XWF: X-Treme Wrestling Federation

The XWF was created in 1999 by a young man named George Dimitrakopoulos. Within months, it was handed to current owner Jonathyn Brown. Visit XWF Homepage

After many years of working with a huge roster of over 60 stars over three shows; Massacre, Anarchy and the developmental show Impact, the comapny evntually pared down the talent and ended up running only Anarchy as its sole weekly program, while still maintaining a monthly PPV event. As of now, the sole program is Elevation.


In 2008, a major upheaval took place in which one of the program's GM's (Nick Ryan) determined that his show (the developmental show "Impact") should be perceived as one of the big three. The verbal battle that took place culminated in the dparture of a large chunk of the roster. This event, known as the +Quit-A-Thon" was quickly remedied when the angry GM's other projects failed to live up to expectations and most of the defecting stars retrnned with little fanfare.

Jonathyn Brown sells the XWF

In late 2009, Jonathyn Brown stepped down as owner and walked away, and the XWF was purchased (legit) from Brown by the character Fuzz. The fed went through a series of owners and general managers but managed to continue with the XWF spirit, having a successful year long run that saw many great moments. However, in late 2010, without upper management finding a willing general manager, the XWF closed its doors.

During this time, WGWF picked up the bulk of the XWF talent.

The Return of the XWF

In early 2011, Jonathyn Brown returned and brought back the XWF as a developmental league, disallowing any former names to return. This was done preimarily to keep any friction between the XWF and WGWF to a minimum, as it was never Jonathyn's intention to steal talanet away from any other comany. Many stars came back anyway, but with new personas. Several newcomers arrived as well. Soon, an angle transpired which allowed old stars to return, and that is where the XWF is at this point.

Current Roster

Superstar Name Original or New Other Notes
Mighty Kid New Current US Champion
Raven Hex Original First female to win title in reboot
Bill Blakk New
Neptune New Current Hart Champion
Kyle Shane New Current X-Treme Champion
Centurion Original Current Tag Team Champion, XWF Legend
Maximus Original
Sean Graves Original
RJ Palmer Original
Hardcore Smitty Original XWF Legend
Heavy D Original
Reggie Fresh Original
Nathan Sanity New
Cyren Original XWF Legend
Nio New
Barney Green Original
Jaymz Dante Original
Thirteen New
Mattaki Fukushuu New
Anjelleka Slayter New Current Tag Team Champion
J-Dub Original
Wisdom Curtis New
Poetic Death Original
Xuanlong New
A-Rodge New
Yuki Monotomo New
QC Thug Original
Josh McCoy Original
Johnny Legend New
Dark Shadow New First Champion Of The Reboot Era
Dr. Connor New
Sexy Assassin New
Rad Russian New

Current Champions

  • Universal Champion

- Kid Money

  • World Champion

-Barney Green

  • United States Champion
-Jose Chavez
  • X-Treme Champion
- Adam Abraham
  • Hart Champion
- None

X-W-F E-F-E-D Ad Campaign

On July 17, 2008, an XWF star, Hawaiian Hardhead, posted an insanely retarded song by the title "X-W-F E-F-E-D", an ad that Hardhead sang himself. In the background, a video of Family Guy's 2007 Latenight Emmy opening number is heard, while the XWF song itself is spoofing it. Hardhead has been known for his singing songs on XWF's Snapvine channel, XWF Live, and for spoofing them in his RP.


A mega star like Centurion who's been here for a while
While Impact stars like RBI haven't cracked a critic's smile
There's three shows and a pay per view so don't you turn that dial
There's only one fed
Where everyone has bled
For X-W-F E-F-E-D
Two stones by the name's of Lee and Outsider
With some one shot performances by The Night Rider
And how about Hardcore Smitty who pulls an all-nighter
To put up his show
Don't whine or simply go
From the X-W-F E-F-E-D
And if you like your past then the legends are for you
We'll get a new one at the next pay per view
Da da da da da da (In Tune)
See we were once an e-fed that closed down once or twice
But now we're back here to stay, well by joe ain't that nice
We're the main fed on the net and just to be precise
We're the main attraction
Never slowing down the action
We're the X-W-F E-F-E-D
Me: Believe me, there's a lot more in store, like...
See if T and K Money would just share their fame with gleam
On the Impact Stars like QC Thug and Grappling Gary
Then this e-fed would be the next internet meme
No we won't let you down
The best damn thing around
The X-W-F E-F-E-D
Now the owner's name Jonathyn who always has it framed
To help you when you're down and you can't ever win the game
Like when you Pull An Eric, Honkey RP, or get Shaned
We are a birds of a feather
That's why we stick together
In the X-W-F E-F-E-D
Now if you join our fe-ed please don't cheat
Or you'll be banned, flamed, fired in a heartbeat
So to sum up this grand number, to gurantee with all my mirth
If you want a place that's challenging but is definately worth
The time that you spend with the greatest e-fed on this Earth
We will not waste your time
So stop and drop by
In the X-W-F E-F-E-D


Despite sending it to every one of the roster members, it has received little to no response. Of the entire roster, only Hardcore Smitty and Krazzy Kidd replied, and of them, it was given good reviews. After posting this song, every single person on the XWF roster bared witness to their IQ's dropping three whole points. Some people, like CHAD really didn't have the IQ points to waste. Thus, everyone on the XWF roster lined up and took turns kicking Hawaiian Hardhead in his coconuts. This was known as the first annual coconut kickoff. Now once a year people all over the world look forward to this occasion more than Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter put together. There is just something about that fat Hawaiian bastard's face that makes you want to kick him right in the jizzers.

It should also be noted that if more of the XWF roster members actually responded, the above brutality more than likely would've taken place. And everybody would've loved it. Possibly even Hardhead himself.

XWF Terms

Within the XWF, we also have some terms to refer to stuff that our superstars do or have done.

  • Pull an Eric - Come in and leave within the next week, only to come back and do it again.
  • Honkey Style RP - Writing a one line RP stating 'you're better than your opponent' and 'I'm going to beat you'
  • Shaned - The XWF's answer to Rick Roll'ed.
  • ______ Fears Lee Stone - States that everything and everyone in the world fears Lee Stone.
  • The Brad Pierce Incident - An incident where the current Universal Champion was accused of stealing RP's, only to be seen as true. He was then fired after being defeated by Aidan Collins.
  • The X-Treme Title Incident - An incident where a superstar posted within a topic in the 24/7 Boards, only to have posted another pin attempt later. The next day, that superstar won the title controversially. The former champion won it back the next Massacre.
  • The Nick Ryan Incident - An incident where the GM of Impact decided to be let go of the XWF, right after a top superstar on Impact did, the GM thus took 5 other superstars and the co-gm with them. Within the next month, everybody came back and it was as if nothing happened.
  • The Tony Cappreti Incident - An incident where a superstar hacked into the XWF's former farm-fed, ACW, and shut it down himself, thus causing the ACW to be no more. The superstar was fired immediately upon being found out.
  • Life>XWF - Probably the most important rule ever in the XWF. States that whatever happens in real life is way more important than the XWF.

    XWF: X-Treme Wrestling Federation

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