The X-WCW Intercontinental Championship was first created in the X-WCW in Warzone #29 when Christopher Back defeated AWF Intercontinental Champion Divebomb in a Triple Threat Theater series.

Current X-WCW Intercontinental Champion

"Real American" Rocky Davis

Title History:

Christopher Back 1

Seith Helloct 2

Christopher Back (2) 3

Tony Bonito 4

Title declared vacant 5

Important notes:

1) Christopher back defeated Divebomb in a Triple Threat Theater series at Warzone #29 to become the first X-WCW IC Champion.

2) Seith Helloct defeated Christopher Back in a Hellfire Match at the "Hellfire and Brimstone" show during the HSW: Generation Xtreme tour for the title.

3) Christopher Back defeated Seith Helloct and Eamon X in a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match at Apocalypse in HWW: Generation Xtreme tour to regain the title.

4) Tony Bonito defeated Christopher Back at X Rumble in a Hell's Chamber Match.

5) Tony Bonito, not wanting to defend the X-WCW IC title surrendered it to John Crook, on X-WCW Nitro #21.

6) Rocky Davis defeated Joe Goldstone in the LotR 2008 tournament finals in a Last Man Standing Match at Starrcade: Revolution to win the title.

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