X-treme International Wrestling
Federation Name X-treme International Wrestling
Abbreviation XIW
Weekly shows XIW Monday Night Blood Impact
Time open June 2006-Present
Current champion Darkest Evil
Owner(s) Azia and Hippie
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views Monthly
Website XIW
X-treme International Wrestling (XIW) is a Houston TX based federation hosted by the site Invisionfree that has been on the rise for the past several months.

Early History

XIW was started by a then one year veteran to e-fedding, a gothic female type character with supernatural powers by the name of Azia. By incorporating many of the ideas and techniques that she had picked up from other federations that she had partook in, XIW was born. Early on the federation growth was slow, but even with a small roster she assigned matches. But soon after tha first Monday Night Blood Impact, word spread of XIW and other members arose to this new emerging federation.

The first to join XIW were the likes of Azia herself, Azia's tag team partner and best friend Liz (Hippie), Azia's then Fiance Jason (Viper), Another of Azia's good friends, Tymm, Kentra, and many other superstars. The first match was quant and the results were short and uninteresting but that just made Azia more anxious to acquire matches for the next show. As XIW grew, so did the anxiousness of Azia to make XIW one of the biggest e-feds on myspace.


The XIW doesn't discriminate when it comes to your level when it comes to your skills in performing or the magnitude of your character. The XIW superstars vary from the greatest that the e-fedding world has to offer to low-card superstars. XIW also welcomes new talent that may want to expand their horizons, so if you are looking for that sort of freedom, feel free to join us at XIW Online. As of right now, this is the consistency of the XIW roster.

X-treme Stars:

  • 13
  • 187-MAN (inactive)
  • Alex Falcon
  • "Bumpin'" Bill Dantoni (inactive)
  • Connor Willis (inactive)
  • Marcuss*
  • Darkest Evil*
  • David Sentry
  • Devil
  • Gage Padula
  • Hollow
  • Levi Crowley*
  • JD Kestro
  • Joshdaman
  • *One Man Dynasty* T
  • Menegroth
  • Nero
  • Nic Daniels (inactive)
  • Pheonix
  • Russ Whitener
  • The Problem
  • The Rock
  • Tymm (inactive)

X-treme Knockouts:

  • Azia*
  • Buttercup*
  • Christa Blaze
  • Hippie*
  • Melanie

XIW Managers

  • Dr. Howard
  • Jesmond Joe

* means that a title is held by this X-treme star or knockout

Titles and Title Holders

XIW Undisputed Title: Darkest Evil XIW World Title: Marcuss XIW xXx Title: The Problem XIW Texas Pride Title: The Bull XIW-NWA Television Title: Buttercup XIW Tag Team Titles: Retired XIW United Title: Gage Padula

XIW Corporation

The XIW Corporation is not fully developed as of this point, but there are two owners as of right now. The founder of XIW, Azia, mainly oversees activity and writes results for the groups. Most of Azia's write ups can be seen at, which is XIW's news group. Liz is the secondary owner to XIW, while Azia may need a vacation every once in a while, Liz oversees activity going on in the group until Azia returns. XIW has been through two GMs, Azia's former fiance, Jason (Viper) and good friend Mister X.

Currently XIW could use a GM and a championship committtee, which is another rreason why XIW is willing to welcome new members into it's organization.

Disorganized Conduct, the most dominate faction in XIW at this time is acting as the XIW Corporation. Members include Azia DE, Hippie, Marcuss, Bill Dantoni, and Dr. Howard.

PPV History

X-treme December 2006 - December 23, 2006

Enemy's Cross 2007 - March 3, 2007

Devil's Wake- April 15, 2007

Bloody Murder- May 20, 2007

External Links

E-fedders Union

FDX Productions (XIW Sponsor)

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