X-Tremely Ultimate Wrestling (XUW) is a wrestling federation.

The XUW was founded in 2006 by Drake and Jason Hardy in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. XUW is a compilation of WWE, TNA and ECW where wrestlers can use any move they know how to do to beat their opponent. The main thing about XUW is that the moves and matches are not planned, everything is done impov style, and no one pulls their punches. There are a number of championship titles to be won, such as the XUW 2-Xtreme championship, which is usually put on the line in a hardcore or Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

As of right now, there are only 3 wrestlers signed in contract to XUW and there have been no tapings of the show so far, but as more arrive, more details will be added to this article.


XUW Championships

  • XUW 2-Xtreme Championship
  • XUW TLC Championship
  • XUW Tag Team Championship
  • XUW Hardcore Championship
  • XUW Hell's Chamber Tournament Champion
  • XUW Cruiserweight Championship
  • XUW Light Heavyweight Championship
  • XUW Heavyweight Championship
  • XUW Championship
  • XUW Womens Hardcore Championship
  • XUW Womens Championship
  • XUW Womens Tag Team Championship
  • XUW Womens 2-Xtreme Championship

External Links

XUW homepage

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