X-WCW World Champion is the most sought after and prestigious title in the X-WCW. The supreme triumph in the X-WCW is to the X-WCW World Champion!

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
D-Extreme 1 D-Extreme won a 20 man Battle Royal at the first Ground Zero PPV to become the first X-WCW World Champion
"Cyberstrike" Christopher Back 1 N/A
Hulk Hogan 1 N/A
"Cyberstrike" Christopher Back 2 Cyberstrike won his second championship by beating Hulk Hogan and Wreck-Tron in a Triple Threat match
Wreck Tron 1 N/A
Vin Ghostal 1 Vin Ghostal defeated Wreck-Tron, Depth Charge, Rob De Silva, D-Extreme, and Cyberstrike in Hell's Chamber at the first Vendetta PPV.
"Cyberstrike" Christopher Back 3 N/A
Wolfang 1 Wolfang defeated Cyberstrike in a Hell's Chamber match at AWF Archivemania 2
D-Extreme 2 N/A
Bombshell 1 Bombshell defeated D-Extreme, Wolfang, Tony Bonito, Divebomb, and the Prez in a Hell's Elimination Chamber match
Cane Deathscream 1 Cane Deathscream defeated Bombshell, when Bombshell got disqualified and the rules of X-WCW stated that any champion can lose a title on a DQ.
"Cyberstrike" Christopher Back 4 Currently, the only man to become a four-time X-WCW World Champion.
Wolfang 2 Wolfang won the X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship for a second time when it was unified with ACW World Championship in Triple Cage X Match at Ground Zero II also featuring Cyberstrike, D-Extreme, and Tony Bonito.
Eamon X 1 Eamon X defeated Wolfang, Divebomb, Cyberstrike, Wrecka, Xille, and D-Extreme to win the Ultimate World title as wining as well the X-WCW Xtreme Championship and retaining the X-WCW U.S. Championship as well at Vendetta II in a Sinister 7 Rage In a Cage Match.
Divebomb 1 Deafeated Eamon X with Cane Deathscream as special referee.
Title Vacated N/A The X-WCW World Championship was declared vacant after a double DQ involving Divebomb and Eamon X. The Lord of the Ring II tournament was held to decide who would face Blaster, the #1 contender, at Starrcade: Xtreme for the vacant title.
Divebomb 2 Divebomb, who had won the LotR II tournament, defeated the Royal Bash 2 winner Blaster at Starrcade: Xtreme for vacant title.
Grandmaster E (Eamon X) 2 Eamon X defeated Blaster, D-Extreme, Christopher Back, Divebomb, and Tony Bonito in a Six Man War Elimination match at Ground Zero III to win the X-WCW World Championship for a second time.
Otacon 1 defeated Eamon X and D-Extreme in a No Ropes Barbed Wire Triple Cage X-Rules match at Bloodbath 3 for the title.
Ignavus 1 Defeated Otacon in Vendetta 3 in the shortest amount of time in an x-wcw world title match.
Otacon 2 Otacon defeated Eamon X and Ignavus in a Double Elimination Match at X Rumble, to regain the X-WCW World Championship.
Karl Baller 1 N/A
Tony Bonito 1 Current X-WCW World Champion. Defeated Karl Baller, Andrew Radon, Otacon, and Ignavus at Starrcade: Revolution

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