The X-WCW Television Championship is a title that guaratees one thing: a wrestler will be on X-WCW TV shows defending the title.

Current X-WCW TV Champion

Mike Magnus

Title History

Chyna 1

Scotty 2 Hotty

Rob Van Dam 2

Scott 2 Hotty (2)

Y2J Chris Jericho

Cane Deathscream and Y2J Chris Jericho 3

Cane Deathscream 4

Rob Van Dam (2)

The Shattered Knight


Title declared vacant 5

The Prez 6


Eamon X

Sid Justice 7

R.E. Rage

Flash Styker

Sid Justice (2) 8


Title declared vacant 9

Cane Deathscream (2) 10


Judge Death

Reaper (2) 11

Flash Styker (2) 12

Otacon 13


R.E. Rage (2)


Ignavus 14

Big Dog

The Real Deal

Big Dog (2)

Big Mitch Barker 15

Sean Bryne 16

Big Mitch Barker (2)

The Real Deal (2) 17

Sean Bryne (2)

Reno Raynes

Judge Death (2)

Seith Helloct 18

Big Dog (3)

Sandy Drake 19

Mike Magnus

Important Notes

1) Chyna defeated RVD and RSD in a Triple Threat Ladder match to become the first X-WCW TV Champion.

2) RVD defeated Scotty 2 Hotty, K-Krush, and RDS in a Fatal Four Way TLC match.

3) Both Cane Deathscream and Y2J Chris Jericho were are declared Co-TV Champions after a ladder match in which they both had they’re hands on the belt.

4) Cane Deathscream defeated Y2J in a Submission Match to become the sole TV Champion.

5) The TV Title was declared vacant after Lita got sick and was unable to defend title on time.

6) The Prez won an eight men battle royal to fill vaccant title.

7) Sid Justice defeated Eamon X and R. E. Rage in a Triple Threat match for the title.

8) Sid Justice defeated Flash Styker, Daedules and Otacon in Fatal 4-way table match.

9) The title was declared vacant due to a double pin fall involving Reaper and R. E. Rage.

10) Cane Deathscream won the vacant title in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Hell In a Cell match also involving Reaper, R.E. Rage, and Tempest.

11) Reaper defeated Judge Death in a casket match for the title.

12) Styker defeated Reaper and R.E. Rage in a Triple Threat match for the title.

13.) Otacon defeated Flash Stryker, Tempest, and Ignavus in a fatal four way match for the title.

14) Ignavus defeated Xille in a First Blood Match for the TV title.

15) Barker defeated Big Dog in Dog Collar Match at Bloodbath 3 for the title.

16) Sean Bryne defeated Big Mitch Barker, Seith Helloct, and Nightmare in a Fatal Four Way Match on Warzone #28 to win the title.

17) TRD defeated "Big" Mitch Barker, "The Renegade" Ron Micheals, Bruce Gasner, and Sean Bryne in a Fatal Five Ladder Match to win the title.

18.) Seith Helloct defeated Judge Death in a Last Man Standing Match at X Rumble to win the title.

19) Drake defeated Seith Helloct and Big Dog in a Triple Threat Match at Warzone #34 for the title.

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