The X-WCW Xtreme Championship represents those wrestlers in the X-WCW who put their bodies on the line in brutal matches that pushes them to the limits...and beyond!

Current X-WCW Xtreme Champion

Justin Sane

Title History

Jeff Jarrett 1


Eamon X 2

Title Declared Vacant

R.E. Rage 3

Xille 4

R. E. Rage (2) 5

Judge Death

Big Dog

Judge Death (2) 6

R.E. Rage (3) 7

Title declared vacant 8

Sandy "The Young One" Drake 9

Tyler Sutton 10

Sandy "The Young One" Drake (2) 11

Nightmare 12

"The Renegade" Ron Michaels

Justin Sane 13

Important Notes

1) Jeff Jarrett defeated A.J. Styles in the finals of 16 man tournament to become the first X-WCW Xtreme Champion.

2) Eamon X defeated Divebomb, Cyberstrike, D-Extreme, Xille, Wrecka, and Wolfang in a Sinister 7 Rage in a Cage Match at Vendetta II to win the Xtreme title and the X-WCW World title as well.

3) Eamon X surrendered the Xtreme title after winning the X-WCW World Championship. R. E. Rage defeated Ignavus in a TLC match for the vacant title.

4.) At Royal Bash 2. Xille defeated Rage and Ignavus in an Ultimate X match.

5) Rage defeated Xille during a street fight.

6) Judge Death defeated Baller and Big Dog in a graveyard match.

7) Rage defeated Judge Death in a TLCC match.

8.) However, Rage was injured in a post match attack by Mitch Barker, and Rage could not make it in 30 days to defend his title, and it was declared vacant by Christopher Back, who ordered the Double 12 Tournament (a 24 man tourney which the winners of 6 different Fatal Four way matches would face in each other in a special 6 Man Ultimate Endurance Elimination match as the final match) to fill the vacant title.

9) Drake defeated The Renegade Ron Michaels, Triple A, Xbomb, TRD, and Triple B in a 6-Man Ultimate Endurance match the finals of the Double 12 Tournament at Bloodbath 3.

10) Tyler Sutton defeated Drake in a First Blood Match at Warzone #28 for the belt.

11) Drake defeated Tyler Sutton in an I Quit match at Nitro #17 for the title.

12) Nightmare defeated Drake in a Last Man Standing Match at Warzone #30 for the title.

13) Justin Sane defeated The Rengade Ron Micheals and Nightmare in a Triple Threat Match fought under the new Xtreme Rules.

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