Tony Collumbell III
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Tony Collumbell III]]
Real name Tony John Collumbell III
Ring Names Tony Johnson
The Jersey Slacker
Height 5'11"
Weight 240 lbs.
Date of birth February 12, 1986 (age 22)
Place of birth Levin, New Zealand
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Resides Asbury Park, New Jersey
Billed from Leonardo, New Jersey
Trainer Zack Knight
Corbin Jefferson
Adrenaline Wrestling: X (AW:X)
WorldWIDE Entertainment Wrestling (WEW)
Handled by Joseph Outram
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Debut October 7th, 2006
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Tony Collumbell III(born February 12, 1986) is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Adrenaline Wrestling: X where he is know under his ring name “The Jersey Slacker” Tony Johnson, named for his backstage attitude, and for his brawling style.

During his tenure with the WEW, Collumbell, held the record as one of the few wrestlers to never hold a Championship, despite being a major present in the WEW, and garnering many title shots.

Early Life

Tony Collumbell III was born in Levin, New Zealand to Warrant Officer Tony Collumbell, Jr. and Jessica Yates-Collumbell, while Tony was on holiday from his unit, who was at that time, serving under former WEW Television Champion General Bones McCoy. They then moved back to America, and Tony, Jr. then retried to his hometown of Leonardo, New Jersey to start up a small time invention based company with the business savvy of Jessica. They left Tony in the care of Nannies and family, but in reality gave him a very independent angry attitude to life.

Tony went on to attend Union Hill High School at the request of his father who had also attended this high school. Tony was expelled within six months being noted as a frequent truant, drug dealer, alcohol user, among various other crimes. He then attended Blair Academy, before being expelled within seven weeks for unruly behaviour, using alcohol, and drug dealing and usage. He went through 27 different schools during his high school years, never lasting long in any of them, and usually getting expelled within four months.

Thinking that his son would want to be a military man like himself Tony’s father signed up him up with the United States Military Preparatory School, using his connections to get him in. The discipline helped Tony to focus on what he wanted to do, rather then what his father wanted him to do.

After one night, sneaking out with fellow Cadets Samuel Draven and Alexander Smith, they attended a local Wrestling event. Well the others simply enjoyed it, Tony was awe struck. It was then that he decided that he wanted to eventually become a professional wrestler.

Tony eventually left the Cadet school and began honing his brawling skills at a local gym, back in Leonardo and around America with old friend Dan Goodwin, while working as a clerk at a local Quick Stop. He met his future girlfriend, Rachel Scott there, while she was studying business at University. They became friends, then eventually started dating many months later. While trying out for some federations as a Tag-Team, Godwin was given some offers, but told to lose Tony, leaving Tony unemployed and alone in the wrestling world.


WorldWIDE Entertainment Wrestling (2006 - 2008)

Taking the advice of then former wrestler, and WEW alumni, Corbin Jefferson X-Klaus went along to a live Cyberslam event. After seeing this, Collumbell immediately approached a WEW road agent, and asked for a chance to prove himself. So he was signed to a one-month preview contract under the name X-Klaus, and has never looked back from there.

He came close to winning the WEW Mind Games IV Invitational, and had many shots at the WEW Continental Championship coming close to winning it many times, and became a definite main stay in the division. He has had feuds with many of the WEW's superstars most notably Odyssey Baldwin and Trackball, and legendary group Bad Blood.

Unfortunately just over a year into his contract, the WEW suspended operations due to unknown circumstances, leaving Tony without a job.

Adrenaline Wrestling: X (2008 - Current)


Tony was contacted by former NWC member, and infrequent drinking partner Jason Kash, and WEW Alumni Kraven to sign with the interfed PWP. And after checking the place out, and in dire need of a pay check, after being inactive for about four months, Tony signed on as a free agent. He was snapped up by the AW:X, again on the recommendation of Jason Kash. Making a successful debut against Black Death.

Feud With Dan Godwin

Not long after signing with the AW:X, Collumbell discovered that former friend Dan Godwin was on the roster, and was the newly crowned dual champion after winning the AW:X Extreme Heavyweight Title, while also holding the Primetime Championship. This led to Tony assaulting “The X-Factor” during an interview with himself, and the beginning of a feud involving the occasional interference of Cameron Jones.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • Greetings from Jersey- Over the shoulder reverse piledriver
  • Running Powerslam- Running powerslam
  • Signature Moves
  • Tackle & Punch (X-Klaus tackles his opponent to the ground and punches them in the head)
  • Headbutt drop -Headbutt from top rope.
  • Hat Trick - Rolling 3 German Suplexes
  • Three Amigos - Triple rolling vertical suplexes
  • Signature Weapons/Foreign Objects
  • Steel Chairs
  • Beer and beer cans
  • Nicknames
  • "The Jersey Jersey Slacker"
  • "The Hardcore Brother"
  • Taunts and Mannerisms
  • Beer drinking during matches, and bringing six-packs to the ring.
  • Entrance Music
  • WEW
  • "Man In A Box (Instrumental)" – Alice In Chains
  • "Back In Black" – AC/DC
  • "Enter Sandman" - Metallica
  • AW:X
  • "Brain Stew" – Green Day

Championships and Accomplishments

Worldwide Entertainment Wrestling

  • Runner up in the WEW Mind Games 4 Invitational Royal Rumble.
  • Two time number 1 contender for the WEW Contential Champion.

Personal Life

X-Klaus is currently dating Rachel Scott, and has claim on many occasion to have had between 50 and 124 previous girlfriends.

He is friends with many of the former wrestlers from the WEW, and the other NWC affiliates. But he gets on well with ex-wrestler Corbin Jefferson, the man who introduced him to wrestling.

He co-owns the Quick Stop and RST Video Store at 58 Leonard Avenue in Leonardo, New Jersey, with his girlfriend Rachel. It is now called The Stop Shop & Mayhem Videos using Tony’s wrestling earnings to help keep them open.

Tony is a dedicated fan of hard rock music, though he admits he'll "listen to anything that doesn't sound like monkeys fighting over a cupcake while falling down a flight of stairs."


Tony's in-ring gimmick is cantered around his relaxed personality and his street fighting skills. Publicly using his “Jersey Slacker” nickname as his fighting mantra, and as his gimmick whatever fed he may be in.

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