeneration.

After Addiction

After Addiction, Captain Jeff Silvers was notified that The Magical Gamer had suffered a heart attack--strange for somebody his age. The Magical Gamer soon entered a coma, only to awaken in an enraged, uncontrollable state described by some onlookers as "Hulk-like" (in reference to the Marvel Comics superhero). He now demanded to be referred to as "Titan Gamer," and viciously attacked DarkRecon and his MFGG Tag Team Championship partner SuperZero. The April 11 edition of Daily Damage featured a Handicap Match between Titan Gamer and the team of DarkRecon and SuperZero. Titan Gamer won easily, and after the match, Siblings of Slaughter Uber n00ber and Doc Wario entered the ring and revealed that n00ber had injected The Magical Gamer with an "SVH Virus" during the Extreme Rules Fatal Four-Way Match at Addiction and that this virus was the cause of his transformation. They also revealed that Titan Gamer was the newest Sibling of Slaughter.

Within the next week, Titan Gamer began regularly rampaging through the backstage area, with SuperZero and DarkRecon his favorite targets. On the series premier of XD's own weekly show, XD Wednesday Night Sin, Silvers vacated the MFGG Tag Team Championship Gamer had held with SuperZero and put it up in a tournament. Meanwhile, Suigi took it upon himself to take out Titan Gamer once and for all. DarkRecon, on the other hand, felt responsible for his creation--he was the one who dragged The Magical Gamer into the Fatal Four-Way at Addiction. Suigi fought Titan Gamer twice inside the ring and lost each time before finally defeating him in an I Quit Match as Blood Suigi at MFGG Unnecessary Force. DarkRecon, attempting to free The Magical Gamer from his split personality, interfered in the match on Suigi's behalf. After the bout, The Magical Gamer managed to somehow physically separate himself from Titan Gamer and challenged him to an impromptu match to determine who would gain control of his body. The Magical Gamer won, and Titan Gamer was repressed back into the recesses of his psyche.

As an MFGG "brand"

For a couple weeks, Captain Jeff Silvers had discussed the possibility of an "MFGG brand extension" that would likely see the MFGG roster split into two brands: XD and a revived Internet Pro Wrestling. Though these ideas were eventually dropped, Silvers began to refer to XD as a "brand/separatist faction." He also began referring to himself as "MFGG/XD booker." These changes became more noticeable after Unnecessary Force. The MFGG roster was treated as the "main" brand, while XD was a smaller, tighter brand still at war with MFGG.

Titles held

This is a list of titles held by members of X-Degeneration during their tenure with the group.

Note: This section records only the period during which a wrestler held a title and was a member of XD.

Championship Champion(s) From To Notes
MFGG World Heavyweight Press Start July 31, 2006 August 13, 2006 1
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Suigi August 6, 2006 August 20, 2006 1
MFGG Tag Team Captain Jeff Silvers and Zasshou August 6, 2006 August 17, 2006
XD Press Start August 14, 2006 August 16, 2006
XD Press Start August 20, 2006 September 10, 2006
MFGG Tag Team Captain Jeff Silvers and Dark Yoshi August 21, 2006 August 25, 2006
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Suigi/Blood Suigi August 22, 2006 August 23, 2006 2
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Zasshou August 27, 2006 August 29, 2006
MFGG Tag Team Captain Jeff Silvers and Zasshou August 28, 2006 October 1, 2006 5
MFGG World Heavyweight Dark Yoshi September 3, 2006 September 6, 2006
XD Dark Yoshi September 10, 2006 September 24, 2006 5
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Zasshou September 10, 2006 October 2, 2006
XD Icefire September 24, 2006 October 8, 2006 6
MFGG World Heavyweight Zasshou October 1, 2006 October 15, 2006
MFGG Tag Team Press Start October 1, 2006 circa October 2006 3, 4, 6
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Dark Yoshi October 8, 2006 October 15, 2006 5
XD Zasshou October 15, 2006 October 15, 2006
Undisputed World Zasshou October 15, 2006 circa October 2006 4
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Captain Jeff Silvers October 15, 2006 circa October 2006 4, 6
Undisputed World Captain Jeff Silvers December 31, 2006 January 10, 2007 1
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Captain Jeff Silvers December 31, 2006 January 4, 2007 1
MFGG Tag Team Captain Jeff Silvers and Press Start December 31, 2006 January 2, 2007 1
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Mariorocks January 12, 2007 January 17, 2007 1, 5
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Suigi/Blood Suigi January 17, 2007 January 22, 2007 5, 6
Undisputed World Press Start January 21, 2007 February 5, 2007 2
MFGG Tag Team Captain Jeff Silvers and Mariorocks January 21, 2007 February 4, 2007
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Mariorocks January 22, 2007 January 28, 2007
MFGG Tag Team Dark Yoshi and Suigi February 11, 2007 February 18, 2007
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Suigi February 17, 2007 February 25, 2007
Undisputed World Suigi March 4, 2007 March 25, 2007
MFGG United States Tag Team Dark Yoshi and Suigi March 6, 2007 March 16, 2007
MFGG Internet The Magical Gamer March 8, 2007 March 11, 2007 1
MFGG SoVeryHardcore SuperZero March 8, 2007 March 30, 2007 1
IPW Heavyweight Dark Yoshi March 11, 2007 March 25, 2007 5
AWN Intercontinental Dark Yoshi March 16, 2007 March 30, 2007
MFGG United States Tag Team Captain Jeff Silvers and SuperZero March 20, 2007 March 25, 2007
MFGG Tag Team Dark Yoshi and Suigi March 25, 2007 April 1, 2007
IPW Heavyweight Captain Jeff Silvers March 25, 2007 April 8, 2007 6
AWN Tag Team Captain Jeff Silvers and The Magical Gamer March 30, 2007 March 30, 2007 7
Undisputed World Dark Yoshi April 1, 2007 Present
MFGG United States Tag Team Julio Cesar F April 2, 2007 April 8, 2007 1, 8
MFGG Internet Julio Cesar F April 2, 2007 April 8, 2007 1, 5
MFGG Tag Team The Magical Gamer and SuperZero April 8, 2007 April 10, 2007 9
MFGG Internet Suigi April 8, 2007 April 11, 2007 6
MFGG SoVeryHardcore SuperZero April 11, 2007 Present
MFGG United States Tag Team Julio Cesar F and Suigi April 16, 2007 April 22, 2007
MFGG Tag Team SuperZero and The Magical Gamer April 18, 2007 April 22, 2007
IPW Heavyweight Julio Cesar April 18, 2007 April 22, 2007

1. Won the title before joining the group/before the group formed. Only the time during which he held the title AND was a member of the faction is counted here.

2. Continued to hold the title after leaving the group. Only the time during which he held the title AND was a member of the faction is counted here.

3. Held the titles with The Blue Griffin, who was not a member of X-Degeneration.

4. Continued to hold the title after the group dissolved. Only the time during which he held the title AND was a member of the faction is counted here.

5. Lost the title to a member of X-Degeneration.

6. Won the title from a member of X-Degeneration.

7. The titles were retired later in the night when AWN Wrestling closed.

8. Held the titles with Masked Mecha, who was not a member of X-Degeneration.

9. The Magical Gamer (under the influence of a virus introduced to his body by Uber n00ber) leaves X-Degeneration, though he and SuperZero continue to be recognized as MFGG Tag Team Champions until they are finally stripped of the titles on April 11, 2007.

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