The X-WCW World Tag Team Championship was a title in the X-WCW that merged with the retired X-WCW International Tag Team Championship during Starrcade: Xtreme.

Current X-WCW World Tag Team Champions

Final Frontier

Title History

The Wreckers (Topspin and Twintwist) 1

Road Dogg and K-Krush

PowerBomb (Powermaster and Bombshell)

K-Kush and Wreck-Tron 2

Titles Declared Vacant

LG and Emissary 3

The Impact Players (Rey Mysterio & Conrad Bloom)

The Wreckers (2)

The Impact Players (2) 4

Tony Bonito and Wolfang

Wolfang and Eamon X 5

Lita and Jessica Crane 6

A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels

Titles declared vacant 7

Fragile/Dangerous Minds (Vanish & Thronn) 8

The Outcasts (Daedules & Otacon) 9

LG and Emissary (2)

The Outcasts (2) 10

PowerBomb (2)

StarStorm (Alec Lightstar & Raven Darkstorm)

Titles declared vacant 11

Cyberstrike and D-Extreme 12

Default (Xille & Ignavus)

The Final Frontier (Autobot Jazz & Sci-fi Man) 13

The Thrillaz (Karl Baller & TGO) 14

The Devil's Rejects (CCC & Reaper)

StarStorm (2) 15

RNR (R.E. Rage and Brett Rayne)

The Final Frontier (2)

Important Notes

1) Topspin and Twintwist defeated Road Dogg and X-Pac to become the first X-WCW World Tag Team Champions when Road Dogg refused to tag in.

2) Wreck-Tron and K-Krush defeated PowerBomb and The Wreckers in Triple Threat match for the titles.

3) The titles declared vacant due to K-Krush being injured and WT is unable to find a new partner. At Vendetta I Lord Galvatron and Emissary defeated PowerBomb and The Wreckers in a Triple Threat TLC match for the vacant titles.

4) Rey and Conrad defeated PowerBomb and the Wreckers in a Triangle Ladder Match.

5) Tony Bonito was injured and Eamon X was awarded the title by Wolfang.

6) Lita and Jessica Crane defeated The Impact Players and New Age Outlaws in Hardcore Elimination match.

7) The Titles were declared vacant after it was shown that Lita had kicked out of Styles' pin but the referee counted to three.

8 ) Dangerous Minds defeated Styles and Daniels, Hard Justice, The Impact Players and the NAO in TLC Match for the vacant titles.

9) The Outcasts defeated Dangerous Minds, PowerBomb, and 4 live Crew in a Bar Room Brawl for the titles.

10) Emissary pinned Otacon but the then-General Manager Cane Deathscream ordered a restart because Emissary wasn't the legal man and the Outcasts won the titles back.

11) StarStorm was involved in a backstage brawl that injured Alec Lightstar when they set to defend the the titles in a TLCC match and Raven Darkstorm was unable to find a partner to defend the titles.

12) Cyberstrike and D-Extreme defeated PowerBomb, The Outcasts, and The Final Frontier in a TLCC match for both the X-WCW World and International Tag Team titles.

13) The Final Frontier defeated StarStorm, PowerBomb, and Default to unify the X-WCW World and International Tag Team Championships.

14) Baller and TGO defeated PowerBomb, StarStorm, and The Final Frontier in TLCC Match at Bloodbath 3 for the titles.

15) StarStorm defeated The Devil's Rejects, The Twisted Hunters, The Final Frontier, Iron Hazard, PowerBomb, and Misled Youth in a Scramble Cage at Vendetta 3 to win the titles.

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