The X-WCW United States Championship is the second most prestigious title in the X-WCW. It can be the first step for an X-WCW superstar to be considered for main event status and even a shot at the X-WCW World Championship!

Current X-WCW United States Champion

Sean Byrne

Title History

Rob Van Dam 1

K-Krush 2

Title declared vacant

K-Krush (2) 3

Bombshell 4

Hulk Hogan

Tony Bonito

Wolfang 5


Title Declared vacant 6

Wreck-Tron 7


Nathan Green

Bombshell (2) 8

Eamon X

Title Declared vacant

Blaster 9

Tidal 10

Wolfang (2)

Flash Stryker


Tony Bonito (2) 11

"Cyberstrike" Christopher Back 12

D-Extreme (2)

Title declared vacant 13

Karl Baller 14

Sean Byrne

Important Notes

1) Rob Van Dam defeated Rob De Silva at Doubleshot #1 to fill the title.

2) K-Krush defeated RVD, Scotty 2Hotty, and RDS in a Fatal Four TLC match.

3) K-Krush lost the title due a double count out and defeated D-Extreme and Impactor to regain title.

4) Bombshell defeated K-Krush in an X-WCW United States Champioship vs X-WCW Hardcore Championship match.

5) Wolfang defeated Bonito and Wreck-Tron in a Triple Cage match for the title.

6) D-Extreme defeated Wolfang in Hell's Chamber winning the X-WCW World Championship as well and the X-WCW U.S. Championship was later declared vacant due to D-Extreme winning two single titles at the same time.

7) Wreck-Tron defeated Prez, The Assassin, and Cane Deathscream in Fatal 4 Table Elimination match for the vacant title.

8) Bombshell defeated Powermaster, Deadules and Nathan Green in a Fatal Four Elimination match.

9) Eamon X surrendered the title after winning the X-WCW World title. Blaster defeated Styker for the vacant title.

10) Tidal pinned Wolfang in a tag team throwdown match to get the X-WCW US title.

11) Tony Bonito defeated Otacon in a Ladder Match with D-Extreme as special guest referee.

12) Christopher Back defeated Tony Bonito in a 30 Minute Hardcore Iron man Match at Bloodbath 3 to win the title.

13) D-Extreme defeated Christopher Back and Eamon X in a Double Elimination Match at Vendetta 3, post match he was attacked and injured by Tony Bonito and was unable to defend it in the time period required and Mr. Back declared the US title vacant.

14) Karl Baller defeated The Great One on Warzone #30 for the vacant title.

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